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Caloric content in the "CFS" and the history of the brand

Garland David Sanders (09.09.1890 - 16.12.1980) - the founder of the world-famous fast food chain KFC. The brand got its name - "Fried chicken from Kentucky" (in the original - Kentucky Fried Chicken, abbreviated KFC).

Mr. Sanders was the best at cooking fried chicken in a batter with spices and herbs, according to his unique recipe, and turned it into a business in 1952. A distinctive feature of the Sanders restaurants from other fast food establishments is the variety of dishes. And their calorie content in the "CFS", we will consider in our article.

Biography of millionaire Garland Sanders

The future millionaire was born in a poor family of a farmer, in Indiana. My father earned a little, but his family of 5 people to live on.

When the boy turned six years old, his father was killed, and his mother had to go to work, leaving Garland to look after his younger brother and sister. And instead of going to school, he cared about the younger ones and cooked them food. This is what triggered the development of Sanders culinary talent. It took him several months to master all recipes for family meals.

Brand KFC

At the age of 10, the boy began to earn his own. The first place of work he received on the neighboring farm - an assistant. And as a teenager, he began to lead an independent life, providing himself, and lived away from his relatives. He changed jobs for many years without stopping anywhere, and this continued until he was 40 years old.

But in 1930 everything changed - Sanders opened his car shop in the city of Corbin (Kentucky) , where he began to actively develop another business - for public fast food service. Many difficulties had to be overcome by the future millionaire, but he achieved success at the age of 70, when his partners were hundreds of American restaurants selling his signature dish according to a unique recipe.

The energy value of food in fast food restaurants

Caloric content (or energy value) of food products is the amount of energy received by the body necessary to maintain life and perform all necessary processes. You can get it only from food during its digestion.

The energy value is measured in kilocalories. For every age, you need your average daily energy and nutrients. Since the KFC brand cares not only about the quality of products used for dishes, but also about the health of consumers, it provides in general access information about calories in the "CFS".

The advantages of fast food restaurants

In each fast food restaurant there are burgers with different energy values. To date, one of the favorite burgers in the Sanders network is "Fresher", since the calorie content of "Fresher" in "KFS" is 331.00 kcal (per 100 g). But why the question of calorie content is so actual today when fed by fast food?

At present, nobody is surprised by the term "fast food". And, perhaps, everyone is familiar with the features of the fast food restaurant. For what reasons this sphere is so in demand and continues to gain momentum of its popularity? Let's consider some basic moments:

  1. Economical. Any person can afford a meal. And regularly conducted actions do not allow a stream of consumers to fall.
  2. A diverse menu. The choice of dishes will satisfy the needs of each client.
  3. Taste of food. Sauces and seasonings add appeal to food.
  4. Meals without waiting. There is no need for 30-40 minutes to wait for a dish. The menu is planned in such a way that cooking takes no more than 15 minutes.
  5. Availability. In any city there are several fast food restaurants.

And the only thing to worry about in fast food is the high calorie content of the dishes offered. For example, a large sandwich sanders "Sanders" has a calorie content of "KFS" of 276.00 kcal.

Disadvantages of eating fast food

All nutritionists are of the same opinion regarding the negative qualities of fast food restaurants:

  1. High-calorie food. Almost everything that is prepared here contains an excessive amount of calories.
  2. The presence of transgenic fats, which are formed as a result of frying the oil used for cooking.
  3. To enhance the taste in food additives and preservatives are introduced.

Of course, no one will argue that this harmful food destroys the digestive system and metabolic processes of the body. But if you follow the measure in everything, then nothing terrible will happen. Thus, if you take a small portion instead of a large one, you can get, for example, the calorific value of the French fries in "KFS" in 70 g - 193.22 kcal, and in 120 g - 331.20 kcal, in the same basset (240 g) It is already 662.40 kcal.

In addition, the fast food restaurant should not go too hungry and you need to carefully examine the calorie content of dishes. Now for the sold dishes in "CFS" tables are proposed for the composition of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories.

Caloric content of popular dishes in KFC

It should be noted that in the KFC menu there are not only high-calorie foods, but also low-calorie foods. For example, oatmeal, cheese cakes, scrambled eggs with bytes, pancakes with jam to choose from, salads and much more. For example, the calorific value of the Italian salad roll in "KFS" - 431.00 kcal. The demand is high in the CFS network and the brand hen, which gave rise to the development of the brand. Thus, the breast without skin contains only 110 kcal, and the leg contains 120 kcal.

Thus, you can see that the problem of high calorie content in the "CFS" can be solved by picking up suitable products.

In addition to the main brand treat, there are dishes that are no less popular: French fries, burgers, salads, rolls. Each of them is accompanied by a calorie table of dishes in the "CFS", which allows the visitor to think over his menu and not worry about the figure.

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