What does the sales agent do? A traveling salesman is ...

"Everyone is selling something" is the Americans' favorite saying. It is not necessary to engage in commercial activities. Salespeople can be recruiters of university entrants to higher educational institutions, hospital staff or museums, collecting donations for the needs of these institutions, committees inviting people to the church, pharmaceutical company sales agents, visiting doctors of different hospitals to advertise new products, cosmetic companies consultants offering Ecologically clean cosmetics, etc. As soon as they are called these people: contactors, marketing or sales agents, consultants, sales engineers, but more often in This - salespeople.

A traveling salesman is ...

A lot of people today disdain to trade agents, considering them to be frauds and cheats offering poor-quality or unclaimed goods. Commerce - a specialty is very ancient, several millennia ago there was a profession of a traveling salesman. It should be noted that even then she did not evoke positive emotions in the society, and such people were not highly respected. In ancient Rome, the word "seller" was consonant with the word "swindler", and the patron of representatives of this cunning and quirky profession was considered Mercury - the god of wickedness.

A traveling salesman is a vagabond merchant, a traveling sales intermediary, which is an intermediate link between the firm and the customer, the seller of the goods and the buyer. Usually, he only offers the goods, talks about the merits, is interested in acquiring it. The sales agent, in general, sells in words, showing only catalogs or samples of products. In most cases, the salesman's wages depend on the amount or quantity of goods sold. Some firms set a fixed rate that the employee will receive in any case, and also use a system of incentives - premiums, allowances.

Typical look of a traveling salesman

Many people do not understand what the traveling salesman does and why he is needed. In a commercial environment, a lot of stereotypes were formed that did not correspond to reality at all. At the word "traveling salesman" immediately appears an association with the hero of the play "The Musician", Harold Hill - cheerful, playful, slapping an interlocutor on the shoulder and smoking a cigar for ever. Another unfortunate look of a typical sales agent is shown in the play Death of a Salesman, where Willy Louman appears very unhappy to the viewer.

Buyers consider the representatives of this profession to be sociable, cheerful people, with well- hung tongue, arrogant and pesky. In fact, a traveling salesman is a person who knows how to present a good product. But it is not necessary for him to be brazen and bothersome, aggressively offering products. Many consultants are very shy, do not know how to express themselves beautifully, but nevertheless are bribed with sincerity, a desire to help, a successful presentation, etc.

The main qualities of a good seller

Every successful company dreams of having good marketing agents in its staff who are able to earn a client base and productively advertise the product. For the recruitment of candidates, contact with students of economic universities, announcements, employment offices is used. Next is the time-consuming selection of applicants, because immediately identifying the required qualities can be quite problematic.

If a person behaves confidently, is open, energetic, aggressive, then this is not yet an indicator of his professionalism. From what the traveling salesman does, his character also depends. Therefore, courteous, humble people can also do excellent sales. Basically, when choosing a candidate, they look at his ability to feel the feelings of the client, to understand what he needs. Also, the consultant must have a sense of purpose in order to get things done.

Two types of traveling salesman

A traveling salesman is not only a good salesman, but also an excellent psychologist. In some cases, he applies an aggressive approach and strikes the buyer with intense pressure. This works when selling a car. The consultant exaggerates the merits of the products, shows all the benefits of the purchase. In some cases, for example, when selling cosmetics, the sales agent acts as an assistant. He solves the hidden needs of the consumer, gives efficient suggestions. This approach is very appreciated by many buyers who do not like excessive aggressiveness.

The approach of a sales agent to potential buyers

Quick identification of potential buyers and work with them is what this profession assumes. A traveling salesman must independently create a customer base for the company he works for. In order to find customers, basically, they use the tried and tested techniques:

  1. Master various sources of information, collecting client base from bankers, dealers, suppliers, noncompetitive salespeople.
  2. Regular customers ask names of acquaintances who can become potential buyers.
  3. Join an organization that includes potential clients.
  4. Learn the press and other sources of data.
  5. Attend various organizations, declaring their products.

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