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Powdered rice: description and reviews

The actual trend in the sphere of makeup is the use of natural cosmetics. Most modern women prefer skin care products that do not contain preservatives, dyes and other chemical constituents. Some even do their own makeup at home. Of course, women who prefer natural face care products will be interested in our article - it will deal with such a means as rice powder. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such cosmetics, share feedback from consumers, and also disclose the secret of its manufacture at home.

The history of powder from rice

The history of rice powder has more than one century. Even in ancient times, Eastern women appreciated the useful properties of rice. Crushed grains soaked in water were used to heal scratches and treat dry skin. In Japan, India, Pakistan, such a tool was used to whiten the face. Such an ancient recipe has come down to our days - modern women continue to use various cosmetics based on these grains, in particular, rice powder is gaining popularity. To date, such a tool is considered a professional product, which is used by world cosmetologists and make-up artists. What is the secret of such popularity of rice powder? First of all, in the unique composition of such a cosmetic product.


No powder, even the most expensive, created using chemicals, is not able to replicate the unique composition of the rice-based remedy. So, first of all we should note that natural cosmetics does not contain gluten, which often becomes a source of development of the local inflammatory process. Thus, rice powder is safe for use to people prone to allergic reactions.

In addition, the composition of the remedy includes a wide range of vitamins and microelements. Particularly noteworthy are such substances useful for the preservation of skin health, like vitamins of group B and E. They promote moistening, normalization of oxygen exchange, increase in the elasticity of integuments.


In the people such cosmetic means, as powder of rice, name a miracle-mask. This name was given for a reason - after using this product, the skin of the face is pulled up, moistened, acquires a radiant tone. That's why this tool is so popular with professionals. After all, literally in just a few minutes it is possible to level the surface of the skin, to make it dull and to give a beautiful color to the face. This effect is achieved due to the unique composition of rice powder. In particular, thiamin (B1) and panthenolic acid (B5) prevent premature aging of the face, smooth out fine wrinkles. Folic acid (B9) helps to manage with inflamed skin, acne and allergic rash, dry skin.

Also in the composition are vitamins H and PP. In turn, biotin (H) activates the regeneration of tissue cells, and niacin (PP) improves color.

Rice powder contains a complex of minerals. So, zinc, which is part of such natural cosmetics, eliminates acne; Selenium is an antioxidant; Silicon heals microcracks, scratches, eliminates foci of the inflammatory process on the skin.

Thus, rice powder for the face is not only a means that can be used to create a quality make-up, but also effective natural cosmetics that protect and revitalize the skin.


This product has undeniable advantages in comparison with analogues, which include non-natural components. Of course, it is difficult to overestimate the healing properties of such a product as rice powder. In particular, such cosmetics can moisturize, protect and vitaminize. In addition, natural powder is a universal cosmetic product: it can be used both for oily, combination, and for dry and sensitive skin. A miracle mask will eliminate foci of inflammation and peeling, help to overcome rashes, cleanse dirt and sebaceous deposits, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and protect against negative external factors.

Thus, rice powder can be used not only as a cosmetic, but also as a therapeutic skin care product. To do this, it is recommended to apply a miracle mask at night.

Rice friable powder can be used as a base for make-up or finishing means for fixing the tonal basis. In any case, such cosmetics will help to cope with the unevenness of the skin surface, will give matte and monotone. Thanks to the use of rice powder, the facial skin will look well-groomed and healthy.


We have already told you about the advantages of such natural cosmetics. But does the rice powder have disadvantages ? Customer feedback indicates that such exist. For example, women note the inconvenience of using this tool - powder crumbles and rolls down. The high cost of the product also applies to the drawbacks of such cosmetics. In addition, despite the absence of gluten in the composition of rice powder, if there is improper storage or use, skin rashes may appear.

Also note that such a cosmetic product is used more often to create professional make-up for photo shoots, video shoots or podium shows, because with the help of rice powder the effect of "silicone" and "pearl" face is achieved. Therefore, this remedy is not intended for daily make-up.

Natural powder from rice is not capable to hide the expressed lacks of a skin in the form of an acne, rashes, scratches, but will help to accelerate process of healing, will degrease problem sites.

Tips for use

Professionals recommend applying rice powder to a face moistened with a lotion or tonic. In this case, the agent will not roll down and lie on the skin in an even layer.

In addition, we note that the rice powder is suitable for oily, combination and problem skin. Also there will be a find such a cosmetic for those who wish to lighten the complexion a little.

Rice powder can be used as a moisturizing mask. To do this, it is necessary to apply such a tool evenly with a cosmetic brush at night. In the morning, it is necessary to clean the face with micellar water and fix the result with a moisturizing cream.

Apply rice powder should be as neat as possible (as it crumbles) with a medium-sized brush.


Factory rice powder is recommended to store in a place protected from sun rays with low humidity of air. The product made at home should be placed in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid (you can use a jar from under the cream, well washed and dried). Keep natural powder can not more than 6 months.


The domestic market offers consumers a small selection of rice powder brands. So, on the shelves of professional cosmetics shops you can find such brands as Polverederiso, Sweetscents, Polvere di riso, Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java. But rice powder Paese is very popular among our consumers. First of all, the demand for this product is due to the fact that it can be easily found in stores. In addition, this powder is much cheaper compared to other brands listed, while maintaining a decent quality.


Rice powder is not a cheap treat. That's why such a product is more often chosen by professional cosmetologists, rather than ordinary consumers. So, the means of mark Polverederiso costs about 1500 rubles, powder from "Bourgeois" will cost in 2000-2300 rubles. Even more will have to be spent if you order rice powder from European stores. In the Asian market, such products are much cheaper. But if you calculate the additional costs for the international delivery of the order and currency exchange, then such a purchase will be extremely unprofitable.

A little cheaper than other brands provided in the domestic market, there is a rice powder "Paes" - will cost such cosmetics in 800-1000 rubles.

Making rice powder at home

Read about the merits of natural powder, and a desire to purchase this product? But they visited the store, and it became clear that such cosmetics simply could not afford? We will tell you how to make rice powder yourself. You should start with choosing a quality rice, for example, you can choose the following varieties: Italian "Arborio", "Spanish" or Egyptian "Camolino", and "Jasmine" or "Basmati". Then proceed directly to the manufacture of powder:

  1. Rice (200 g) should be thoroughly rinsed in cold water.
  2. The glass container (1 liter) should be washed with soda and sterilized.
  3. Pour rice into a container and pour cold boiled water.
  4. Put the jar in a cool dark place for a week. At least once a day you need to change the water in a container with rice - otherwise the composition can ferment.
  5. After 7 days, the rice will become soft, it will be easy to rub your fingers. Now you need to knead it with a mortar. The resulting gruel should be filled with a glass of water. Once the liquid is white, it should be drained into a saucepan. This procedure should be repeated several times, until there is no rice gruel.
  6. "Rice" water in a saucepan should be left for several hours to settle the precipitate.
  7. Having prepared a napkin or a fine gauze, carefully, trying not to shake, you should merge the resulting liquid. The sediment that remains on the fabric - this is the natural powder. It remains only to dry it in natural conditions, avoiding direct sunlight and moisture. Depending on the external conditions, rice powder, made by hand, will be ready in a few days.

Customer Reviews

As already mentioned, rice powder is called a miracle mask. Consumers note that such a cosmetic product perfectly mats and smooths the surface of the skin. In addition, many women claim that such a natural powder does not clog pores, but, on the contrary, purifies and nourishes the skin with a whole complex of useful substances.

Reviews of rice powder Paese

The most popular among consumers is rice powder Paese. The testimonies indicate the worthy quality of this product at an affordable price. Such advantages of this powder are noted, such as light silky structure, absence of the expressed smell, ability qualitatively matirujut a skin for long time. In addition, consumers note that such a tool does not slip and does not spread throughout the day. But the shortcomings of the powder "Paes" are also noted, in particular, consumers point to uncomfortable, uneconomical packaging, as well as a small selection of shades.

Reviews of rice powder "Bourgeois"

Powder based on rice from the "Bourgeois" also holds a leading position in the cosmetics market. Consumers appreciated the high quality of this product. But the cost of such powder does not always allow buyers to make their choice in favor of this brand. And to buy rice powder "Bourgeois" in domestic stores is almost impossible - you need to order in European stores, which carries additional costs.

Thus, consumers' opinions about natural powder are ambiguous. So, some do not like the high cost of such cosmetics, others find it difficult to choose the right shade (such a product is suitable most often for owners of light skin), many do not even see a big difference between ordinary and rice powder.

Rice powder is a natural cosmetic that can be used not only as a component of makeup, but also as a skin care product. In order to evaluate such a product, it is important to choose it correctly and use it. Not everyone can use natural powder from rice - it is important to assess objectively the skin condition and own skills of mastering the art of applying make-up. In non-professional hands, the acquisition of such cosmetics can be a waste of money. Before buying, you can consult a beautician and make-up artist about the advisability of using rice powder for a particular type of skin, as well as receive advice from experts on the practical use of this cosmetics.

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