Opel Zafira Tourer - a good car for a large family

Recently, seven-seat cars have become very popular. They are great for a large family, and if necessary, the extreme row of seats can be folded and thus increase the trunk. Almost all automobile concerns in the line of produced cars have seven-seat compacts.

Opel created such a car at the end of the last century, and the current Zafira Tourer is the third generation of the car. This time the changes were not so significant, but, nevertheless, the car began to look both more impressive and aggressive. The unusual shape of the front headlights attracts the eye. They were pulled out, wings on, and lowered down, which, together with the radiator grille, gives the car a rather unusual look. The tail lights also changed, and their shape seems to wink at those who are left behind.

But the form manufacturers did not limit themselves and put in the headlights adaptive xenon optics, which is able to respond to road conditions. Externally, the car does not look great, rather, on the contrary, the front pillars go back, smoothing the lines, and Zafira Tourer resembles a high-speed train.

The interior of the car was made with the expectation that passengers would be no less comfortable than the driver. On materials it was decided not to save, and the interior trim is very pleasant to the touch. Moreover, since the car involves long trips, for the convenience of passengers, you can remove the middle seat in the second row and expand the side chairs, push them back. The second row is made in such a way that each of the three seats can be adjusted independently of the neighboring one. All seats are equipped with an electric drive Flex Space 7. If you remove two seats in the third row, then the volume of the boot will be 710 liters. And if you need a very large trunk, you need to fold the second row, and then at your service will be 1860 liters of useful space.

But also about the driver Zafira Turer also did not forget. At its disposal is a convenient steering wheel with the ability to control cruise control and radio tape recorder. And, of course, the famous "astral eye" - a system for tracking traffic situations and controlling the signs and markings. Opel eye will warn the driver if he left the row or an obstacle appeared in front. Another detail Opel Zafira Tourer - a large windshield, which seems to continue on the roof, passing into the hatch and thereby increasing the space.

The manufacturer presented a car with two engines, allowing an eternal dispute between the fans of gasoline and diesel. At the official dealer you can choose Zafira Turer with a two-liter diesel and eco-friendly gasoline engine. Fuel consumption when driving through the city on the most powerful diesel engine with 160 horses with an automatic transmission will be only 8 liters. Up to a hundred it will reach in 10 seconds. The cost of this car will be slightly less than 1 150 thousand rubles. The simplest equipment will cost about 800 thousand rubles. And it will be a 1.8-liter gasoline engine. Capacity of 115 hp On the mechanic.

So, when choosing a seven-seater family car, pay attention to Zafira Tourer. Reviews of it as a whole are positive, and among the pluses, the owners celebrate a panoramic roof and reasonable cruise control.

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