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Wingoffly (stroller): reviews, review. Stroller

Wingoffly - stroller, reviews about which have appeared relatively recently. This model saw the light just a couple of years ago, so most of the passengers who currently ride in such vehicles can be called pioneers. But the parents, who once decided to buy new items, today are happy to share their impressions of the test drives, so new potential buyers interested in this model are left with fewer and fewer questions.

Let's consider it in more detail. It, like any other transport, has a number of advantages, but, of course, it has minor flaws, judging which is best not according to the press releases of the manufacturer, but from the reviews of those who ride in such a stroller of their kiddies.


Many stores of children's goods emphasize that this model is manufactured taking into account the latest European developments, and also meets the high quality standards of the EU countries. These statements are generally true, but Wingoffly (Tonbaby) was developed and produced in China.

Advanced design

What first of all strikes at first glance at this model? Of course, her stylish urban appearance. Let's say straight: the stroller looks more expensive than it really is. She has European features that allow her to look decent in a modern metropolis.

A more detailed analysis suggests that the designers-developers were inspired by the work of their European colleagues. In the exterior of Wingoffly (Tonbaby), features of some popular premium models are seen: Mima Xari, Joolz and even Bugaboo Cameleon. But this model is not a plagiarism or a copy. Its design is unique, not just redrawn.

Buyers who chose this stroller note that the manufacturer brought it to the market, taking care of providing a choice. At the very beginning of sales, the stores offered 6 colors of textiles on a standard chassis.

Today, the range is significantly expanded, the Wingoffly stroller is available in a variety of colors, and the frame is presented in three versions: black, golden and white. In addition, there is a series of designer cases, including such patterns as "Autumn leaf", "Starry sky" and "Butterflies". In 2016, it became possible to choose the diameter of the rear wheels, they can be standard or large. Here it is worth mentioning that, judging by the reviews, they differ little among themselves, only a couple of centimeters.

Unusual design

The Wingoffly 2-in-1 stroller has a special system that distinguishes it from many analogues. At first glance it looks like a standard modular model equipped with a walking unit and a cradle. In fact, there is only one module that can be folded into the cradle and folded into the seat. It is very easy to do this with the use of straps. Just pull them into the desired position, so that the backrest rises or rises, the step is adjusted, the slope is set.

This development is not new either for China or for the world wheelchair market. For the first time she appeared on the stroller Peg-Perego Skate back in the early 2000's. We can confidently say that the technology has successfully passed the break-in long before it appears on this model.

Other features include the following:

  • A three-dimensional hood (in some models - with an additional mesh section);
  • The basket with the valve;
  • The possibility of installing the module face-to-face or along the way;
  • Split bumper;
  • Seat belt system (5 points);
  • High landing of the child;
  • Weight 11 kg.

Features of fabrics and materials

Wingoffly - stroller, reviews of which are often noted quite unusual for China upholstery quality. For most parts, a durable fabric with flax fibers is used, which has dirt-repellent and antistatic properties. In the heat, the baby will not be hot on such material.

In those places, which usually have a maximum load, but they do not contact the tender baby skin, flax is replaced with eco-leather. It is very easy to clean from contamination even with the usual wet wipe.

For making the stroller, plastic is also used. It has neutral properties, does not stain the surrounding objects, does not cause irritation. The metal parts of the stroller pass preliminary anti-corrosion treatment.


Rarely inexpensive strollers can boast a wide range of accessories included in the basic kit. Wingoffly is no exception, its bundling is quite trivial. It includes:

  • chassis;
  • Module, folding and in the cradle, and in the walking block;
  • Removable bumper;
  • hood;
  • Two pairs of wheels;
  • Mattress for the cradle;
  • Cloak on the cradle;
  • Cover for legs;
  • Seat belt system;
  • Basket with a valve.

If you need a sun umbrella, a bag for children's things, a mosquito net, a raincoat or a glass holder, these things will have to be purchased separately.

Chassis and chassis

Stroller Wingoffly Tonbaby is equipped with powerful shock absorbers, which allows it to easily cope with the road. Between the rear wheels is located the brake. Front wheels are swivel, with the possibility of fixation. The chassis can withstand up to 60 kg of weight.

The handle is covered with a special material that will not allow hands to freeze during cold weather. In addition, a mechanism for adjusting the handle in height in six positions is provided.

The mechanism of folding deserves attention. Technology was developed in the Netherlands for wheelchairs Quinny Buzz (and later Quinny Moodd), belonging to the premium segment. The Wingoffly model uses an analogue of the patented system, so that even a mother with a baby in her arms will easily assemble the stroller by just pressing a button. Simply put, the chassis will build itself up to a fairly compact size.


It is worth noting that Wingoffly - a stroller, reviews of which are more often written by residents of large cities. The owners note that it is recommended that potential buyers be measured by elevators and walkways. The width of the chassis reaches 62 cm, so the stroller will not drive into any door. The remaining dimensions are shown in the diagram below:

An important point for many mothers is the size of the trunk. In this model it is quite voluminous - 39 liters.

Price list

Stroller Wingoffly, the price of which is on average 20 000 rubles, refers to the middle segment. The testimonies indicate that it is worth its money and fully pays for the invested funds.

Other strollers for the same money

If you look closely at this model, but you still have doubts, pay attention to similar models from the same price segment. Inexpensive strollers of Chinese, Polish and Russian production have sufficient strength to meet the needs of modern parents. The main competitors of this model experts call the following strollers: Freekids, Viper Ecolife, Admex Enduro.

Assessing the features of the model, we can say that this children's transport has every chance to win its place in the market. Wingoffly is a stroller, the testimonials of which indicate that it is suitable for active parents who prefer a combination of budget prices, stylish design and decent quality.

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