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Learning foreign languages at Lingualeo - reviews

So, today we have to get acquainted with the educational service called Lingualeo. Reviews about it are increasingly left by users of the Network. After all, this resource posits itself as teaching foreign languages. Many dream to quickly learn English, German, French and even Japanese! And now it can be done, moreover, without additional training with a tutor, only with the help of the Internet and a certain service! It's a dream, not a training! But is it really all right? Can I trust Lingualeo? German, French, English and many other languages are taught using the Internet? In this we have to figure out. It is possible that we have a really worthy project that will help to cope with the task.

A game for learning

Let's start with the principles of training. However strange it may sound, foreign languages are best understood and learned when the process is in the form of a game. This is the technique used on Lingualeo. That is, this service offers us training, as they say, playfully. Just what so many need.

While working with the service you will be waiting for a friendly and colorful interface, as well as the main character - the lion cub Leo. He will become your teacher, who will accompany the training all the time. Honestly, some assure that the interface and the principle of action of Lingualeo (English, German and other languages now learn no problem) is more suitable for children. Only here knowledge is given far from being childish. And this, of course, pleases.


Further a little about the process itself. It's no secret that in foreign languages, as elsewhere, there are different levels of complexity. First we start to get the base, which after complicates and grows into more serious moments. And on Lingualeo, reviews about which you can find almost everywhere and everywhere, a similar system is also used.

That is, there are different levels of complexity of tasks. The more knowledge you have, the more demanding you will be to the service. A normal phenomenon, just what you need for comfortable learning. For this Lingualeo reviews gets only positive. Now the virtual assistant in the form of a cute lion cub, and not a terrible and strict teacher, will guide you to the true path.

This approach, of course, is very useful in training. There is nothing difficult or special to understand the process. They completed a simple task - they got access to the average, and then to the complex one. The system will quickly help you learn foreign languages in a game form!


Enthusiasm for users also causes a range of offered languages for training. Here you can, as many assure, to implement almost any idea about their language skills. Now you do not need to search for a particular tutor - just select the option in the service settings that suits you.

Different languages are available in Lingualeo. And to everyone and everyone. There are no restrictions. Want to learn English? No problem. German? You are welcome! Japanese or Korean? Also no problems! Simply select the desired direction, and then proceed to the process.

This approach, of course, only pleases. As already mentioned, if you want, you can study any foreign language without worrying about finding a suitable tutor. Now you have it, and it's permanent and universal. All you need is Internet access. With this feature, as a rule, there are no problems. Thus, so far Lingualeo only pleases.

Free cheese

But is it really all right? Does the project allow everyone and everyone without any problems to learn a foreign language? Yes, that's what the service providers promise. But in practice we get a slightly different picture.

Which one? Lingualeo is an initially free service. More precisely, it does not conditionally require you to pay. That is, you can use his services without investment. Such a "freebie" embarrasses many - well, who will create a quality project that helps in training (for it even in real life they take money), and do not demand anything in return? It is doubtful, is not it?

In fact, Lingualeo reviews receive positive reviews mainly from their visitors, but often they emphasize that to fully and tightly use all the services will have to pay. Not too much, but payment is required. For most features, only a premium account is suitable. And it's worth the investment. Nobody deceives you - you can read about everything in the license agreement. You do not need to be surprised.


In order to fully use all the opportunities of our current resource, you will have to acquire a "Golden" status. This is the so-called premium, which gives access to full-time education. No restrictions, no difficulties!

The premium fee is not too high. In any case, so say the administrators, and some users. On average, the fee will be about 690 rubles. And while you can literally in a few months to learn any foreign language. At least that's what they promise.

But invest in Lingualeo some do not advise. Why? There were different cases that made you think about the honesty of the project. Therefore, think carefully before buying the "Golden" status. In some cases you can receive it free of charge, participating in promotions. They need to be monitored, and the competition will be huge.


Now a little about what users are facing. Yes, as we have already found out, with Lingualeo it is possible to work both free of charge and with payment. And so the service does not receive the most enthusiastic opinions from its visitors. Nevertheless, it still works, and regularly and stably.

But what is the audience facing? If you did not activate Lingualeo (a speech about the "Gold" status), then you will tolerate constant restrictions. You can not use most of the project's features. So, the study of foreign languages for you or will be incomplete, or cease altogether. Have to pay.

Just for paying Lingualeo reviews gets not the best. Many notice that recently more and more often it happens: you buy a premium, but you do not give it. That is money to the wind. And without an account, you stay, and without training, and without your own investment.

About the work of technical support is not even worth talking about. Here, according to many users, there are bots. They automatically and formally respond to your requests, to communicate with the real employee of the service is difficult. So if you have any problems, they will be solved only after a long period of time. Or in general will be left without attention. This does not suit many.

Balm per capita

Nevertheless, on the Internet Lingualeo reviews often earn positive. And this is despite all the negative aspects that are present in the system. In principle, you can understand why this happens.

First, Lingualeo is universal. It is suitable for computers, tablets, and smartphones. Secondly, you can work without investing with it. With certain restrictions (they, of course, force to buy the "Golden" status), but this possibility in itself takes place. Third, the service is really known and is not a scam. So, he can be trusted.

Plus, the delight of the project is for those who get their "Gold" status for free. Such users can try all the possibilities of the system and give an objective assessment. You can learn the language with Lingualeo, but you will have to try!

If necessary

A question that worries many: is it worth it to communicate with the project at all? To be honest, everyone decides for himself. Lingualeo-there is no deception and no scam. This is really a service that will help you in learning foreign languages. With its shortcomings and failures, but it works.

So, at least a free version of it is trustworthy. You can see what the educational process is, and then decide how to proceed. Do not be afraid, Lingualeo is not a divorce for money. If necessary, you have every right to file a complaint against the creators, which will necessarily be considered.

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