Scraper conveyor: general description and advantages

The scraper chain conveyor is a continuous device that is designed to deliver small bulk materials in large quantities at short distances. The simplicity of design, high efficiency and ease of maintenance of this vehicle make it very popular and indispensable in many industries.

Scope of application

Such units are usually used for careful transportation of bulk cargo at a distance of up to 75 meters. In this case, different angles of inclination are allowed. Their scope is quite extensive. At the enterprises of the mining sector, with the help of such a device, the fossil is delivered to the outside. The scraper conveyor for grain is an indispensable device on elevators and in granaries, because it essentially simplifies the process of transferring materials from the rolling stock to bunkers and back. Quite often, such units are found even in the engineering industry, where they are widely used for unloading and loading of loose elements.

The device and the principle of operation

The scraper conveyor device is quite simple. In itself, it represents a box of rectangular shape, inside of which a chain with scrapers moves in a closed circle (the cargo is transported from the place of loading to the point of unloading). It should be noted that regardless of the type of vehicle and its scope of use provides for the use of metal boxes of a closed type. The drive is usually mounted on an independent frame. Mandatory is the presence in the design of guides, the purpose of which is to level excessive tension in the chain and counteract its sagging.

The basic principle of the operation of such a device, as a scraper conveyor, is based on the continuous drawing of the product and is associated with the creation of traction through a flexible chain. When the motor rotates, the tape draws special plates or buckets, clinging to the teeth of the asterisk. Loading of the product takes place through bins, the location of which during the operation the user can choose independently. With regard to unloading, it is provided with a permanently open hole located in the drive section.

Design Features

The larger the length of the chain that the scraper conveyor is equipped with, the higher its productivity. Such devices are made of stainless, carbon or galvanized steel. They can be equipped with one or two traction belts. In addition, open or closed gutters can be used in these vehicles. In the first case, the product is loaded at any place along the length of the conveyor. The second variant excludes the possibility of occurrence of placers of the cargo and its weathering. As for the type of scrapers and chain, it depends on the load for a certain period of time. Depending on the functional purpose and features of the work, the vehicle can be equipped with different types of motors, reducers and other auxiliary equipment.

Engine, chains and scrapers

The scraper conveyor can be driven by different motor variants. Here everything depends on the width and length of the tape, as well as on the required performance. As a rule, such devices use engines whose power is in the range from 1.5 to 45 kW.

A distinctive feature of this type of conveyors is that the pulling force here is created by one or two ribbons with scrapers. There are several types of their construction - lamellar, forked forged and round-link chain. All of them are capable of withstanding a tensile test, reaching a mark of 90 tons.

As for the scrapers, they are made of steel. Depending on the scope of further use of the device, they are covered with overlays of polymer materials or heat resistant wear-resistant metal.


As already noted above, the scraper conveyor can be widely used in various industries, where the production process is associated with the need to constantly move various bulk materials in large volumes. Compared with other types of vehicles, they have several important advantages. First of all, in this case, one should remember about high productivity, because such a device (depending on the modification) is capable of moving a small distance up to 300 tons of cargo per hour. The next advantage of the unit is the reliability of its design. If the requirements of the operation manual and proper maintenance are met, it will last a very long time. The vehicle is ready to function smoothly, regardless of the temperature and humidity of the environment, as well as the terrain where it is mounted. About any significant drawbacks of this kind of devices can not be said.

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