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What to choose: a floor toilet or a suspended toilet with installation?

When choosing plumbing, most of the townsfolk think: what to choose - a floor toilet or a suspended toilet with an installation? Which is better, and what is the difference? First of all, in the latter case, a special metal construction-installation is used to mount the equipment. It is firmly attached to the floor or the supporting wall of the room in the right place, and already all elements are installed on it, of which the hanging toilet is composed. Installation in this case not only greatly simplifies the installation of equipment. It also significantly saves space in the toilet room.

However, before making your choice, you should find out what is the installation for the toilet, and try to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this design.

Installation kit for toilet seat

Many confuse the installation with a conventional tank built into the wall. However, these are completely different things.

Installations for the toilet are divided into:

  • Wall, which are mounted directly on the wall;
  • Floor. They are installed in the middle of the bathroom;
  • Angular - in the corner of the room.

All these types of supporting structures are distinguished by the shape of the supporting frame and the number of basic elements located on it. However, the process of installing the various modules is very similar. For example, all installations for the toilet have the ability to adjust the height of fixing the toilet bowl, drain button and the tank itself. Floor modules are recommended to use in case the wall is unstable and can not withstand the weight of the toilet.

Many consumers relate to suspended plumbing with mistrust, they believe that a hanging toilet with an installation can not withstand long-term operation and at one perfect moment break off from the wall. However, few people know that a standard installation can withstand a weight of up to four hundred kilograms.
The durability of the operation of suspended plumbing is not affected either by the thickness or density of the material of the bearing wall. A properly installed module is able to fix the toilet bowl in the most reliable way.

In addition, the hanging toilet with the installation, as a rule, takes up very little space. For example, a drain tank with this design is very compact and has no more than 10 cm wide.

Installing the installation for the toilet

As soon as the installation frame is fixed in the right place, a ceramic toilet bowl, a drain cistern and other elements of the sanitary system are mounted on it. If desired, around the installation frame, you can mount a gypsum board or tile structure in the future. It allows you to hide all unnecessary details of the installation, leaving only a smooth surface, where it remains only to install the drain button. In addition, the installation for the hanging toilet closes the tank behind the wall, therefore, the water noise when flushed or filled is not as audible as usual.

Advantages of suspended structures

Suspended toilet with the installation is much more compact than a conventional floor toilet, which is indispensable in the design of a small room. Such plumbing helps to make even the smallest room more spacious and easy.

With a suspended structure, it is much easier to carry out a wet cleaning of the room. The dark, dusty and damp space behind the toilet and cistern itself is now in the past.

Owners of the system of a warm floor or a complex mosaic on the floor can breathe peacefully. Expensive flooring now does not encounter obstacles in the form of the base of the toilet.


According to utilities, the hanging toilet with the installation violates the first rule of plumbing: all communications should be easily accessible. In the field of vision there is only the bowl itself, and all components of the toilet bowl with the tank are carefully hidden. Thus, repair of communications and tank fittings is now difficult. With the problems that arise, only a plumber with the necessary tools can handle.

Also, if the floor toilet can be replaced at any time, and this does not disturb the design of the room, then changing the hanging toilet with the installation - the problem is much more serious. In this case, more often it is necessary to do toilet repair repeatedly.

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