Simple and understandable Russian clothing sizes

Acquisition of beautiful and fashionable clothes in the global web is not only a luxury, but sometimes a necessity. Pleasure from buying in a multi-brand store can not always be available due to a catastrophic lack of time. The time saved can be spent on a career and on earning new money or on a family and hobbies.
Beauty, fashion and style can be found easily in special shops or catalogs. This is very convenient, because you can find any desired thing, dress, shoes or other goods at a very attractive price, and a constantly operating system of discounts and sales is able to please anyone, even the most demanding buyer. In addition, sometimes it is in online stores you can find exclusive things that are not available in ordinary.

We spread myths

At the same time, stores that offer Russian sizes of women's clothing are not always able to meet the requirements of buyers with their size range. And yet, despite the availability of goods in the online stores and many bonuses to them, people do not dare to buy things there because of the lack of fitting. There is a common misconception that the Russian clothing sizes differ from those presented on the Internet. Plus to this, few know how to correctly determine the personal size of clothing and are afraid to miscalculate with a choice.

A centimeter in hand

The sizes of clothes, European and Russian, can be easily recognized by making simple measurements. Often, only measuring the volume of the chest, hips and waist. To begin with, it is worth remembering that the measurements are carried out tightly to the body.

The size of the breast is measured clearly at the level of the nipples. In this case, do not pull the stomach. Hips are measured in the most voluminous place. When the desired size is located in the middle of the model range, the choice is made in the direction of the larger one to avoid possible inconveniences. Human growth also has great importance. As a rule, Russian clothing sizes are designed for medium growth. If you deviate from it, you should take into account the possible discrepancy in the length of the product. Outer clothing is best to choose the size in size to avoid its wrong landing.

There are several tricks that can help with the selection of clothes. You can first go to the store and try on your favorite, remembering the look and the size of the Russian clothes, and then find it in the online store, often at a lower price. This will help you not to lose with the choice. Also, it is worth paying attention to a detailed description of all the parameters of the thing by the seller, because with the slightest discrepancy of the size, it can be returned back. This allows you to make a law on consumer protection.

Most often, the size of clothing is expressed in alphabetic or digital code, which corresponds to the individual parameters of the body. Russian clothing sizes differ from European ones by -6. The size of the shoe is usually indicated on the insole or sole of the product. Often sellers, to facilitate the choice of size, can write its size in centimeters. It is worth remembering that men's outerwear - European and Russian - are identical in size.

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