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Penalty for lost passport is a fair penalty for negligence

The most important document for every citizen is a passport. And it does not matter in what country a person lives. Passport is necessary to him throughout his life. It is issued to boys and girls after reaching the age of sixteen. By this document, the state recognizes a citizen in a person and gives him additional opportunities and freedoms. For example, only having a passport, you can get an official job, get a loan from a bank or vote in elections. The state has developed even a special provision, according to which every citizen must carefully keep his passport, and in case of loss or theft, report this fact to any department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.

For improper treatment of such documents, a citizen is brought to administrative responsibility. This may be a simple warning or a very real "punishment by the ruble". The fine for the loss of the passport is small, it averages between 100 and 300 rubles. The amount is relatively small, but it is necessary to pay it in order to have the opportunity to issue a new passport. In addition to paying a fine for the loss of a passport, you will have to write an application for the issuance of a new document. This will take some time. Usually passes from 10 days to 2 months. It all depends on whether the citizen applied for help at the place of residence or not.

But there are cases when the loss of the passport occurred not through the fault of the owner of the document. He could have been kidnapped. In this case, there is no guilt of the citizen himself, and he does not have to pay a fine for losing his passport. This is sometimes used by people who lost their passports, but do not want to be held responsible. Often the very fact of theft is hard to confirm and the state is forced to believe a citizen on the floor. Such an act is not entirely honest, but it allows you to save money and not pay a penalty for losing your passport.

To minimize the consequences of such a situation, a citizen must immediately contact the appropriate authorities, reporting theft or loss. This is done so that the passport can not be used with criminal intentions. In addition, all the time that will be the procedure for the renewal of documents, a person is forced to officially reside on the territory of the country without a passport. And this is also a kind of violation and for him the penalty in the form of one more penalty will necessarily follow. Consequently, the faster the victim turns for help, the less expenses he will incur. If you immediately apply to law enforcement agencies, you will not have to pay an additional fine. At the request of a citizen, the FMS authorities will issue him with a temporary identity card. The final decision on what penalty for the loss of the passport should be paid, is the body that decides whether to impose such a penalty.

If you put together all the available information, you can calculate how much the penalty for losing the passport will cost the ordinary Russian citizen. This can cost, at a minimum, 800 rubles. Of these, 300 rubles will be fine, and 500 rubles - state duty for the design of a new passport form. If you apply to the appropriate service with a noticeable delay, you can expect an additional fine of up to 2500 rubles for violation of the passport regime. In this case, the proceedings and explanations will bring even more trouble. That this does not happen, you need to do everything on time and in accordance with the law.

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