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Perfume "Molecule": how to distinguish a fake from the original

Opening a unique series of fragrances "Molecule" has become sensational. Since the release of the brand has managed to win fans around the world. Today, many lovers of high-quality perfumes, seek to replenish the unique fragrance of their collection of perfumes. Due to the popularity of the fragrance, counterfeit products appeared on the perfume market. Connoisseurs of original fragrances fear that they can buy a "fake" instead of the original. So, what is the uniqueness of the perfume? First, the aroma is absolutely odorless. However, the absence of a certain aroma of odor, does not mean that you have a rough fake in your hands.

How to distinguish the spirits of the Molecule from a fake, and not fall for deceptive tricks? The uniqueness of the fragrance lies in the fact that the perfume is revealed after half an hour after getting on the human skin. Spirits need time to recognize the individual smell of the skin. As a result, the owner of the perfume receives the fragrance corresponding to the temperament and style of life. Even if a single bottle is used by several people at once, each will eventually receive its own individual perfume. Proceeding from this, the price policy is being built, the original flavor will not be cheap. Expensive perfumes have always been very popular. But, unfortunately, this does not protect lovers of expensive perfumes, to acquire goods of unknown origin even in elite stores.

Fake aroma can not have too low a cost - this is the first thing that should alert you. Secondly, in order to distinguish a fake from the original, you must have an idea of how the original perfume should look. Only in this way, one can get an idea of what is suspicious when buying perfumes in the future. It is not superfluous to study the packaging of perfume. First of all, thoroughly examine the appearance of the paper and cellophane packaging. Usually the most crude fakes are expressed in the substitution of one of the letters in the title. All inscriptions and barcode must be clear, and not vague.

The figures on the bottom of the bottle and the triangle should be cast from glass (this marking is applied by the laser, the factory manufacturer). In general, as to the inscriptions on the vial, they must keep tight. If the letters or numbers are erased when you touch the nail, beware - this is a fake! Another important point: the bottle should be made of transparent glass with a securely fixed spray. Considering the bottle, pay attention to the neck, it should be higher than on ordinary bottles. In any case, if you have any doubts, it's better to be safe and carefully check everything again.

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