Can I mix antifreeze antifreeze antifreeze? What to fill - antifreeze or antifreeze? How to replace antifreeze antifreeze

Many motorists even have no idea what kind of liquid is used in the design of their car as cooling for the engine. And completely in vain. This need not just to know, but also to be able to correctly make a replacement. At motorists-beginners also often there is a question on, whether it is possible to mix a tosol with antifreeze. About all this and talk later in the article.

Why you need antifreeze in the car

This fluid is used in modern machines to prevent engine overheating, as well as its freezing. Currently, a large number of different types of antifreeze are produced . Which of them should be used in a car, is indicated in its technical passport. Over time, this liquid can become contaminated, and therefore, change some of its properties. So, is it possible to mix antifreeze antifreeze antifreeze? Before we begin to deal with this issue, we will clarify the terminology.

What is antifreeze, and what is antifreeze?

In fact, the main question of the article: "Is it possible to mix antifreeze antifreeze?" - which is of interest to many motorists-novices, is not very correct. The thing is that these concepts are almost identical. In fact, the word "antifreeze" - this is the old name of antifreeze, used in our country during the Soviet period. However, there is a slight difference. "Tosol" and today is called antifreeze, but only domestic production.

The liquid produced by Russian companies, by its performance characteristics, is somewhat inferior to the imported one. The main disadvantage of antifreeze is a fairly high degree of its aggressiveness, which leads to corrosion of engine components. Imported same liquid in this respect is somewhat softer. Thus, the question of whether it is worth combining antifreeze and antifreeze, disappears by itself. Adding domestic liquid to the import will necessarily lead to a deterioration in the performance of the latter. If the engine is flooded with antifreeze, the antifreeze addition can also be undesirable. Why - we will tell below.

In fact, antifreeze is a general concept applied to all "unfrozen". There are many of its varieties: alcohol, salt, glycerin, etc. Tosol is antifreeze, based on ethylene glycol. Thus, mixing of domestic and imported cooling fluids is not the best solution.

A bit of history

In order to understand in which cases it is possible to mix antifreeze and antifreeze, and in which it is not, it is worth knowing about the history of the occurrence of cooling liquids. At the dawn of the development of the automotive industry, engines, many of which were made of cast iron, were filled with plain water. In the winter, ethylene glycol was added to it to prevent freezing. With the invention of more complex engine designs, manufacturers had to develop more advanced coolant compositions. The fact is that water with ethylene glycol literally corroded the new steel knots of motors, provoking corrosive processes.

Whether it is necessary to mix antifreezes from different manufacturers

So, when can you mix antifreeze and antifreeze? First of all, it is worth mentioning that experts advise to fill in the engine only that kind of coolant, which is specified in the technical passport. Change it in the event that it is contaminated, stands in specialized centers, entrusting this work to specialists. If, for any reason, you have to add liquid directly on the road, it's worth using pure distilled water. Of course, it should be taken into account that the temperature at which the antifreeze will freeze will increase after this procedure.

Experienced motorists share all antifreezes on red / orange and green / blue. It is believed that it is possible to mix antifreeze and antifreeze of a different kind, but only if they belong to the same color group. However, it is worth doing only in the most extreme cases.

Some motorists even allow the possibility of mixing antifreezes of different colors, for example red and green. However, you can hardly guarantee a good result. Such mixing in any case will lead to a deterioration in the performance of the coolant and, possibly, precipitation, which will start clogging the engine components. Therefore, it is still not worth doing.

In any case, before you start the refilling of the new antifreeze, you should conduct a fairly simple test. You need to take a little old liquid and mix it with a new one. If after some time there is no sediment, it is possible that the funds are compatible.

What is better to use - domestic or imported coolant?

Import antifreeze, as already mentioned, refers to the engine more carefully. Therefore, it is better to use it. However, domestic tosols, and in particular being filled in Russian cars, can manifest themselves far from the worst. In addition, these fluids are often much cheaper than imported ones. So, what to fill - antifreeze or antifreeze in the engine of your car - the car owner should decide. Of course, to use a domestic product for cooling a dorogly imported foreign car - the solution is rather peculiar. But for the old VAZ-2107, it's enough for the tosola.

When buying imported products, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. It is best to purchase antifreeze of a proven company with a good reputation. Buy products of very few well-known firms should not. After all, the engine is the heart of the car, and everything that is associated with it, should be treated with care.

When should I replace the antifreeze?

After what periods of time it is necessary to replace the coolant, it is usually indicated in the technical passport of the car. If the owner uses a different kind, the terms should be looked at in the instruction to the facility itself. Antifreeze and antifreeze can be mixed only when the test gave a positive result. However, it is best to wash the system and pour a clean liquid.

Replacement of the cooling composition may be required not only if it is contaminated. For example, in Japanese cars, a red antifreeze is initially poured in, which is already freezing at a temperature of -30 g. Therefore, in our Russian climate, this coolant often becomes inefficient and must be replaced.

How to merge the antifreeze?

As we have already found out, mixing antifreeze antifreeze with antifreeze is highly discouraged. It is better to completely drain the first and pour coolant from another manufacturer. Of course, this procedure should be performed correctly. Having decided to make a replacement, the old liquid must be removed from the expansion tank, radiator and cylinder block. In order to pour it completely, the car should be put on the flyover to the bottom. At the next stage, the system is thoroughly rinsed with distilled water. This step in carrying out such an event, such as the replacement of antifreeze antifreeze, is mandatory. For washing, water is poured into the system and all plugs are screwed. Then turn on the car and turn on the stove for maximum. The engine should idle for a while . After that, the water is drained. This procedure should be repeated several times.

How to fill antifreeze?

The concentrate is diluted 1: 1 with distilled water. In this ratio, this liquid can withstand temperatures of up to -40 g. To fill the new antifreeze, the car should be put on the flyover upwards. This is necessary in order to exclude the occurrence of air congestion in the system. Do not pour all the antifreeze immediately. Leaving the radiator cover open, the machine should start. In this way, the remaining air can be displaced. After this you need to add the remaining antifreeze to the system. Do not forget to tighten the lid.

What of all this follows

So, whether it is possible to mix antifreeze with antifreeze of another kind, we found out. It is possible, but only in the most extreme cases and when their colors coincide. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a screening test. Better yet, simply dilute the old liquid with distilled water. However, in any case, it is best to make a replacement, completely draining the old liquid, rinsing the system and refilling the new antifreeze. To perform this procedure, it is best to contact a specialist. However, if you have a certain experience, you can make all the steps yourself. But it still will be better to find a flyover or a hill.

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