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Which is better for a smartphone: a review of models and reviews

A processor is a heart not only for computers, but also for smartphones. This small chip should have high performance, support all the newest applications. There are many models on the market, but what is the best processor for a smartphone to choose? What to look at? When buying a mobile device, you need to consider several criteria.

Number of cores

Here, each user should focus only on their own requests. So, there are people who do not need their work with a smartphone in a huge number of cores. For example, some very good processor models for mobile devices with a small number of cores show quite good performance when working with multiple applications. Here you can highlight the devices of Apple, which when designing phones uses its own design. Their devices, which have dual-core processors, work without complaints with applications based on their operating system.

Of course, the development of modern technology in place is not worth it. Many manufacturers equip their smartphone models with processors already with 8 cores. Here you can get confused in the number of these very cores. The question may arise: what is the best processor for a smartphone to choose?

Kernels and Opportunities

Everything is quite easy with the number of cores. Previously, all manufacturers of devices for computers were chasing the increase in frequency, and all the commands on the devices were executed one after another. Then came the time when the teams began to run in parallel. The frequency of the processor is far from unlimited, and each of its core has a certain configuration that allows performing several functions at the same time, that is, in parallel. The best models can perform several million different operations at the same time. And all this became possible due to the presence of not one, but several cores of the processor. If before the data streams occupied the queue for their processing, which was very bad for the speed of the device, now there is no such problem.


Even now, many users think that the most important parameter is the processor frequency. Which is better? For a smartphone, this characteristic, of course, is important. But as it was already noted, thanks to the parallel execution of teams today, it shifted to a secondary plan. It is more important to purchase a smartphone with a large number of processor cores, which can provide comfort in the process of working with the device. But you can recommend choosing those devices on which the frequency is not lower than 1 GHz. And the rest will be taken care of by the nucleus.

Which is better for a smartphone? In general, the mobile version of this device does not have many differences from the older computer "colleague". The main differences are the size, power and clock speed. And today some models of mobile chips are more powerful than computer ones.

Manufacturers of mobile processors

Which processor manufacturer is better for a smartphone? Here you can create a kind of rating, which will be headed by Qualcomm. This giant of the market was founded in 1985. First, the company produced phones, navigation modules, and wireless devices. And after it became one of the largest manufacturers of mobile processors. She licensed ARM technology and bought the rights to produce the A8 core, on the basis of which her own chip was created.

Qualcomm Processors

The top-end models are called Snapdragon, and they are installed only on flagship mobile devices. And if you ask which processor is better for a smartphone on Android, then many will say that this is a chip from Qualcomm, since the performance here is impressive. The latest models are capable of supporting 4K-video and have 8 cores. Working with devices based on them is a pleasure.

Mediatek Processors

The second in the rating can be put Chinese company Mediatek. It is singled out when you answer the question about what is the best processor for a smartphone. The company was founded in 1997 and was engaged at that time with data storage modules and wireless technologies.

This company takes not only the quality of products, but also the quantity, as its processors are installed in all devices that are budget. It was Mediatek that developed the first ten-core processor, which is the most powerful single-chip chip in the world. The performance of the model is amazing, since it is more powerful than many notebooks.

Apple Processors

On the question of what type of processor is best for a smartphone, fans of "apple" technology will immediately respond that from Apple. The company has always been known for its isolation. Everything they do is hidden from the eyes of strangers. It is known that processors for tablets and smartphones are developed within the company. Models are assigned an index with a serial number. The latest models of devices are equipped with very powerful mobile processors. Despite the fact that they have only two cores and one coprocessor, the figures are still impressive.

Intel Mobile Processors

The company Intel has long been at the top of the mobile processor for notebooks, but in the field of smartphones and tablets while in the background. But the fact that smartphones from the company Asus are equipped with processors just from Intel, says that the company is moving in the right direction. At the moment, the most productive chip has 4 cores with a frequency of 2.33 gigahertz and support for proprietary graphics. It will easily give odds to competitors from Apple and Qualcomm.

But all in all, the line of mobile processors from this company is not impressive because of its high cost, not very high-quality support and the presence of all kinds of problems.

Nvidia Chips

The company Nvidia, which is known to everyone for their video cards for computer games, in its main field - the undisputed leader. With the mobile sphere, not everything is so smooth. Their Tegra processors have very good potential, but for some reason the leading manufacturers do not rush to buy them in large quantities. Undoubtedly, gamers will appreciate their "iron" for their worth. But smartphone users are mostly girls, young people and businessmen who are likely to want to play a cool toy on ultra-high settings on their device. In addition, the company's processors are very expensive.


Which is better for a smartphone? Any such rating will be controversial, since each chip from the previously listed is excellent for its duties.

So, the processors from Nvidia were created specifically for games, and they, according to reviews, in this area are simply no equal. Snapdragon is in demand among those users who want to receive high-quality photos and a smart interface on their smartphone. Processors from Intel are praised for very good economy. About the processor from Mediatek is still difficult to judge, as serial production is not yet established, but the chips from Apple, according to the reviews, perfectly cope with the tasks, even despite the slowness and its architecture, thanks to the excellent optimization of the operating system.

Also, you will not be able to judge performance against different platforms. So, different versions of "Android" with the same hardware component give out at testing absolutely different from each other results. Users of this may not notice, but it is not necessary to argue with figures.

Which processors are considered the best in smartphones? Apparently, this is an ambiguous question, to which it is difficult to give a single answer. To begin with, before buying a smartphone, it's better to decide which tasks it needs. Games, photos, music creation or just surfing the Internet and reading e-books? For each purpose, your processor will work. Well, if you want everything at once, then you need to choose the most expensive product on the market, which will cope with all the tasks.

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