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The heater is an excellent device for heating the room!

A man from ancient times has been inventing more and more new ways of heating his home. One of the devices that can help you with this is the air heater. This is a system of pipes through which a hot heat exchanger circulates: water, steam or heated air.

What are they like?

All the air heaters are divided into two large groups: electric and water (which are mounted to the central heating system). The pipes used can have a circular or square cross-section.

The most promising are those devices in which the principle of recuperation is used. In this case, the cold heat exchanger (air, as a rule) heats up a bit, passing between the layers of warm air, which is taken from the room. As a result of the implementation of such a scheme, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in heating costs.

In general, the heater is a multifunctional system, since in the summer it can be used as ventilation.

Features of different types

If we talk about water and steam heaters (which have much in common), then their advantage in the temperature amplitude that they are able to withstand. But their installation is possible only in those rooms in which an additional boiler or similar equipment is installed.

Where the electric heater is more popular. This is an excellent choice for most situations, but it does have some negative features. These include its ability to strongly overdry the air, which is highly contraindicated for asthmatics and people suffering from other diseases of the respiratory system.

However, in recent years there have been special models that are already "out of the box" equipped with air humidifiers.

Where is it better to install them?

Even a large industrial room is quickly able to heat the steam heater. This is a good choice, but there are also some nuances. So, you can not use it without buying a steam generator, and without installing reliable high-pressure pipelines.

If there is not a particularly powerful ventilation unit in the room , an electric model is suitable. Note that its installation is justified only when the area of the heated apartment does not exceed 100 square meters. Otherwise, all of your savings will be ejected into the pipe, as electricity costs will be unbelievable.

The most effective and least expensive are water heaters. With their help it is possible to heat not only an ordinary house, but even a small assembly shop at an industrial enterprise.

We note that their installation is rather problematic, since it implies the installation of not only high-quality pipelines, but also control modules. However, in the future all these costs will necessarily "be repulsed".

Modern tendencies

The requirements of customers at the moment are such that the latter do not want to constantly see any technical details of the heating systems. That is why today it is often possible to meet an electric heater, mounted in the free space of a false ceiling. It is practical, convenient and completely silent. This solution is ideal for office space.

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