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Blocked the site - how to open? How to open a blocked site

Blocked the site - how to open? Such a question arises in people who went online and saw that the Internet resource that they often visited was suddenly blocked. At once it is necessary to understand why the site is blocked. Sometimes this can be because of the settings on the computer from which the access to the Internet occurred. In addition, in the simplest case, this can occur because of the settings of the firewall or anti-virus program. If the settings are all right, then the reason is most likely external.

The main reasons for blocking

  1. The content of the Internet project is substandard. Search engines are very bad about low-quality content on an Internet project.
  2. A huge number of advertising links. In this case, the probability that the Internet project will be banned is very high.
  3. Deception of visitors. In the network there are such Internet projects, in which the main goal is to deceive people by receiving money. Such projects are very quickly closed. It's enough for someone to complain to him.
  4. The owner did not prolong the contract with hosting or did not pay the rent.
  5. Violation of the rules of using hosting. The publication of banned materials and banned advertising.

For any of the above reasons, opening the site will not be easy. However, you can see a saved copy of the Internet project. You can also write to the administration and clarify the reason for the lock.

How to open a blocked site

  1. Using the online service ProxFree. It is a completely free and anonymous proxy service. On it you can select the server location and the ik address. Next, you need to enter the link to the blocked site and open it. There are several options for settings. This is one of the most high-quality and convenient services with which you can open any practical page. The service will help even solve the problem with how to open a blocked site by the provider.
  2. Specialized plug-in Stealthy for Firefox and Chrome, which works very well with blocked resources.
  3. The friGate plugin for "Chrome". He works as follows. He passes the site through his proxy requests, which are listed on the special list.
  4. Free plug-in hola, which can be used for Internet projects with media content. It can be used to work with "Android". With it, you can not only go to inaccessible services, but also make them load a little faster. This is due to the caching of the data on the peer machines. They send the request to the nearest machine on the network.
  5. Another popular plug-in for Internet projects with media content is hint.
  6. Blocked the site - how to open if the browser "Opera" is installed on the PC? To do this, at the bottom of the browser there is a checkmark with which you can enable a special mode called turbo. It works this way. This mode is necessary in order for the Internet pages to load faster. There is a server on the network to which the necessary page is loaded. There it contracts and goes back. In other words, download through an intermediary. But the whole point is that nobody blocks such an intermediary. As a result, you can download and banned the Internet project.

Blocked the site - how to open, using for this special online services for torrent trackers?

For access, there are special lists of proxy servers. You can also use special anonymous proxies. You can use them to visit blocked pages.

To access blocked torrent trackers, you can customize the browser in a special way. The browser needs to be configured to use a special PAC file. It contains a list of banned addresses. If you enter one of these addresses in the address bar of the browser, it automatically sends traffic through one of the specified proxy servers.

Using special software

Blocked the site - how to open it using a special program Ultrasurf? The program has a size of only one and a half megabytes and does not need to be installed. It must be downloaded to your computer and unpacked to your desktop or to a flash drive. Now you just need to start it.

Upon startup, the "Internet Explorer" will automatically open, and all closed Internet projects will become available. You do not need any settings or special knowledge. Everything works very simply. If something does not suit you, you can always work with the settings of the program. You can turn off the checkbox to launch "Explorer" automatically, and then you can work with any browser.

It should be noted that the program is constantly updated. Also, the program will help in working with Internet projects that have been blocked by system administrators in the local network.

Additional Tools

Blocked the site - how to open, if all of the above ways do not help?

For example, a personal computer is prohibited from installing software. Or the administrator has set a ban on the use of third-party resources.

In this case, you can use the following

  1. Updating Internet projects with e-mail. You can subscribe to the newsletter and receive the necessary news on your e-mail. It is also possible to use the IFTTT service, through which you can forward the contents of an RSS feed to a mailbox.
  2. RSS. With this technology, you can get acquainted with new materials without visiting the Internet project where they are located.
  3. Blocked the site - how to open using Google services. Some of them can be used as an improvised proxy.
  4. We will also consider how to access a blocked site using the translator from Google to open it. To do this, enter the address of this Internet project in the form and click on the translation button. The functionality of the service will be able to see the original text.

So, we looked at what should be done if the site was blocked. How to open it, using the most popular methods for today. Using these methods, you will be able to open almost any blocked Internet project.

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