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What did actors play? "A hedgehog came out of the fog" - a beautiful love story

For viewers who like all other genres prefer kind family melodramas with a happy ending to the story, it will be very interesting to spend an evening in front of the TV watching a picture, which will be discussed a little lower. From the first frame, it seems that everything that is happening on the screen is not shooting in front of the cameras, but the true truth, which is conveyed to each actor. "A hedgehog came out of the fog" - one of those stories that keeps in suspense from the first minute to the last. And every twist of the story makes the hearts of viewers pounding louder and faster.

One for all

The main heroine of the series, Elena Smirnova, personifies a certain prefigured image of a very large number of many women who voluntarily give up their personal lives in order to make the people around them feel good. She is too kind, naive and trouble-free, tries to help everyone, not noticing herself. At one point her whole life is shattered: her husband leaves the young mistress; Elena herself is fired from her job; Her adopted daughter learns from her grandmother about adoption and leaves for Prague to her biological mother, because she is sure that she will love her like no other.

Now the unfortunate woman lost the whole meaning of the long life being built. Now every day is a tragedy. And this continues until she accidentally meets her first love again - Igor. And he still continues to love Elena for many years, in which she sees her future. Now the story becomes similar to the adventures of Cinderella today. After all, Igor is the incarnation of a prince who can solve all her problems.

Actors played very convincingly. "A hedgehog came out of the fog" Is worth Look at least once. Having spent only four hours, the audience can return the faith in good miracles, which all the same sometimes happen.

Story line. How it all began?

The beginning of this story takes in 1993, when two pretty girlfriends, students of the Faculty of Art Studies, Margarita (the character of Emilia Spivak) and Lena (character All Yuganova) met in the train with their fellow travelers. These guys were two future physicists - Vadim (the character of Vitaly Emashov) and Igor (the character of Sergei Gorobchenko). The actors of the film "A hedgehog came out of the fog" Each of the characters was shown as if it were happening to them.

It takes very little time, and both guys fall in love with the modest Lena, who constantly amazes everyone around with incredible kindness and quiet character.

Lena reciprocates Igor, their romance is rapidly developing. But the parting came after Igor's betrayal happened. The girl could not reconcile with this, and they parted. Lena at this difficult time for her supports her second fan, who still has a warm feeling for her. So it was at the very beginning of the series "A hedgehog came out of the fog". Actors and the roles that they played, managed to interest even the most discerning spectators.

Story line. Sixteen years later

Sixteen years have passed. Lena, already a graduate of the art criticism faculty, became Vadim's wife. She works as a financial director in one of the private companies of the city. She and her husband bring up Alya's adopted daughter (she is the daughter of Vadim's sister, whom she refused, because, having given birth to her at a very young age, she realized that she did not need it). Every situation was brilliantly played by serial actors. "The hedgehog came out of the fog" - not such a long series, but all the accents in it are placed with special precision. The girl does not know that she is not native. Elena could not reconcile herself with the idea that the charming little girl would grow up in the orphanage and take the baby.

The whole family lives in the same apartment with Vadim's mother (the role of the brilliant Nelly Pshena). And everything seems to be calm and familiar, until one day for Lena all life collapsed. The actors of the movie "A hedgehog came out of the fog" and romantic and tragic moments told very truthfully.

The sorrows continue ...

Quite unexpectedly, the head of Elena dismissed her from work. At the same time, her beloved family is collapsing. Vadim goes to another woman, who is young and beautiful. But there he does not see much happiness, because the new passion does not understand and does not accept his work, tries to push him into the circle of people with whom it is very difficult for Vadim to communicate. Elena has another heartache: her adopted daughter Alya, in whom she does not like a shower, learns from her grandmother that she is not her own.

The maximalism of teenage emotions plays a role, the girl collects things and leaves for Prague to the biological mother, because she is sure that she loves and waits. She absolutely does not admit the thought that that unknown woman absolutely does not need her and will be for her only a useless load in the life of a beautiful and now materially independent and even wealthy moth. The actors of the series "A hedgehog came out of the fog" were selected very carefully, therefore each episode looks at one go.

The Wizard of Youth

Elena's mother-in-law, who never let this kind and caring woman into her heart, expels her from the apartment, without letting her say a word. And then there is a call from abroad. This is the daughter of Alya (the role of this unrestrained girl-maximalist played already well-known to the audience on the series "Daddy's Daughter" Liza Arzamasova). This situation is written out with such accuracy that any mother who has watched this film will shrink her heart. The actors involved in this plot played remarkably well. "A hedgehog came out of the fog" showed all the pain of the mother, who very much wants to help her beloved daughter, but does not know how and what she can do for this. She is praying for help. Lena is in despair: she urgently needs money to travel to Prague, but all the close people have turned her back.

The only thing that brings a young woman a little comfort, is that life again confronts her with the first love - Igor. He turns out to be that kind wizard who can solve her problems, help her get out of the web of pain and failure.

A good story about life

So, the series "The hedgehog came out of the fog". Actors and roles that were performed with enviable truthfulness, showed the tragedy of the situations described, as well as appeasement from the finally made the only right choice of the main character. Everything was played so believably that it is sometimes quite possible to forget that this story is only on the TV screen, it seems that the spectator himself is a participant in the events.

This is how the film "A hedgehog came out of the fog". Actors, whose photos after the series on the screens became much more likely to appear on the pages of glossy publications, looked pretty organic and natural. Each of them contributed to the creation of an amazingly touching sentimental story with a name from a child's counting.

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