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Microblueing eyebrows - what is it?

What makes a person expressive and can radically change it? That's right, it's about the eyebrows. Their shape and thickness can significantly change the facial expression, make it attractive, kind or evil, sad or joyful. But fuzzy or not well-groomed eyebrows can spoil the impression even from the most beautiful eyes or right nose. There are many ways to emphasize or change natural lines. For example, microblooding eyebrows. What is this technology and to whom does it fit?

A worthy alternative to tattooing

A few years ago, incredible spread and popularity got tattoo, or permanent make-up. It is a technology of applying a pigment dye under the skin, an alternative to full-fledged tattoos. However, for tattooing special needles and machines are used, thanks to which the paint was applied to the depth optimal for the skin of the face. There was such a long-term make-up for several years, after which it could be done again. However, tattooing had some drawbacks. This is primarily a long period of healing, painful procedure. Not so long ago, many salons began to offer their clients microblading brows. What is this procedure? It received its name from the English Microblading - "micro-disease". Indeed, we are talking about the most microscopic technologies. The paint is applied under the skin with very thin needles by hand. The master draws each hair or performs light feathering, having the ability to control their movements throughout the process. Due to this detailed execution, it is almost impossible to notice microblasting. Eyebrows look natural even from a distance of two steps.

Preparation for the procedure

Before correction, the master usually asks to grow natural eyebrows, for this it is enough for two weeks not to pluck your eyebrows and do not use any means to remove excess hairs. Microblueing eyebrows in St. Petersburg and other major cities offer many beauty salons. In advance, make an appointment at the institution you like and get preliminary advice from a specialist. The procedure begins with the application of an anesthetic, most often in the form of a gel. At this time, you can choose the right shape, its master draws with a cosmetic pencil, taking into account the wishes of the client. After that, the desired color is selected, and the pigment is injected under the skin with the help of the thinnest single-use needle. The time of the procedure from 40 minutes to 2 hours, it all depends on the chosen technique (hair or shade) and the area of painting.

Recommendations for care during the healing period

The speed of healing - this is what distinguishes the new technology from classic tattooing. Immediately after the procedure, a slight swelling of the treated area is possible, but the next day it passes without a trace. If you decide to make microblooding of eyebrows, healing will pass almost imperceptibly. You can not roughly raskvyrivat and scratch your skin, in the early days on it is formed almost unnoticeable film, which then itself will fall away. Refuse to visit the sauna, bath, solarium until complete healing. It is also recommended to avoid serious physical exertion and bathing in open water and swimming pools. You can help restore skin faster by treating eyebrows with "Bepanten" ointment or one of its analogues. Be sure to consult a beautician and choose the best option for caring for the injured area.

When is it time for correction if you have made eyebrow microblading? What is this - a mandatory procedure?

The vast majority of women who decided to improve their eyebrows in the most modern way, make correction after the main session. Approximately 30-50 days after the procedure, you can evaluate the result and slightly correct it to achieve a more natural effect. Usually, even when recording, the master warns that if you choose eyebrow microblading , correction is most likely needed. However, you do not need to be afraid of it. The adjustment usually takes no more than 20 minutes and is not at all expensive. How much does microblasting last? The pigment dims, and then it is completely eliminated after 11-18 months. The term is individual and depends on the chosen dye and features of the client's skin. It is important to understand, before choosing microblooding of eyebrows, that this is a gentle procedure with a short-lived effect. If you like the result, you need to do it at least once a year to maintain it constantly.

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