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Oils for leather: types, benefits, reviews. The best oils for skin care

The cosmetics market provides women with a huge selection of skin care products for the face and whole body. Often they are costly and inefficient. If you compare the compositions of many of these tools, you can find that manufacturers as the main components indicate different oils for the skin.

Oils are natural sources of vitamins A and E, as well as fatty acids, which are not enough in the usual diet. Ancient women knew about the miraculous properties of essential oils and intensively used them to maintain a beautiful and healthy appearance. So why not return to the original sources of beauty now?

Special care for the skin of the face

Natural oils for the skin - the basis of modern cosmetology. They are able to moisturize, nourish and protect the delicate female body. They can be used to care for both skin and hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. The intensity of use is also not limited - oils are added to daily care, make masks from them, apply instead of creams and washing foams. Strangely enough, with the help of this product you can even take off your makeup.

The most significant advantage in favor of natural remedies is that they are practically not comedogenic. That is, do not expect further care, except for rinsing with warm water. Oils are similar in composition to skin fat, which distinguishes them from artificial cosmetics. They quickly restore the oxygen balance of the skin and thereby contribute to its better hydration and recovery of elasticity. At the age of 25, you can actively start using oils to keep the skin youth longer.

Jojoba oil: the price and way of using it

Jojoba oil actually has a liquid wax structure. But this does not mean that it clogs the already tired pores. The finished product is obtained from nuts simmondsya with the help of cold pressing. This means is suitable for most girls, because only in very rare cases causes an allergic reaction. It is quickly absorbed and restores the hydrobalance in the upper layers of the skin.

Proteins in this oil are close in structure to collagen. Restores water balance, perfectly cleanses, restores skin elasticity - all this jojoba oil. The price for 10 ml of this product is on the average 1000-2000 rubles. This bottle is enough for several months of use, because for conservative care it is enough to 10 drops.

Tea tree oil

Essential oils for the skin are also beautiful antiseptics. Tea tree oil will easily dry the problematic and inflamed skin areas, as well as reduce the appearance of acne. It is also ideal for girls with oily skin. No need to worry that the tea tree oil will add a greasy shine to the face. This is a common stereotype. In fact, in point application it is effective for any skin type.

It is important to know that when ingested tea tree oil is poisonous. It can only be used externally. For this purpose it can be used as an antifungal and bactericidal agent. If you are cut or burned, for example, it is enough to apply this oil on the affected area to reduce the inflammation and to heal the wound as soon as possible. According to the reviews of cosmetologists, this oil is hypoallergenic, it will not cause skin and mucous membrane irritations even in pure form.

Application of the argan product

What is the benefit of argan oil for the skin? The miraculous properties of this substance manifest themselves in the care of hair. It is extracted from the argan tree fruit, which grows on the territory of Morocco, and is even less common in other southern countries. Almost instant effect will ensure the use of pure oil instead of cosmetic products containing, in addition, a lot of silicones and other harmful substances. This is the most nutritious means, therefore it should be used in the minimum amount. Apply it to clean hair immediately after washing, so you can prevent the appearance of split ends.

Essential oils for the skin of argan fruits are used to combat dry skin and its premature aging. This oil contains a huge amount of vitamin E, which nourishes, moisturizes and heals the skin. It can be applied even on the nails and the area around them to strengthen them and moisten the cuticle. Customers note that this oil is quite expensive. Therefore, the desire to save can lead to the purchase of a diluted counterfeit. From its application, one should not expect the desired result.

Coconut oil

One of the most popular beauty oils is coconut oil. Consumers claim that it is ideal as an oil for moisturizing the skin. Coconut oil can be used for morning cleansing, instead of a hair conditioner and nourishing cream. It is better to try it in small amounts and gradually increase the dose, depending on the skin reaction.

As a rule, a refined product is used for cosmetic purposes. But it is not forbidden to use pure coconut oil obtained as a result of cold pressing. It is a thick liquid of dense white color. Despite the density, it is absolutely non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types.

Peach oil: price and benefit

We all know such a juicy fruit, like a peach. Peach oil is also used in the form of applications for imperfect skin areas. The price for it is more affordable than for rare specimens. Only 50 rubles can be purchased 50 ml of natural remedy for skin elasticity. Even with peach oil make moisturizing masks, and you can try adding a few drops to the usual care compositions immediately before use. Use it and as a safe remedy to remove makeup.

Women argue that this product simply saves in the cold season, when the lips are particularly sensitive to frost and winds and react to the influence of the environment by cracks and peeling. Lightly rub the peach oil on the lips before going out, then no bad weather will not affect your attractive appearance.

Olive oil

Surprisingly, but the fact: useful oils for the skin use and during cooking. These include the oil of the fruit of the olive tree. It contains a huge amount of natural antioxidants, which helps maintain a healthy skin. Olive oil should be used as a base for a cleansing scrub and for everyday washing. It cope with the moistening of even the driest skin without clogging the pores.

Olive oil contains vitamins of almost all vital groups - A, E, B, K and D. It is applied externally for facial and body skin, as well as for hair health. Still this product can help to cope with deep pollution of a face skin and removal of a waterproof make-up. When applying oil to the skin around the eyes, you can even do without flushing - until this morning, this area will be full of useful micronutrients.

Oily and porous skin: recipes based on oils

Girls with a fatty type of epidermis should carefully select oils for the skin. In some, they can cause irritation, redness, or even a burn. Therefore it is especially important to observe the balance of base and essential oils as a means of escape. For cleaning oily skin, you can try a mask of steamed oat flakes with the addition of bergamot oil and a few drops of freshly squeezed grapefruit.

Experts recommend using fennel, melissa, juniper and citrus oils for acne on the fatty skin type. A couple of drops add to cosmetic products several times a week, and the pores will be cleaned of harmful contaminants.

If the girl with oily skin suffers also expansion of pores then it is necessary to pay attention to soothing agents. Perfectly suitable oils are chamomile, mint, eucalyptus or lemon. The vitamins contained in them block inflammation and narrow the pores.

Dry skin care

The best oils for the skin, which need to soften and moisturize, should be in the medicine cabinet of every girl. Optimum options for these purposes set - oil of lavender, geranium, jojoba, patchouli and damask rose. Any of these products is quickly absorbed, leaving no oily traces, thanks to its satin structure. Before using the make-up cosmetics, you can add to it a few drops of any oil to choose from to moisten the skin and make it more elastic. For example, 10 ml of cream is enough 3 drops of Damascus rose oil.

Owners of dry skin experts advise occasionally to make steam baths for the face, adding in them a few drops of sandalwood or rosewood. With this procedure, the pores expand, which will provide the fastest effect. The healing properties of essential oils will let you know about yourself right after the procedure.

As a facial skin care, many girls who want to prolong their natural beauty and youth as long as possible apply mud masks with the addition of ethereal constituents. When mixing curative mud with chamomile broth and a teaspoon of oil, you should get a creamy mass. It should be evenly distributed over the skin of the face and neck, except for the area around the eyes. After drying the mask, wash it off with warm running water.

Combined skin type

There are also universal oils for skin care. They can be used as girls with combined, and with any other type of skin. As a cleanser it is recommended to make a mask based on honey. On 1 teaspoon it is necessary on 1 drop of a lavender and jasmin oil. It is necessary to mix carefully the mass and apply on the face, tapping with your fingertips. After 5 minutes, you can remove the residue with a cotton pad moistened with warm water. To soften after the procedure, you can apply an ordinary baby cream.

The effect of a night cream will intensify several times if you add 2 drops of sandalwood and orange oils to it. It is better to apply this recipe to 22 hours. Surplus cream should be soaked with a dry napkin. In the morning you will see a well-groomed and velvety skin in the mirror.

Anti-Aging Prescription

Women of Balzac age are all the more necessary for oils for the skin. At home, they can be used to prepare an effective anti-aging cream. In a glass container, mix 20 ml of cocoa butter and 10 ml of grape seed oil and beeswax. The mass must be heated in a water bath. In the resulting liquid cream, you need to add mineral water without gas and whisk with a mixer for 10 minutes. Cool and add 10 grams of hazelnut oil and 5 grams of evening primrose. This recipe for natural beauty will help to maintain your health and impeccable appearance for a long time.

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