7 things that can happen if you stop doing manicure

Of course, the polished and polished nails are pleasing to the eye, but not too pleased with the wallet. And so, trying to save, we ask ourselves: on what? Can I donate a manicure? Currently, it is considered an indispensable attribute of a well-groomed woman. But does this mean that without him in any way? Your attention is offered seven things that will happen to the nails, if you stop doing a manicure.

They will become stronger

The coating itself is harmless enough. What can not be said about the means for removing varnish. To dissolve the coating, they add powerful chemicals, which are extremely harmful to both nails and the skin. And it is impossible to apply a new varnish without removing the old one. And that means every new manicure is a test for nails. It is because of the solvents that they begin to peel and decay.

They will become brighter

Just like wine and coffee affect the color of teeth, the lacquer coating literally leaves its mark on the nails. And it's not about a new bright shade, but about the unpleasant yellowness, from which many women of fashion suffer. To return to a natural and healthy pinkish shade, it is sometimes useful to take a break and relax from the varnish.

They will have a smooth coating

Interestingly, for a smooth surface of the nail, manufacturers offer countless number of all kinds of nail files. But healthy nails, not subject to exaction from the side of varnishes and solvents, and so have it. White spots and irregularities will leave by themselves without much effort on your part.

They will have to be moistened

The lack of color, perhaps, will now catch your eye. But this is not such a problem. It is enough to keep oil for the cuticle at hand, so that the nails, being colorless, are not dry. Super-moisturizing will have a beneficial effect on them. And they will look very well-groomed and aesthetically decorated.

Your chances of getting sick will decrease

You obviously did not expect this point. But this is so, and that's why: there are so many bacteria and infections that can penetrate the body with the help of manicure, even if you use all sorts of disinfectants. And doing it in the cabin, and it is impossible to say who was the previous client and what diseases.


What was said at the beginning of the article: if you postpone on a "rainy day" all the money that could be spent on a manicure, in the end a decent amount will accumulate. And it will be possible to buy everything you want!

You will love yourself the way you are

There is nothing wrong with unpainted, short-cut nails. It's natural, it's part of you, and it's as beautiful as you are.

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