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Children of Borodina Xenia: Marusya and Teona

The host of the most scandalous show of the channel "TNT" Ksenia Borodina not only helps the participants of the show "Home 2" to find and build their love, but also manages to live their lives and demonstrates to TV viewers all the subtleties of true love and strong relations. Since the famous leader of scandalous telestroika is a public person, she is never tired of discussing, and the main topic of the day is often the children of Borodino Xenia.

Biography of Xenia

Xenia was born in the Russian capital on March 8, 1983. She is Armenian by nationality. The parents of the famous TV presenter dispersed when the girl was not even a year old. Since then, she never saw her father. My mother Borodina married a second time for a businessman from Italy and left Russia. All the time Xenia stayed in Moscow with her grandmother, periodically visiting her mother in Italy.

Until 18 years Xenia bore the surname of her father - Amoyeva, but then decided to change her to the maiden name of her mother Borodin. The native father of the host appeared when a girl came to the girl, but she could not forgive him.

When Xenia finally decided to pursue a career on television, bypassing the numerous castings and losing hope, she was going to leave to live with her mother in Italy, when she learned that she had been casting for the role of TV presenter in the incipient new show of the channel "TNT". Since then, Borodina remains the most important unchanged TV presenter of the project "House 2".

In addition to working on television, Xenia actively advertised the technique of losing weight. The fact is that the TV presenter has sharply thrown off weight, what interested the audience. Now the girl was really not recognized. Also, Xenia surprised everyone with her writing skills, in 2007 she published a book - "Laws of Love." In addition to writing, the TV presenter opened her beauty salons and is actively involved in the production of clothing. The girl also does not refuse additional extra work on the corporative and weddings as the leading event. In clubs, the girl is engaged in a career DJ and with her tracks goes to clubs in Moscow and other cities.

Children Borodina Xenia from the first marriage

In 2008, the TV presenter married Yury Budakova, whom she met on the set of the humorous Comedy Club show. It was a beautiful novel in the life of Xenia. Before the wedding, they met for 3 years. About the children, the couple thought about right after the wedding. The presenter has already developed a plan for combining work and caring for the child, since she did not want to stay in the decree for a long time.


Xenia planned to have a baby on June 8 (Borodin counted 8 as the happiest in her destiny). But the baby appeared a day later than the desired date. June 9, 2009 Xenia became the mother of a wonderful girl. The newborn was called Marusya. Young mother from happiness has immortalized the daughter's name on her hand.

Unfortunately, Ksenia's marriage was not saved. It became known that in 2011 Yuri Budakov filed for divorce. The reason for the break was Borodino's big love for social events and work. The girl stayed with her mother.

Ksenia Borodina married a second time

In 2015, Xenia married the second time for Dagestan businessman Kurban Omarov. TV presenter for a long time hid her romance with a businessman, actively laying out her photos with a chosen one with a hidden face, forcing fans to be perplexed. But to hide the romance for a long time did not have to, and Xenia introduced her chevalier to the public. Millions were watching the history of their love, and at last Kurban asked Ksenia's hands and hearts. The ceremony was attended only by the closest people, but this did not stop her from being grandiose. Kurban from his first marriage has a son Omar, who often visits his father, and Xenia has a daughter - Marousia, who lives with her. Children get along perfectly, which can not but rejoice their parents. You can safely say that they are both children - the children of Xenia Borodina, photos with which she often spends in sotsseti.Takzhe son of Kurban and daughter of Xenia are delighted with their newly-made parents.

Soon Borodina declared pregnancy. The TV presenter concealed this fact for a long time, but then she opened the news to her fans about the situation. To prepare for the birth of the second child, the spouses were thoroughly prepared. Not knowing the term of pregnancy of the star, fans began to wonder if Xenia Borodina gave birth to a second child. Questions ceased on December 22, 2015, when the second daughter of Xenia appeared. However, now all began to worry, as the child named Xenia Borodina. Parents were slow to announce the name of the newborn to the general public.

Little Theon

The question of whether Xenia Borodina gave birth to the second child, closed itself, when on December 22, 2015 she became a mother. The baby was born in the same clinic as the first daughter of the TV presenter. The birth went well, and soon the young mother was discharged home. Xenia's husband made a real show in front of the hospital. He invited clowns and actors. The baby decided to call Thea (Theona). To all questions why she chose this name, Ksenia answers that both parents had to like this Greek name. Children Borodina Xenia get along perfectly. Marusya often helps her mother to look after her sister.

At the moment, the family lives in complete idyll, and the children of Borodina Xenia rejoice at every moment of joint happiness.

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