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Actor Alexander Efimov: biography, creative activity and family

Alexander Efimov is a nice guy and a talented actor. On his account dozens of bright roles played in the movies and on the stage. Do you want to know when he was born? How was his childhood? What is the marital status of the artist? We will share information about it with pleasure.


Alexander Efimov was born on January 15, 1980. He is a native of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). In what kind of family was our hero brought up? To begin with, his parents have nothing to do with cinema. Alexander's father and mother are doctors. They have done everything possible to have their son had a happy childhood.

In a healthy body healthy mind

Sasha grew up an active and inquisitive child. At an early age he became interested in hockey. At first, the boy skated only in winter in his yard. But soon his parents gave him to the sports school "Spartak".

In his childhood and youth, Alexander Efimov was fond of not only hockey. Several times a week, he visited the pool, where he studied various styles of swimming. Active and purposeful boy even enrolled in the school of the Olympic reserve.

The Conquest of Moscow

In 1997, our hero received a certificate of secondary education. By that time he had already decided on his profession. Sasha could continue his sports career. But the guy wanted to become a famous artist.

One day he packed up his things and went to Moscow. Efimov applied to several theatrical universities. And only in the Moscow Art Theater School he was lucky. The admission committee was headed by Oleg Tabakov. Confident and resourceful entrant immediately liked the master. As a result, Efimov was enrolled in the course of the Vanguard Leontief.

Film career

Our hero first appeared on the screens in 2001. He was confirmed for the role in the film "In August of the 44th". Alexander Efimov successfully got used to the image of an officer-deserter, for whom the main characters were hunted. The young actor completely coped with the tasks assigned to him. In addition, on the set of this picture, he met artists such as Yevgeny Mironov, Yury Kolokolnikov and Vladislav Galkin.

In 2002, Sasha got the role of Misha Yusupov in the television series "Two Fates". The guy carefully studied the script. In the end, he agreed to shoot. This was his first major role. The character, played by Efimov, is a very difficult fate. He wanted to marry his beloved girl, but he was taken into the army and sent to Afghanistan. Next, Mikhail Yusupov was waiting for bloody battles and long captivity. However, the desire to return with any girl and mother was stronger than all the tests.

Work in the theater

In 2001, Alexander Efimov was awarded a diploma on graduation. He had no problems with employment. A talented and promising actor was accepted into the troupe of the Theater on the small Bronnaya. On the scene of this institution, Sasha played a lot of roles. He was involved in such productions as "Anna Karenina", "Lulu", "Caligula" and others.

Later, Oleg Tabakov invited a former student to his theater. Efimov happily accepted his offer. Almost immediately he got a role in the play "The Ideal Husband".

Continuation of a career in cinema

In 2002, there were two more paintings with the participation of our hero - "Star" and "March of Turkish" (3rd season). They did not bring any special popularity to Alexander. But the novice artist received an invaluable experience of filming in the movies, and it's worth a lot.

In the period from 2003 to 2014, Actor Alexander Efimov starred in more than 30 series and full-length films. Let's list his most vivid and notable works:

  • "Passenger without luggage" (2003) - Valery Lipatov.
  • "Adjutants of Love" (2005) - the main role.
  • "Dead, alive, dangerous" (2006) - Anton Kovalev.
  • "Successful Exchange" (2007) - the main role.
  • "Admiral" (2008) - officer of Udintsev.
  • "Mistress of the taiga" (2009) - Anton Ignatiev.
  • "The main version" (2010) - Artem Chirkunov.
  • "The best summer in our life" (2011) - Volodya Voshchilov.
  • "When you do not expect him at all" (2014) - Alexei Chernavsky.

Personal life

Many fans want to know if A. Efimov's heart is free. Unfortunately, we will have to grieve them. For several years the actor has been legally married. His chosen one is Taisia. The wife of Alexander Efimov has nothing to do with theater and cinema. The genus of her activities is not disclosed.

Now the couple are dreaming about the birth of a common child. The sex of the baby has no special significance for them. Alexander and Taisia will be equally pleased both the boy and the girl.


So, we examined in detail the biography and personal life of Alexander Efimov. Let's wish this wonderful actor creative success and family happiness!

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