Little and evil "Porsche Cayman"

The latest "Porsche Cayman" model of the 2013 model can be called the standard sports car from the point of view of both the idea and the final performance. In another way, it simply could not be, because the car was created by a team of professionals according to the latest canons in the field of sports cars. Designers in the process of work received complete freedom of action, so they used inconvenient sometimes, but optimal solutions in the car. The concept of the novelty has not changed at all. At the same time, engineers were able to significantly upgrade and improve each node.

"Porsche Cayman" in 2013 has a rear-wheel drive, because it allows the driver to more clearly monitor its behavior. The engine is located in the central part of the body: between the rear wheels and the front seats. It plays the role of center of mass, so the car easily fits even in the sharp turns. The motor represents the opposite "six", the volume of which is 3.4 liters. Such a power unit is capable of developing a capacity of 325 horsepower. To accelerate to "hundred" from the place takes only 4.7 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is more than 280 km / h. As for the transmission, it uses a robotic box with two clutches, consisting of seven gears. The high efficiency of the new "Porsche Cayman" is also provided through a variety of electronic systems. Among them, we can mention the system of fuel economy and the "smart suspension".

The body of the car, in comparison with its predecessor, has become more technological. For him, the designers used a combination of steel with increased strength. As for the hinged panels, they are made of aluminum, this makes the construction more light. Most of the aggregates, assemblies and other elements on the new Porsche Cayman are fastened by welding, rather than threading, which simplifies and reduces the cost of repair or replacement. The novelty has three modes of motion: "sport", "sport plus" and "standard". Each of them fully meets the expectations, because the car behaves well not only at high speeds, but also in a quiet city cycle. Thus, despite the fact that the model is positioned as a sports car, it can be used even as a family car.

In the interior, the new "Porsche Cayman" is very similar to the 911 model. Similar finishing materials are used here, as well as the similar arrangement of elements and buttons. The chairs are very soft and comfortable. In the front and rear of the car there are two trunks, the volume of which is quite enough for shopping. Strange as it may sound, but the model has two not very significant, but still a flaw in terms of ergonomics. The first is the left-side location of the ignition key, and the second is finding the shift keys directly on the steering wheel. However, if you want, you can order a version with standard petals under the steering wheel.

Whatever it was, "Porsche Cayman" is a machine designed for true connoisseurs of sports cars. Despite the fact that the novelty has become more efficient and quick, it retained its original qualities. It is possible that in time this car will become the same legend, which in its time became "Porsche-911".

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