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A greenhouse made of PVC pipes: can one make one yourself?

Most people who own land, sooner or later think about how to grow their own products. All this is connected not only with the growing prices, but also with the quality of the manufactured products. But to grow on open ground year-round with our weather conditions is unlikely to succeed. So the greenhouse made of PVC pipes, made by hand, will become an excellent house for vegetables throughout the year. And to make it will not be very difficult.

What materials may be needed?

To assemble an object such as a hothouse made of plastic pipes or PVC pipes, you must purchase them, as well as cover film, which can be ordinary greenhouse, wooden pegs (or metal), screws, screws, film retainers on the frame of the structure. Also need tees, about 40 pieces, four of which must be angled. 8 angular transitions are also used for the pipe. Diameters of polypropylene pipes are chosen at your discretion, but do not forget to try on the adapter to them so that the segment can pass through it easily.

Where to begin?

First, you need to determine the place, that is, choose a land suitable for growing vegetables. It must be aligned with the help of improvised tools. To greenhouse made of PVC pipes, made with their own hands, was stable, and the arches from the pipes did not roll, we pegged the pegs along its perimeter. Further, depending on the size, cut the special scissors lengths of pipes. We install the arches and their bases using corner adapters. We fasten the parts together with other pipes. Pre-prepared windows and doors are installed in certain places. In order to open the door of the greenhouse, you need to create a hinge mechanism. To make it very simple from the lengths of the same pipes 10 cm long, fastened together and attached to the frame of the hothouse room with the help of usual screws. Also, if necessary, from the rest of the materials, you can create latches for doors and windows. After such simple installation works, which almost anyone can, a hothouse made of PVC pipes, made by hand, is almost ready.

Film Coating

After all of the above, you can begin to pull the greenhouse film on the frame of our greenhouse. Do it better in the warm season or under the influence of warm air, to avoid the sagging of the material during operation. However, it should be said that this option is short-lived. It will serve you no more than 2-3 seasons. So if you have the opportunity, it is better to buy a film of higher quality, the life of which will be longer, and the thermal insulation qualities higher than the greenhouse film. On the perimeter, the greenhouse cover is fixed with clamps, which makes it possible in the future to tighten it if necessary.

Such a hothouse made of PVC pipes, put by your own hands, will become the property of your suburban site, where you can easily grow everything you want. Perhaps, even decide to do it your business, because the demand for domestic, unprocessed, vegetables and fruits today is quite large.

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