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Notorious Notch, or What is the name of the creator of "Meincraft"

Now there are many computer games, and produce millions more, aimed at different target audiences. But among all this abundance there is always a phenomenal project that manages to attract the attention of the whole world. One of them was "Maynkraft" - a sandbox game, made in retro style 8 Bit, in which the player gets control of the character and without further instructions should be released from all unforeseen situations, which are so rich in the virtual world. Here you can build, extract resources, fight with mobs, grow crops, keep cattle, fish - in a word, do absolutely everything to stay alive and enjoy the process. Naturally, behind each project is someone who realized it. Incredibly, but initially it was developed by actually one person. Let's find out the name of the creator of "Meincraft" and what kind of person is this?

God of Peace "Maynkraft"

Many gamers jokingly compare the developer of "Meincraft" with the creator of the world, as he did all the same, but only in the electronic version. At first, almost no one knew the name of the creator of the "Meincraft" - everyone knew only the fact of the existence of some mysterious person hiding behind the brief and capacious nickname Notch. He himself did not hurry to reveal himself to all users and, most likely, even enjoyed this note of mystery. However, with the growth of the popularity of his own creation, Notch had no choice but to become a public figure. It was then that the gaming community learned that behind the person Notch lies a very real person, the Swedish programmer Marcus Persson. Now you know the name of the creator of "Meincraft", it's time to find out about this person and what he achieved.

Programmer since childhood

You can guess that the developer of such a magnificent and inimitable game should be gifted. So it is - Marcus from early childhood was fond of programming, at the age of eight he wrote his first text game. In those days, almost no one heard of graphic toys, so this was an incredible achievement. Now that everyone has learned the name of the creator of "Meincraft", his biography on the Internet is constantly replenished, as more and more interesting facts appear. From the very beginning, it was known that at about twenty-five years, Notch settled himself as a developer in a gaming company, and since then he has accumulated quite a lot of interesting and intriguing projects. But, needless to say, it was the "Meincraft" that became crowned for Marcus. The name of the creator of "Meincraft" will now forever be imprinted in the memory of all gamers, it will be remembered for a very long time.

How was created "Minecraft"

It is impossible to argue that Marcus Persson reached the peak of his fame thanks to this world-famous sandbox. The creator of "Meincraft", probably, did not even suspect that his offspring would become so popular. The game is truly revolutionary, it actually opened a new genre, in which so far no one has managed to reach such heights. But after all, only Notch himself worked on this project. Then he connected a few more people, which as a result affected the quality of the game. But the project achieved the greatest success when Notch founded his own gaming company, which is now engaged in its development.

The development of "Meincraft"

Now the main developer of "Maincraft" is Jens Bergensten, who is briefly called Jeb. Names with Notch and Jeb are associated "Maincraft" in the first place. It is important to understand that this project is not complete and it will probably never be so - developers always find ways to improve the game, make it more interesting, impressive, attractive. After all, the original idea is rather primitive - extract resources, build and craft, survive. But with the addition of various secondary chips the game gained new colors and became doubly exciting. Now gamers are available editor, or, as it is called, the creator of skins for "Meincraft", where you can download additional items, add new mobs and animals. In general, "Maynkraft" has become more vivid and colorful, and it's unlikely to stop at the owners of the project.

The Mysteriousness of Notch

Even considering the fact that Jeb is now the lead developer, Notch remains the main one. More importantly, he remains the creator of the Meincraft, the one who invented this world and put it into practice. With him are still related various mysterious stories, and he himself constantly pours oil on the fire, leaving ambiguous and intriguing messages. Therefore, we can assume that Notch is unlikely to ever be forgotten - the gaming community honors the talented developer who created one of the greatest computer games of our time. Or maybe he can repeat his success or even surpass it?

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