Short lace wedding dress (photo)

White lace dresses are a modern and very popular model of wedding attire. Recently, designers all over the world are increasingly abandoning multi-layered long dresses in favor of the lightness and ease of short vestments. Similar outfits look especially charming on young slim brides, but the modern variety of models allows you to choose a dress for ladies of any age and makeup.

Choosing a short lace wedding dress, the bride can be sure that the image will be stylish and chic, not to mention the convenience that gives such an outfit.

Lace in wedding dresses

Lace as an ornament of a bridal wedding dress has been used since time immemorial. This is understandable, since it gives a unique elegance. Thin transparent and weightless patterns can give a unique lightness and beauty. Competently decorated with a lace dress emphasizes the dignity and hides the shortcomings of its owner and allows you to feel like a real queen of celebration. Simply looks at the bride's white short lace wedding dress. The photos in this article are a vivid proof.

Choosing a short lace wedding dress, it is important to remember that lace in itself is an ornament, and then it's important not to overdo it. In order not to look too tasteless, the bride in a chic lace dress sometimes does not need any additional decorations.

Beauty, tenderness, elegance of a girl can emphasize the well-chosen short lace wedding dresses. Photos in the article show us all the charm and subtlety of such outfits.

Of course, a good quality lace for a wedding dress is not cheap. If you are planning a fairly modest celebration and there is no need to spend large amounts of money on attire, lace can be present and as additional accessories. Lacy gloves or a handbag of the bride will add refinement to the image and will not look too pompous at the same time.

Variety of short lace dresses

Despite the apparent simplicity, a short lace wedding dress has many varieties. Pick up a dress for a special wedding style or personal wishes of the bride will not be difficult. Girls who prefer the classics, will have to fit the dress fitting figure with a pencil skirt and guipure insets in the upper part of it. Depending on the material, the variety of tailoring and additional accessories, this outfit may look modest or, conversely, bold enough, emphasizing the sexuality of its possessor.

Young charming brides will have to taste flared bottom or A-shaped short lace wedding dress. Despite the simplicity of the silhouette, this highlight will be added to the lace by lace. Variants of a short wedding dress with the use of lace are many. Interesting are also models with an open back or dresses with a high lateral incision. In addition to the models already available, each bride can choose her own style, which will carry out the order for the order. In this case, you can be sure of the uniqueness of your image. This option eliminates any inconsistencies in the figure - the dress will sit perfectly throughout the celebration.

Short wedding dress with lush skirt

Wedding dresses - short, lush, lacy - the trend of the past few years. This is a fitting upper part with a ballet skirt. This style in itself looks pompous enough, and in combination with a light guise, the bride will feel like a real princess. The dress can be supplemented with a corset part in the waist and chest area, which, undoubtedly, will add an additional chic. The skirt of the dress can be made monophonic, which is most acceptable with a lace top, or, conversely, studded with precious stones and embroidered with lace. In this case, the top should be simple and balance out the outfit. The most advantageous wedding dresses, short, lacy, with a lush skirt, look at slender young brides. Girls with lush forms should be careful, since a strongly flared lower part can visually add unnecessary volume.

Another version of this outfit - short skirt in front is equipped with an elongated tail at the back. The presence of podsubnikov determines the splendor of the outfit, and the length of the train can vary from slightly elongated to very impressive sizes up to several meters.

White lace short wedding dress with an elongated train can be called a compromise solution between the classic long and bold mini. A similar version of the attire for the wedding suits self-confident, outrageous girls who want to make a splash on their own celebration.

Straight Short Wedding Dress

But the classic straight silhouette of the attire will suit almost any bride. Such a dress can be completely closed at the top or have a deep neckline, the presence of a short or long sleeve can also be varied at the will of the bride. Perhaps, this outfit can be called the most versatile, depending on the fabric, style and lace inserts, it can be both fairly frank and very restrained. For example, white, closed at the top with a three-quarter sleeve and a small lace trim around the edges, the dress looks quite modest, it will be appropriate for a small wedding, and in everyday wear. While a satin or silk straight dress without sleeves with inserts of transparent guipure in the decollete zone looks very elegant and quite suitable even for the most chic celebration.

Short wedding dress with sleeves

Over the past few years, a lacy short wedding dress with sleeves has become a real trend. Undoubtedly, the most suitable material of the sleeve for such a dress is a thin translucent lace. The combination of a short dress style and a long sleeves gives a dress of refinement and style, and in the cold season it is simply irreplaceable. Despite the popularity of the classic fitting, lace sleeves for the bride's dress, designers also offer many other options, for example, retro dresses with flared long sleeves or a straight cut for casual outfits. A long sleeve is perfect for a wedding dress of almost any cut, but on mini-dresses it is especially appropriate, besides the fact that it gives elegance, the sleeve will help complete the image and do not look bride too openly.

Color scheme of lace short wedding dress

Despite the fact that the most popular are white wedding dresses, recently girls are increasingly choosing other shades for their wedding attire. Designers around the world are trying to satisfy the wishes of brides and create many wedding dresses in non-standard color solutions. In addition, white does not fit all, and in this case, a colored wedding dress becomes the most advantageous option for the bride.

To attract everyone's attention, to look unusual, but at the same time to preserve some tribute to the traditions will help outfits of soft pastel shades. A gently pink, blue or champagne dress will allow the wearer to look bright and interesting, without going beyond the standard image. It is quite another matter when the choice of the bride falls on bright bold color decisions in wedding dresses. Choosing this dress, you need an excellent sense of style and excellent taste. The situation is complicated if the dress for a solemn day is short. Most often, these outfits are chosen for thematic weddings, and such a choice is inherent in bright and stylish girls who want to always be in the spotlight.

White lace short wedding dress

Undoubted and indisputable classics is still a snow-white wedding outfit, embodying the purity and innocence of the bride. And the frame of the finest lace is most laconically and gently looks exactly in white design. Such a dress, no doubt, will be the main decoration of any bride, and the short length of the dress will accentuate the beauty of the figure and add ease.

Wedding dresses short lace

Their advantages:

  • Ideally look at young, slender brides;
  • The dress can also be used after the celebration;
  • Always remain at the peak of fashion;
  • Well combined with even the most daring accessories;
  • To this dress, almost any headgear is suitable: hat, crown, veil;
  • Provides the bridegroom with a wider choice of wedding clothes than the traditional classical costume.

Correctly selected short lace dress will add any bride of refinement and chic, and comfort and style will make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the celebration.

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