Wedding dresses for autumn: accessories, harmoniously complementing the image

Weddings are played not only in the summer, but also in the fall. If the event is scheduled for the cool season, the bride should take care of the cape for the wedding dress. Wedding cloaks for the fall will not only save you from the cold, but can also become a beautiful addition to the entire outfit.

Autumn supplement to the wedding dress

To create an image of the bride you need to pay special attention to all the details. You should thoroughly choose a dress, veil, shoes, makeup, accessories and hair. And do not forget that during the photo session in the city you can simply freeze and darken the joyful event to yourself and your close people.

Therefore, wedding dresses for autumn are an ideal option to look elegant and original. This garment should be not only beautiful and harmoniously combined with the image, but also warm. The shape of the cape is chosen according to the girl's preferences. You can complement the outfit with a jacket, pelerinka, sheepskin coat. Also it can be an original stole or a delicate shawl. Wedding cloaks for the autumn are chosen depending on the weather, because the closer to the winter event is planned, the warmer the thing will be.

How to choose a cloak

To create a spectacular image, you need to complete the fitting. That is, to pick up a cloak, ideally combined with a dress, you can only in the case of her fitting with a wedding dress. It would be reasonable to pay attention to the proposals of the salon employees. They can show not only wedding dresses for the fall, but also coats, exquisite raincoats and jackets that perfectly match the dress.

The bride may have ideas about a fur coat for rent, but this should not be done. If an expensive thing is stained, then thoughts about the cost of the product can spoil the whole holiday. At the same time, it is quite reasonable to purchase a cloak made of artificial fur. Now these things are sewn very beautiful and elegant.

Length of the cape, materials

Usually brides prefer models up to the waist. Therefore, it is quite acceptable to purchase a short coat with sleeves up to the elbow or three quarters. Well, if it is planned to stay outdoors for quite some time, then the dresses for the wedding dress for the autumn should be chosen warmer. Also you can buy an extended fur coat with a hood.

And from materials, leather, suede, swan feather, felt, soft jersey and others are preferred. Of course, tissues influence the formation of the character of the whole image. To correctly combine the dress and the cloak, it is reasonable to listen to the recommendations:

  1. If the bride prefers a fur cloak, then her image acquires elegance, chic, looks expensive.
  2. When choosing a lace product, the bride shows femininity and her romantic mood. This cape looks perfect with a dress made of simple material, complements it.
  3. And if you choose a cape from guipure, you will get a gentle and slightly sexual image. In this case, the guipure is perfectly combined with a dress made of simple and opaque fabric.
  4. For lace and guipure dress suits are made of dense materials. The perfect solution here is brocade.
  5. But dresses made of flowing and non-textured material, complement the silk and romantic wedding dresses for the fall. The photos show the variety of these accessories. The main thing in their choice is to give vent to fantasy.

Color of things

The color of the cape is selected in two directions. It can be the same as the dress, or fully match accessories. It should be understood that the cape matching with the dress will not stand out. Such an accessory is chosen as a complementary and finishing touch.

Quite unusual is a cape of bright color, standing out against the background of the main attire. A whip-white dress fits perfectly with a red or blue cape. Beige outfit is complemented by a burgundy or purple accessory. These combinations are quite bold, so they choose their girls of appropriate disposition.

A good solution is also to choose a cape that shades the dress. In search of harmony for a white outfit, a pink, blue, lilac cloak should be preferred. And for beige dresses, it is best to choose accessories of coffee, brown and sand tints.

Making a cloak with your own hands

Do not forget that finding the right product in the salons does not always work. And if the bride knows how to sew well, then creating a suitable cloak herself for her will not make any problems. Also, a wedding cloak for the fall with their own hands will help to save money on attire.

But, in principle, it is not so difficult to make it. To do this, purchase a suitable cloth or fur. Pattern can be made independently, because the product is quite simple in execution. A ready-made thing - decorate with ribbons, stones, feathers or other decorative elements.

Is that it is necessary to remember the simplicity of putting on and taking off. Because the bride will not have time to manipulate the numerous buttons and rivets. But it is the dress that represents the main part of the image.

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