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The most famous love quotes

Of course, love is the strongest feeling that can revitalize or kill a person, and the driving force without which humanity would not exist. In this article you will get acquainted with the famous quotes about love.

The most famous love quotes

Here we bring you the most famous and popular with users of the statements of great people. We hope that you will like them:

  1. "Even" too "is not enough for love." (Pierre Beaumarchais)
  2. "Love is peculiar to wear glasses through which copper seems gold, bursts of fire - threads of pearls, and lack of money - wealth." (Miguel Saavedra)
  3. "She is full of silky tenderness and tenderness of love, she is hardened both in sorrows and in glamor." In the distance, proud, apart from strength, is still the same in many years. " (Byron)
  4. "All people have the same love." (Maron Publius)
  5. "It is love that can change a person, so much so that you do not recognize him." (Publius Terentius)
  6. "If love is mutual with people, then it is usually fastened by children." (Menard)
  7. "A cold woman just did not meet someone who would awaken her warm feelings." (Jean de Labruier)
  8. "First love does not need much - quite a bit of curiosity and muddle." (Bernard Show)
  9. "Love is like an endless sea, its breadth does not want to know the shores, love must be given all the blood and soul, since there is no other measure here." (Hafiz Shamsaddin)
  10. "Anyone who has experienced the power of love understands that it is impossible to buy." (Logfello Henry)
  11. "Love is like a beacon raised above a violent storm, it does not fade in the fog and in the darkness, it is the star by means of which the sailor determines his place in the vastness of the ocean." (William Shakespeare)

From love to hate

Everyone knows that any, even the warmest, feelings can turn into hate. Of course, for such a change to occur, we must try very hard, but still it happens sometimes. Read these statements, which come across and quotes from romance novels:

  1. "Undoubtedly, love is a paradise, but often jealousy turned the Garden of Eden into a real hell." (Lope de Vega)
  2. "Love is like a tender plant that will not live long if it is watered with tears of hatred." (James Cooper)
  3. "And with bile and honey all love is plentiful." (Titus Maccius)
  4. "Splashes of hatred and love were always accompanied by anger and good nature." (Hume David)
  5. "When lovers quarrel, their love feelings are ignited." (Burton Robert)

When feelings go out ...

Many do not forget their first love. But what to do when she leaves? In this case, we have reserved these love quotes for you:

  1. "From waiting, love grows for a long time, but getting its own, it quickly goes out." (Menander)
  2. "You can not insult a person with love, but you can be unfaithful and indifferent". (Lope de Vega)
  3. "There is and there will be no love, dignity and friendship without constancy." (Addison Joseph)
  4. "Like fire, love is unknown to the rest: it dies as soon as a person ceases to fear or hope." (Francois Laroshfurco)
  5. "Restraint in friendly or loving relationships has always been an act of selfishness and a stupid fad that can kill a feeling first in us, and then in the person whom we fell in love with." (Sand George)

Love triangle. Quotes

In a love triangle there will always be one who will suffer. About such a difficult relationship, we brought love quotes:

  1. "In some cases, the triangle of love is very similar to the square of Malevich." (Author unknown)
  2. "Of course, there is an obtuse angle in the love triangle, and they are usually the husband." (Shapiro Boris)
  3. "The law of love will not obey the laws of geometry, since in it all angles will be blunt." (Yankovsky Stas)
  4. "There is a triangle in which all angles are sharp, this is a love triangle." (Dzhangirova Yana)
  5. "The basis in the love triangle is the peak of pleasure and passion." (Gennady Malkin)
  6. "With incredible speed, the love triangle can turn into a polygon." (Spiegel Yefim)
  7. "If you are a member of the love triangle, then you must understand that it's like living in a communal apartment." (Muraveva Olga)
  8. "In the Bermuda triangle of happiness and love, many families have disappeared without a trace." (Tatarkin Yuri)

We hope that you liked the love quotes that we picked up.

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