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What if GTA-4 does not start? Mistakes of the game and ways to solve them

If you do not start GTA-4, crash or constantly crash, then our article can help you, where we will tell you about all the bugs that the game is knocking out, and also tell you how to optimize it in order to achieve the highest FPS.

A small review on GTA-4

Almost all games from Rockstar Games deserved the highest praise and loyal fans' love. So it happened with GTA-4 - stories about the Serbian immigrant Nico Belika, who decided to look for happiness in Liberty City, the prototype of which is New York. The plot, frankly speaking, can not boast of any innovations in the presentation or exciting turns, but Rockstar turned out to tell a good story with memorable characters and its philosophy. The gameplay since San-Andreas has undergone an impressive change for the better: physics and animation have become more realistic, shooting is more dynamic, and the number of entertaining cases in free from the passage of the main line is simply off scale. We can take work from our friends, work as policemen, have fun with friends in bowling or billiards, make a romance with a girl, visit an Internet cafe and so on. Of course, no one will prevent you from arranging uniform lawlessness in the streets, scouring people, stealing cars and fighting with cops. In general, GTA-4 turned out to be a wonderful game that is capable of coloring the gray tones of a boring evening. Should I say more about the presence of an exciting multiplayer and 2 exciting DLC? But from pleasant to sad: if you are constantly "haunted" by the mistakes of launching the game, then read the article next, where we will talk about their solution. So, why does not GTA-4 start?

Errors in GTA-4 and ways to solve them

It so happened that for PC the game came out strongly unoptimized, which gave rise to endless mistakes, bugs and other flaws, forcing developers to release as many as 7 patches. Unfortunately, sometimes even they are not enough for a comfortable game. If you are wondering why GTA-4 does not start , then read our article. Perhaps it will help you. So, we will analyze in order all the mistakes that players face.

  • If you experience a critical error DD3D10 D3D Error, then just try restarting the computer.
  • DD3D50 - make sure that your graphics card supports DirectX-9.
  • DD3D60 - make sure that you have Shader Model 3 or higher support.
  • AE10 Insufficient Memory to Start Game - Try it Close unnecessary applications, then re-enter the game.
  • TEXP60 - try to update DirectX libraries or graphics card drivers.
  • If you "GTA-4" does not start, knocking out the RESC10 Out of video memory error , - restart the computer / reinstall the game.
  • RMN20 Windows Vista - make sure you have Service Pack-1 and higher installed.
  • RMN30 Windows XP 64 / Server 2003 - make sure that you have Service Pack-2 and higher installed.
  • RMN40 Windows XP - you need to install Service Pack-3.
  • If the texture can not be created, the TEXP110 D3D Error error flies . Her decision will be to restart the game.
  • DWIN20 - o flicker crashes when there is a conflict when accessing RAM memory. Try restarting the game.
  • DD3D10 / 30 - Try to restart the computer.
  • DD3D20 - try to update DirectX libraries or reinstall the game.
  • DD3D70 / GPUP10 / TEXP20 / TEXP30 / TEXP80 - errors occur when the D3D device conflicts. Try restarting the computer.
  • DD3D40 - the conflict of the video card. Try updating the driver to the current version.
  • DD3D80 - if "GTA-4" does not start because of this error, just try restarting the game / restarting the computer.
  • STRB10 - an error occurs when uninstalling the file. Try restarting the computer.
  • RMN10 / STRM10 / STRM20 - the error occurs when the file read conflict. Try restarting the computer.
  • VOIC10 - The error is due to a voice chat conflict. Try restarting the game.
  • BA10 / EA10 - errors occur when the virtual memory is full . Try restarting the computer.
  • TEXP60 - occurs when a color rendering error occurs. Try installing the current drivers for the video card.
  • TEXP70 - occurs when a depth rendering error occurs. See the point above.

"GTA-4" does not start on Windows-7/8

This error is quite common among players, but its solution is quite simple. If you play on Windows-7, then before installing the game, try to make changes to the registry. How? Follow the algorithm: Start => Search => regedit => "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Windows" => "CSDVersion", change its value from "0" to "100" => Reboot => Set GTA-4 = > Return the changed values back to "0". If this method does not work, then try the second method, which will be similar to solving the problem of Windows-8 owners (why "GTA-4" does not start on Windows-8): set compatibility properties for Windows XP SP3 (Service Pack 3) .

Optimizing the game

We already wrote earlier that the port of the game was too crooked, because of which the optimization of GTA-4 is on a lamentable level. And yet it can be slightly improved in terms of performance, in order to remove some bugs and increase FPS by 10-20 units. So, try the following:

  • First, update the driver for all programs that use the game (Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, DirectX, graphics card drivers, etc.).
  • At the root of the game, create a text file named commandline.txt. It can write a lot of commands, which you will find on the Internet, but it is recommended to write the following: -availablevidmem 2 (number 2 - for video cards having 256 MB of video memory, "3" - 512, "4" - 1024 and so on) Which increases the available video memory, which can solve the problem with the disappearance of textures; -noprecache (allows to disable pre-caching of files); -nomemrestrict (allows to disable the memory limit, although the performance does not rise to too high a level); -norestrictions (allows to open hidden settings); -novblank (allows to disable vertical synchronization); -minspecaudio (the game starts with a minimum sound quality, which significantly reduces the load on the processor). Each command is written from a new line and from the "-" in front of it.
  • If you have a weak PC, then try to "dig" in the graphical settings. First, turn off shadows and reflections, because they consume a lot of resources. Secondly, try to lower the quality of textures. If after these actions you still have a slowdown, reduce the depth of detail, the density of traffic and the viewing distance, which also "eat" the order of resources, albeit not as much as the settings of shadows and reflections. Another setting item that can increase FPS by 5-10 units is "Record clips", which you need to disable.
  • If you have a licensed copy of the game, it will automatically update to the latest version. If there is a pirated copy, install the 4th patch, where the best optimization is observed.
  • Disable unnecessary applications when you enter the game: browser, Skype, antivirus and more. This will reduce the load on the processor and RAM.

If all of the above methods do not help, then, perhaps, have to upgrade your computer.

Running the game on Steam

The first thing you need to know is that GTA-4 can be activated on Steam only when purchased directly on Steam. If you bought the game in retail or in other online stores, you will have to play through GFWL. There are times when some gamers do not run "GTA-4" TRIM versions, but the reasons for this in most cases coincide with the errors described above. If the problem occurs directly with the Steam service, then just try restarting it or contact support. Finally, we will clarify that even with the purchase of the game in "Steam" you still have to install Rockstar Social Club to run the game.


Rockstar Games is not too loyal to PC players, which can be evidenced by their policy regarding this platform (delays in the release of PC versions for half a year or a year, or its complete disregard, poor optimization and the like). So if you do not start GTA-4, then do not rush to disappoint, because almost all errors have their solutions, which you could see above. Know one thing: GTA-4 is one of the greatest games in the last 5-10 years, which will surely give you long hours of pleasant pastime.

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