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Plum sauce for the winter: recipes for the best options

The sauce, prepared from plums, pleases with its original combination of sweetish, sour and sharp tastes. It fits many dishes and perfectly complements them. You probably want to learn how to make plum sauce, if you try it though Would be times. Besides taste, it has one more advantage - it is easy to store such a product for the winter. It is stored for a long time, without losing its taste qualities.

Classic plum sauce for the winter

Take three kilos of plums, one and a half kilograms of granulated sugar, half a liter of wine vinegar, four tablespoons of salt, fifteen cloves, thirty grams of ginger, and a tablespoon of ground pepper. First prepare the plums. Wash thoroughly and remove bones. Stir the sugar and vinegar and boil. In the resulting marinade put the plums, cook for about half an hour, then add salt, grated fresh ginger, pepper, cloves and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a minimum and cook for another forty-five minutes. Your delicious plum sauce for winter is almost ready. It remains only to let it cool and grind everything in the blender. Pour the sauce over the jars, tighten the lids tightly and put them away for storage. It will remain fresh throughout the year.

Plum sauce for the winter: spicy

For this preparation you need three kilograms of ripe plums, a large head of garlic, five tablespoons of sugar, half a tablespoon of salt, along a bunch of fresh dill greens, coriander, parsley. The plum must be carefully cleaned and rinsed. Let drain water and remove stones from each fruit. Peel the garlic head, rinse the greens and dry. Pass them through a meat grinder or blender along with plums. Ready plum mass pour into an enamel bowl and send to the stove. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Boil to the desired density. This will take about forty minutes. Then add sugar and salt, cook for another quarter of an hour. If you want to stock up your plum sauce for the winter, prepare sterilized jars and caps for them. Ready to snack on cans, roll and leave to cool under the blanket. On Storage them is best to clean in a cool place.

Plum sauce for the winter: with basil

Five kilograms of plums will require a large bunch of basil, a glass of water, five cloves of garlic, four pods of hot pepper, two tablespoons of coriander, sugar and salt. Peel and put into a deep plum pan. Add half a glass of sugar and put on a small fire. Tomite before boiling the sink, having salted to taste. Finely chop the basil, peel the garlic and pepper, chop the coriander in a mortar or coffee grinder. Add everything to the hot plum mass and chop the blender. That's all, you cook plum sauce for the winter. The recipe recommends immediately expanding it over sterilized glass jars and closing with lids. For storage, remove the sauce in the refrigerator. If you want a more pungent taste, replace the coriander with grated fresh ginger. Such a plum sauce will perfectly complement the sweet and sour taste of the second dishes of beef or pork meat.

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