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Monasteries for women. Uspensky nunnery. The Tikhvin Convent

At a difficult moment, we always turn to God, ask him for deliverance from trouble, for recovery, for peace of mind. Despite numerous persecutions against the Orthodox Church, every year it revives and rises to its feet more confidently. Crowds of parishioners go to the doors of the churches during the great Orthodox holidays, try to keep fasting and other important days and dates. When we come to the temple, we not only pray for ourselves, but also for all those who are present at the moment in the service. The requests of people are amplified a hundredfold, which means that prayers become stronger. In monasteries, brothers and sisters pray for us day and night, asking God for mercy. Today we will talk about some holy monasteries that have become famous not only for the whole of Russia, but also for the world.

Women's monasteries of Russia

As early as the 11th century, right after Rus received the Baptism of the Lord and became the Holy One, the corners of faith and worship began everywhere. Monasteries often played the role of a fortress that was able to defend against the pressure of invaders, which was especially true in the Middle Ages. The location of the buildings on the territory was standard: in the center of the temple, around - the cells of nuns or monks. There were monasteries for women and men. About the first we will talk today.

Uspensky nunnery

The holy monastery owes its appearance to John the Terrible. The Tsar in 1564 stopped at the Aleksandrovskaya Sloboda of the Vladimir Region. From his entourage he founded the monastic brotherhood and recreated the monastic way of life. During the next 17 years, the king not only lived on the territory, but also ruled from there by the country. The monastery suffered a lot, and during the reign of the great tsar, Alexei Mikhailovich, the monastery became a woman's. By 1727 there were about 400 sisters. At the Uspensky nunnery there were: a school, a house for pilgrims, a clinic, a workshop for needlewomen.

New life

Since the middle of the 19th century, many female monasteries have gradually recovered. So the Assumption monastery was revived: the cathedral was restored for the Life-Giving Trinity, the church-bell tower, the cells of the nuns of the royal blood and other buildings. The pride of the monastery is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which from the 16th century is the central part of the monastery.

The Tikhvin Convent

The emergence of the female holy monastery was associated with a real miracle. Once a small city in the territory of the modern Chuvash republic, Tsivilsk, several weeks reflected the attack of the fighters of the legendary Stenka Razin. The reserves of the city were exhausted, the inhabitants lost faith in the opportunity to defend their native land. On the night when the decision was made to retreat, the dean of the resident of Iulania Vasilieva appeared in a dream of the Mother of God and said that the city would not be given to the robbers, and the residents in honor of this event should build the monastery on their own. The holy image accurately indicated the place where it was necessary to lay it. The prophecy came true, and happy and free citizens in 1675 erected a church in honor of the icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, and later a man's monastery. In 1870 he was transformed into a woman, and from that moment he got a second wind.

And to this day

Thanks to the efforts of the abbesses, sisters, numerous pilgrims and simply not indifferent Orthodox, today the monastery lives its own special life. In 2001 he was visited by Alexy II, His Holiness Patriarch of All Russia. By that time a significant number of buildings had been restored and brought to the proper view. The cultural figures of Russia, the government of the Republic of Chuvashia in every way emphasize the importance of the Tikhvin Women's Monastery and develop it. The stream of pilgrims does not run out into the holy place, in part due to which the life of nuns is maintained.

Another nunnery

The Trinity convent is another story. The birthday of the holy monastery of the Penza region can safely be considered October 15, 1692. On this landmark day, His Holiness Patriarch Cyrus Andrian gave a blessing to the construction. The land was collected under the holy monastery "by the whole world": several plots were bought up, which later became a site for the monastery. Despite the extremely uncomfortable location and proximity of the swampy terrain, the holy monastery became famous throughout Russia.

Peripetias of the Holy Monastery

Many experienced a convent. Photos to this day have preserved what happened to him for many years. This and the decree of Great Catherine II on the return of land in favor of the state, and numerous fires, after which it was increasingly difficult and more difficult to restore the wooden monastery buildings. The rebellion of Emelian Pugachev reflected on the history of the monastery: the nuns who met the robbers were subsequently deprived of their immunity.

In spite of everything, by the efforts of the abbots and sisters in 1780, the holy monastery was rebuilt almost entirely from stone and brick. Management has always paid attention not only to the monastery, but also to the inhabitants of their native land. The first in the city on the territory of the monastery opened a school for girls who have remained orphans, children from low-income families. The townspeople were happy to buy products sold in a seamstress workshop, because the sisters were very careful in their work. Linen, embroidery in gold, silk, handmade lace were famous not only in Penza, but also throughout Russia.

How to visit the holy place

Everyone can visit the monasteries of women and men, because such a trip will benefit both the soul and the body. Random travelers were always warmly welcomed in the holy abode, they were given a night's lodging and uncomplicated food. Nowadays, some Orthodox people visit monasteries, live there for a while, pray and work on a par with novices. Before coming you need to get permission from the abbess, to visit the interview, to prove good intentions and intentions. In addition to documents and change clothes, you need to have repentance, meekness, and obedience. It is necessary to follow the advice and example of the sisters of the monastery in all, to carry out all instructions and instructions. This type of tourism is not very common nowadays, but pilgrimage trips to monasteries, female or male, will be the best impetus to the revival and salvation of the soul. There is nothing better than to move away from worldly worries and plunge into another world where faith, hope, and love rule.

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