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Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the multivark "Vitek"

If you ask any woman who has to cook, how much time she takes to prepare food and how it is distributed, then it turns out that for the most part you just have to make sure that soup and porridge do not run away and do not burn. Any mistress dreamed of a magic pot that would cook dinner. Unexpectedly, these dreams became a reality, and a new development called a multivarker appeared in the kitchens. And if at first it seemed strange for many to buy an electric pot, then in time more and more housewives enthusiastically talk about a new device. Particularly happy were the adherents of healthy food and young mothers. This was due to the fact that cooking in the multivark "Vitek" allows for minimum use of oil. You can also cook steamed, stew and stove.

At first glance, the presence of so many functions in one small device seems incredible, but many housewives have already estimated that the multivariate can cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. To do this, it is necessary to put in a pan in the evening, for example, milk, grains, salt, sugar, and then press the program button. The provided function of the delayed start allows the preparation of porridge for a certain time.

The presence of automatic programs in the multivark "Vitek" allows you not to think about the cooking time. The processor itself analyzes the data and determines how much the device will be turned off. For dinner, a magic pot will boil soup, again relieving the hostess of watching the broth, trying to escape to the stove. In accordance with the program, the multivarker will turn itself off and enter the heating mode itself. Until the meal is turned off, the dish will remain hot and ready to serve.

With dinner, too, there will be no problems. Preparation of rice or buckwheat for a garnish in the multivark "Vitek" captivates by the fact that the automatic program itself determines when exactly all the water will be boiled and the croup will be ready. This smart technology will not allow the liquid to escape from the pan, which means that you do not have to wash everything around.

Thanks to the multivark "Vitek", anyone can cook a tasty and healthy dish. The main thing is to follow the instructions and observe the proportions of the products. If you wander through the culinary forums, you can find various recipes that differ in the degree of complexity. Some housewives bake cakes in a multivarquet, boil a cold, and someone is limited to easier cooking dishes. The plus is that even the most inept cook can choose a tasty and useful recipe and serve something special for dinner.

Another plus, which can not be said, is the use of a multivark at the dacha. Since most villages do not have gas, they have to cook on electric tiles. Or carry heavy tanks to the gas station and then worry if the house does not take off from the gas leak. The presence of a miracle casserole will solve all these problems.

Given the variety of brands represented in the home appliances market, it is worth paying attention to Vitek. The multivarka created by the specialists of this company not only can greatly facilitate the cooking process and relieve the hostess, but also with her bright design will decorate any kitchen.

Another line of the company is the Vitek steamer. Despite the fact that these devices are more limited in their functions, they enjoy well-deserved fame. Especially loved by the housewives are steamers with several levels, which allow to combine the preparation of various products.

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