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"White captivity." Actors: people and dogs

The dramatic film "White Captivity" (actors: P. Walker, B. Greenwood, M. Bludgood, V. Kryson, D. Plunket) is intended for a wide audience, there is not a strictly defined age limit for its viewing. However, including movies in the category of films intended for family viewing, it is worth remembering that the plot narrative of the picture is not so happy and joyful as it may seem.

The main storyline

According to the synopsis of filmmakers, the film's plot is based on real events. That is, the survival of dogs in complete isolation is the main line of the movie "White Captivity" (the actors-dogs did not suffer during the filming). According to the narrative, three scientists - Jerry Sheppard (Paul Walker), his friend Cooper (Jason Biggs) and geologist (Bruce Greenwood) - were forced to leave the research base in Antarctica because of prevailing force majeure circumstances. Unfortunately, people did not have the opportunity to evacuate their sled dogs, faithful and devoted four-legged friends, who served as scientists faith and truth. Through an impressive time interval, people organize a rescue expedition and go in search of pets. Meanwhile, dogs are trying to survive in the most severe environmental conditions.

Who will win?

In the shooting of the film "The White Captivity", the actors and roles of which are perfectly matched, not only the actors-people, but also their four-legged colleagues - dogs took part. And it was extremely difficult to compete with people with animals. The fact is that the dogs showed themselves to be excellent actors, it was impossible to re-play them. Not because in the movie "White Prison" actors are mediocre, not endowed with the ability and talent. Simply dogs did not have to pretend, they were sincere, and this can not but bribe the viewer. Film projects with the participation of animals always return the beholder to the primary sources, prompting to recall such feelings as love, devotion, sympathy, mutual assistance. The work of director Frank Marshall was no exception.

Paul Walker

Of course, to eclipse the heroes of dogs from the actors-people did not work, but they embodied the images of their characters at a decent level. Among others stands out the main character, Paul Walker. He played the role of a manly conductor in the Arctic Jerry Sheppard. The actor managed to convey the image of a strong personality, tempered by winds, snows and constant danger. The whole movie viewer lives along with Jerry's emotions: a sense of duty, guilt and a burst of happiness. Paul Walker began his career with participation in a number of TV shows and TV shows. In 1994, a young actor made his debut in the film "Tommy and Tyrannosaurus." Then came the pictures: "Fast and Furious", "In the trap of time", "Run without looking back" and others, including "White Prison". Actors - colleagues Walker - expressed deep regret when the life of the actor was interrupted by a car accident in Valencia.

Bruce Greenwood

Perfectly embodied on the screen the image of the scientist, keen on searching for the cosmic stone, Davis McLaren. Through his character, Greenwood uncovered a range of experiences from intense enthusiasm, the enjoyment of success to panic fear of wildlife and the threat of death. Greenwood, a native of Quebec, Canada, was born on August 12, 1956. Interest in acting appeared in the student years. The first test in the movie took place in the film "The Island of the Bears" and continued in the series "The Hitchhiker", "The Man from Nowhere", "Jesse". Greenwood starred in a few films: "Indecent behavior", "I, the robot", etc.

Moon Bloodgood

The role of Cathy, a young pilot girl, Bloodgood played calmly, without vivid manifestations. The emotional background of Cathy throughout the film remained smooth and not too memorable. Date of birth of the actress - September 20, 1975. She is a Korean woman on the maternal line, and an American by her father's. Thanks to exotic appearance she worked in the modeling business, played episodic roles in the television series. The real work in the cinema took place in 2004 in "More than Love" and "White Prison". The actors strongly supported the young talent during the filming.

Wendy Creuson

In the film, she got an insignificant role - Eva, the wife of the doctor-researcher. Only a couple of phrases were said and the look of a beautiful woman proud of her husband's successes is shown. Wendy Creuson was born in Hamilton, May 9, 1956. Successfully realized as an actress and producer. The luggage of her films has about 100 paintings. Her real success was the role of a dying mother in the drama "Good Son". Well-known to all movies with Cruson "Criminal Communications", "Bicentennial Man", "Suddenly Naked."


During the filming of the film, the actors of the film The White Captivity continued to admire the animals attracted to participate in the project - the eight dogs: Max, Maya, Shorti, Jack, Dewey, Truman, Buck and Shadow, who are shown by the author as "human beings". The game of these animals deserves special attention, because it causes the strongest emotions in the viewer, down to tears. Without uttering a word, they fully reveal the plot and feelings. Their looks and actions clearly show courageous patience, team spirit, mutual assistance, sadness for their dead companions, strong faith in their master and the desire to continue the struggle for life. They did not just play their roles, they lived for real. Participated in the picture of about 30 dogs. In addition to the main characters, the film also made doubles, including several dogs from the orphanage. The role of the leader of Maya in the dog pack went to the silvery 7-year-old Code Beer. The youngest dog in the harness of Max was played by the cheerful DJ. The eldest was Jack black and white, whose role was played by the young dog Suli, 4-year-old Apash and white dog Buck. The homeless 3-year-old Jasper, who was picked up on the street, was happy to play the role of energetic Shorty. Max, Maya, Dewey and Buck already had shooting experience in the movie "Snow Dogs".

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