Push-up jeans: a seductive novelty for figure correction in a women's wardrobe

If you have long dreamed of jeans that can tighten the buttocks, draw in the belly, give slenderness to the silhouette, then the model with the push-up effect will become the embodiment of your dream. This, at first glance, the basic detail of the wardrobe has not exhausted itself and is able to surprise with new solutions. Jeans push-up will suit everyone who wants to emphasize the femininity of the figure and the attractiveness of the curves. Impression of roundness and tightness is achieved through silicone inserts, as well as pockets with anatomical structure and strategic location of the seams. Female jeans of large sizes with details of push-up look not less attractive and tempting.

Components of the effect

For several years this innovative solution has been used not only for making clothes, but also for the cut of jeans. For the first time, the push-up effect was demonstrated by the Portuguese brand Salsa jeans. Since that time it has become a real fashion trend that has not been going on for several years. What is the secret of such popular models of this clothing?

Push-up jeans have several criteria that distinguish them from the others. These include:

  1. Silicone inserts that give the missing volume. They are strategically located in the buttock zone, lifting them and creating the desired roundness.
  2. Inserts of dense fabric. Special cut with additional areas of dense tissue, raising the buttocks, it is difficult to overestimate. Inserts perform the function of bones and are similar to those used in bras.
  3. Anatomic structure of pockets. With their help, the roundness of the buttocks is emphasized and an additional roundness zone is created. Pockets are located slightly obliquely, but do not lose their practicality.
  4. Heart-shaped suture along the lumbar line. He additionally emphasizes the femininity of the curves, creating seductive roundness over the buttocks, visually drawing the desired shape.

Push-up jeans can have all of the above factors or some of them. In general, the ideal shape will resemble a bodice for the buttocks, lifting and creating volume in the desired area.


The choice is dictated by the color and cut of the jeans. The trend has been on the market for a long time. And you can consider different color solutions of many brands presented in stores. In the cut, the most popular are the narrowed-fitting "skinny" models. Two main areas - jeans for the city and for training. However, it is possible to find models of direct cut for more free and relaxed images.

Another aspect is the location of the waist. You can choose a variety of solutions. Underestimated, inflated, average waist height, as well as corset drapery will allow you to try on the style to your taste. Experiment also with the colors and width of the belts. Women's jeans larger sizes will look feminine with the effect of push-up and an overstated waist. It will create a visual silhouette "hourglass".


For the past few seasons, push-up jeans have become quite widespread. Leading brands and brands presented a number of their models in the modern market. The trailblazer was Salsa jeans. Then they were joined by OVS and Freddy (Italy), Levi's, Benetton, Mango, Uniqlo, and so on.

How to wear jeans push-up?

As in the case of a bra, some skills and skill will be required. Wearing jeans is not a problem, the main thing is to properly position the buttocks, so that there are no zones, drawn by seams and inserts. Corrective wide tapes at the bottom of the hips should form a beautiful and regular heart shape, creating the desired shape and volume. Women's jeans with a high fit will further emphasize the waist area, pulling the extra centimeters.

As with any detail of clothing, there are pros and cons and in this case. First, of course, much more. Jeans with push-up effect will become real saviors for girls without lush forms. They will visually create them, give them self-confidence. Buttocks, hips and legs in these jeans look perfect. It is only necessary to correctly place the accents in the silhouette with the help of complementary details of clothing. One of the disadvantages is the ease with which you get seductive forms. It can create the illusion that there is no longer any need to go in for sports and regularly visit the gym. Do not forget about it.

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