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Thread cutting at home

Very often at home, thread cutting is needed. This is required when repairing some structures or manufacturing of non-standard fasteners. The only condition for this is the availability of the necessary tools.

The advantages of threaded connections:

  1. Strength and reliability.
  2. The connection is detachable, therefore, it can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled using a set of simple locksmith tools: screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and other devices.
  3. Tightening or loosening can be used to adjust the connection.


- Metric - has a triangle profile. Used for the manufacture of fasteners: nuts, bolts, studs. It can be done in the home workshop.

- Rectangular and trapezoidal - applies when transmitting motion with great effort. Usually used in machine tools.

- Resistant - for mechanisms that create high pressure (for example, a hydraulic press).

- Round - has high wear resistance and can work in contaminated environments.

In the direction of the revolution, it is divided into the right and left.

The number of visits is single-pass, multi-turn.

The thread of one diameter can differ in pitch - this is the distance between two adjacent turns.

Cutting is done with different tools. Internal tapping is performed by tapping. In this case, it is necessary to drill a hole in the workpiece with a diameter slightly smaller than the specified one. A chamfer is used for a comfortable approach. The tool is clamped in the holder. For a certain thread, according to existing tables, the desired hole diameter is selected.

External threads are cut by a die. The material for its production is carbide and tool steels. The operation is performed on a workpiece with a diameter slightly less than the required thread. The rods are selected according to the table.

Very often when installing heating or conducting a water pipe, you have to perform thread on the pipe. In this case thread cutting is carried out by special tools. To do this, use dies or a pipe clip, a gas wrench, a vice, a hacksaw, an electric jigsaw that has a saw for the metal.

Plates are round and prismatic, also called klippami. They usually perform thread cutting on a pipe having a diameter deviation. Krupp is a tool in which a die and a plate holder are attached. When working, the latter, through the guide, centers the plate against the pipe. Cutting on a site subject to corrosion is not recommended. Therefore, the damaged parts are cut off with a hacksaw or jig saw. The pipe is clamped in the vice with one end, and the other protrudes as short as possible to avoid rattling and oscillation of the pipe. This same area, for ease of operation, is lubricated with engine oil. Now we take the tool for threading and rotate the process of cutting it.

In addition to simple tools, there are also professional tools. Special importance in this case have special machines for threading.

In addition to the chip removal method, the rolling method can be used. In this case the metal is rolled up, rising, it forms coils. Here you need a special rolling roller.

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