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Russian telephones: review of manufacturers

Modern Russian phones have suffered many difficulties on their way to the domestic consumer. And these difficulties were associated not only with the rejection of consumers who preferred to purchase smartphones from leading manufacturers. Often, domestic manufacturers offered their customers obsolete, uncompetitive solutions. But now the situation has changed in many respects.

Modern market of digital technology

It so happened that every nation has its own peculiarities. For example, the Germans are famous for the high quality of their cars, and Japan, China and Korea traditionally produce up to 90% of all electronic devices. Indeed, if you carefully study the market of digital technology, then the vast majority of the companies represented will come from the East. More than 70% of all equipment is produced in China. At the same time, some users are mistrustful of Eastern manufacturers and choose equipment from the US and European countries. However, Russian citizens can now not seek out a really high-quality European brand, but pay attention to the deserving Russian phones and other novelties of digital equipment produced domestically. This fact causes surprise in many people, because who would have thought that Russia would start producing good smartphones and tablets. There are not really many worthy companies, but they exist. It should immediately be noted that the Russian technique is understood as the products of the Russian manufacturer, but not of Russian production. In the modern world it is much more expedient to locate production in the countries of the east with cheaper labor.

Highscreen - the leader among the digital manufacturers of digital equipment

To start, perhaps, it follows from the company Highscreen as the most successful. The company started operations in 2009 and currently belongs to "Vobis Computer". Initially, the company ordered equipment from Chinese manufacturers, changed the design and interface and sold under its own brand. Such a Russian phone was distinguished by a decent quality of assembly and execution and low price.

Of the models of recent years should be noted Highscreen Boost 2. The peculiarity of this smartphone is that from one charge this device can work up to two weeks. The kit includes two batteries for 6000 mAh and 3000 mAh. The line of smartphones Zera and the flagship Highscreen Thor also deserve attention.


Another respectable domestic company in the digital technology market is Explay. The company was founded in 2005 and at first was engaged exclusively in selling music players and navigation equipment. Since 2009, Explay has entered the top five best phone providers on the budget market. New Russian phones from this manufacturer include many models with two SIM cards. Of the novelties is to say a few words about the smartphone Explay Fresh, which has very good technical characteristics for the device of its class. Four-core processor, 5-inch IPS display, two sim cards, Android 4.2 shell with installed on top of Yandex.Shell.


About the brand Texet heard many, but not all know that it represents Russian phones. Cell phones of this brand have different diagonal screens, the ruler includes even a smartphone for 4 sim cards. Also, the lineup includes protected smartphones designed specifically for builders, athletes, hunters, and military.

Texet company can be called Russian only relatively, as the brand products are manufactured by another Chinese company. The company's office is located in St. Petersburg, founded in 2004. In addition to inexpensive mobile phones, it offers its customers portable radios, e-books, navigators and tablet computers.

Yota Devices - the pride of the domestic digital equipment market

And you can not say a few words about a company like Yota Devices - a truly domestic manufacturer that created a completely unique Russian mobile phone. This relatively young company was founded in 2011 and became famous for the production of technological LTE equipment.

The first YotaPhone was introduced in late 2014. It was the first of its kind Russian phone Yota With two displays. The first display has a conventional 4.3-inch matrix. And the second monitor is made using Eink technology, which is used in electronic books. The remaining characteristics of the smartphone were at the level of early 2013. But already at the start of sales the manufacturer asked for the device about 20 thousand rubles. The smartphone was not as popular as the manufacturers planned. Let us dwell on this interesting model in more detail.

Review YotaPhone

Officially, the innovative Russian phone with two screens was presented at the CES, held in Las Vegas, where it became the best mobile device. This model has no analogues. A gadget with a unique idea was introduced to buyers in late 2013. What are the advantages of a smartphone with two displays? If you use the E-ink monitor to view service messages, the battery is used more economically. Such a display is convenient for reading, reduces the burden on the eyes, it is perfectly readable in the sun. In addition, the smartphone has a productive chipset, although somewhat outdated, supports 4G networks, is the owner of 32 GB of internal memory and a camera at 13 megapixels.

According to its characteristics, this phone of Russian production turned out to be very interesting. Its only drawback is the lack of Full HD, which is very striking.


If you compare YotaPhone with any of the modern fragments, it will be clearly noticeable how much smaller its monitor is. And directly the case of the smartphone is difficult to call small. A large frame around the screen, the thickness is decent. It should be noted that the device looks more interesting from the rear than from the front. And here the whole feature of the device opens - the curved Eink display.

Against the backdrop of the flagships, Yota stands out with the thickness of the hull, which is almost 1 cm. The unique Russian mobile phone is not too heavy, but because of its wide enough frame and large sides it seems very large. Now, world manufacturers of digital technology are trying to minimize the empty space around the screen, so that the smartphone looks less cumbersome, but in Yota this is not. The sides of the phone are covered with soft-touch plastic, the screens are covered with Gorilla Glass, the assembly is done at a very high level. Keep such a device in your hand is very nice, but because of the large thickness and angular shape is not too convenient.

Above the display is a camera, a speaker and a set of sensors. The volume button is on the left side, and the power button is not quite comfortable - on the top.

E-ink screen

A new phone of Russian production from Yota with an additional E-Ink display has no analogues in the market. Often, we do not release the smartphone from our hands, checking news, notifications and messages. At the same time, the monitor's backlighting requires a lot of energy, which negatively affects the battery life. In the Yota phone, the necessary events will be displayed on both monitors, with EInk running independently of the main display, and its low power consumption allows for greater autonomy. Important messages when using the additional screen will not be left without attention, and the performance of the device will be much better.

Events that reach the additional display are user-configurable. You can specify a list of topics from which contacts to display messages. There are settings for all occasions, but do not forget the privacy of the information, because the display is always working. In addition to various messages and notifications, he can show the weather. You can also choose background wallpaper and widgets. While the programs are not too many, but with time the list of available applications will expand.

If you hold your fingers down on the monitor, the secondary display will display information from the main monitor. In the calendar, you can create important events and receive notifications. And, of course, this screen is perfect for reading. The additional monitor will not be blinded to the sun, which even the most sophisticated smartphones can not boast of.

Primary Monitor

It should be said about the main monitor. Its resolution is only 780 * 1280 pixels, excellent viewing angles, the glass has no air gap. The maximum brightness is 550 cd / m2. In this indicator, Yota stands on a par with the iPhone 5. The contrast ratio is also very good and reaches 745: 1. Another advantage of this device - an excellent anti-reflective coating, which suppresses parasitic reflections.

Testing YotaPhone

These are the external characteristics of modern Russian phones. Cellular from Yota differ originality and do not have world analogues. Let's consider an internal component of a device. The smartphone processor runs at a frequency of 1.7 GHz, has two cores and 2 GB of RAM. In tests, this unit shows itself with an excellent side.

There is no memory card, but it is unlikely to be required with 32 GB of internal memory. The speaker is very good, but the headphones have a small volume margin.

Russian phone Yota 2

The second generation of phones from Yota is presented in Barcelona in 2014. And if the first model can be considered a sample of the pen, the second generation is distinguished by excellent design, advanced features and greater capabilities for an additional monitor. The Russian phone Yota 2 received awards at two exhibitions - MWC and CES.

Yota 2 features an attractive design and excellent ergonomics, the model looks original and modern. The case resembles a smartphone series Nexus 5-th generation.

He is not fat and heavy, as was his predecessor. The front panel has a Super Amoled of five inches with a resolution of 1080 * 1920. The second display is curved with a screen resolution of 460 * 960 pixels and a diagonal of 4.7.

Final rating of YotaPhone

The path of the phone from Yota was long and long. The idea of a second monitor, duplicating the main one with a view to reducing energy costs, is certainly excellent. And if the first model had too many flaws, then Yota 2 turned out to be much more convenient and thoughtful. However, the original development is very expensive, so the range of potential consumers will be clearly narrower. On the side of YotaPhone, the originality of the idea, which became its symbol.

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