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Polishing of granite. Features of the polishing process

Granite is a fairly strong material. This involves difficulties in processing it. In order to process a natural stone if necessary, certain skills will be required. Also you will have to prepare a special tool.

Polishing granite, like the stone itself, is quite expensive. However, after considering the advice of specialists, you can do the work yourself. You can also process marble, although this material is slightly softer than granite.

Features of grinding

The grinding and polishing of granite is considered a rather complicated procedure. This is due to the high hardness of the material. On the scale of Mohs granite, this figure can reach 7 points. At the same time, marble is much softer. This figure is only about 3 points.

In the process of grinding a small amount of the top layer is removed. For this purpose, a diamond disk is best suited, which is mounted on a Bulgarian or stationary machine. For a single use, the usual household type of cutting tool is suitable. Professional varieties are quite expensive. Therefore, it is not advisable to use them for such purposes. Such equipment is acquired by professionals.

Sanding and polishing of granite is carried out with the help of special cups, which differ in size, granularity and quality. For granite, small varieties with a diameter of 125 to 150 mm are suitable.

Process Features

Polishing granite, marble requires the implementation of a number of recommendations. If you want to process a large slab, you need a tool of sufficient power. If a Bulgarian is used, its engine must be at least 1200 W. The process is performed without adjusting the speed. The tool works at full power.

Experts recommend not to press on the machine. Her own weight is enough to perform work qualitatively. A lot of dust will be released during the surface treatment. Therefore, all actions are performed in glasses and a respirator.

Sequence of work

Using a Bulgarian or granite polishing machine, it is necessary to adhere to the safety rules. The work is done according to a certain scheme. If the slabs of granite are laid on the base, first of all it is necessary to clean the seams of the material. They are degreased, and then shpaklyuyut two-component glue.

After carrying out these manipulations, it is necessary to level the surface. It is polished, eliminating rough scratches, chips. Then follows the actual polishing. It will give saturation to the color of the stone, creating a monolithic effect of the surface.

To give a bright gloss finish polishing is done with pastes. The final stage is impregnation. Protective impregnations are applied to the surface, preventing the absorption of liquids into the stone structure. These are the main stages of the work that the master performs in the process of working with natural stone.

Features of polishing

Polishing granite is a more delicate procedure, in comparison with grinding. For these purposes, a small Bulgarian is used. It should have a function of speed control. When processing marble and granite, identical nozzles are used. They are called flexible diamond disks. In the people these attachments were dubbed "turtles".

Start polishing starts from the nozzle 50. Next in turn, the surface is processed by all the disks (100, 200, 400, etc.).

For granite, several nozzles are required. Marble processing ends on a disk with a grain size of 800. But granite does not even start to shine when using this tool. It requires "turtles" with parameters of 1500 and 3000. For perfect shine, a nozzle type Buff is needed.

After using such attachments, the granite becomes like a mirror. Some masters recommend finishing the treatment when using a felt wheel and a special paste. The speed of the Bulgarian when polishing granite should be no more than 2.

The more time a master has, the better it is possible to polish the surface of a natural stone. Therefore, at home, you can achieve better results if desired, than with factory processing.

Having considered what granite polishing is, and also the technology of its implementation, you can make all the actions yourself. The result will be good even for a non-professional.

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