Dresses for fat women at the celebration: the best styles

To date, women's clothing stores are full of all kinds of dresses for every occasion of life. But picking up dresses for fat women for a celebration is not such an easy task. Below are the main criteria for choosing the right image, considered the most successful styles and prints for ladies with magnificent shapes.

The basic rules when buying a dress for girls with outstanding sizes

  1. It is necessary to accurately assess the parameters of your figure. Even if a girl could squeeze into a smaller dress than usual, then still it is not worth buying. Pick up clothes should be exactly the size! Otherwise, the beauty of magnificent forms will turn into continuous flaws.
  2. Be sure to focus on the style. Dresses for the full women for the celebration are represented by different models, but not all of them will look good on the figure, so it is necessary to correctly determine the style of the outfit in order to hide all the shortcomings and emphasize the virtues.

  1. Evening dresses, the sizes of which are classified as "plus", in no case should not be chosen too short, it looks, at least, unaesthetically and vulgarly. Also neatly with a dress to the floor: if the girl is very small, then this style visually even more stretches the figure. A win-win option is just below the knee.
  2. The most successful sleeve length is three quarters. But you can choose others, most importantly, that the edges do not transfer the skin, otherwise an ugly fold is formed.
  3. Coloring can be allowed almost any, the main thing here is that it should fit the exterior, the color of the skin and, of course, do not give extra volume.

Type of female figure "A"

If the girl has narrow shoulders and wide hips, the main task is to balance the top and bottom with a properly selected wardrobe.

Use horizontal drawings and details in the chest area, and vertical - along the thighs. You can use large beads and bright accessories: brooches, capes, veils, and also choose bulky sleeves. It will look great composition - white top, black bottom.

Type of female figure "T"

If a woman - the owner of a lush bust, broad shoulders and relatively narrow thighs, it is worth giving preference to a more modest dark top and, conversely, to a light or bright bottom.

Very harmonious will look skirts, expanded in the lower part of the outfit. This will accentuate the waist and turn the overall silhouette into an "hourglass".

What colors and prints should I choose

Do not buy a very light model. They can be too pretentious to look at a large figure and the entire solemn reception of a lady in such a dress will, at a minimum, confuse the gaze. Excellent colors such as black, deep blue, all shades of brown and honey, gray-green, wine, mocha, malachite, ash-lilac. The main thing is that the color of the dress should match the shade of the face and hair. Dresses for full women for the celebration, selected by all parameters, will not only hide the extra volume, but also present the figure in the best possible way.

Tips stylists say that owners of size plus should avoid bright prints: leopard, zebra, etc. It is better to give preference to the side of a frequent strip and small patterns in the form of flowers and abstractions. And if a woman wears a dress of 56 sizes, then one should definitely exclude from the attire bows, a lot of lace, all kinds of bright and distinctive decoration.

Which wedding dress is best for a full figure

Dress for a solemn occasion, especially such as a wedding is one of the key moments of the whole event. In this situation, the most important thing is not to allow common mistakes such as:

  • An attempt to hide the fullness of the hands with the help of long sleeves. Many brides specially choose their dresses with sleeves - they are sure that they will be able to diminish the arms circumference, but this is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, under the white fabric (especially lace), the volumes visually seem much more impressive than in reality.
  • Use gloves in the wedding image. By the same principle, gloves will create the opposite effect - hands will appear many times thicker. Especially because of them in the hip area an additional and completely unnecessary volume is formed, add another 12-15 kg of excess weight.

The most successful style of the wedding dress is the elegant A-silhouette. It is worth paying attention to the cutout V-shaped and boat. Looks like a straight line along the entire dress from top to bottom - it will pull out the silhouette, it can be a barely noticeable seam or insert. The fabric is necessarily dense, clear lines of pattern. The color of the dress can be allowed not only white, but also ivory, golden and beige.

Should I put on a veil

A huge number of brides of size plus are convinced that, covering their shoulders, they make their image more elegant and refined, but this is not so. Fat can look immaculately on a big girl, if you choose it wisely. Let it be a narrow straight (to the hem of the dress) veil, without any variegated inclusions. Stylists even recommend hiding it under the hair, in order to certainly eliminate the extra volume.

The most successful styles of dresses for the reception

To begin with, you must objectively evaluate your figure. If there is a tummy, but preference should be given to outfits with decorative details in this area, such as:

  • Basque, which will designate the waist;
  • The smell in the composition with a deep cut will hide all the shortcomings;
  • Drape problem zone or rectangular wide belt.

The following styles will look great:

  • A-line dresses;
  • Rectangular cut, slightly narrowed at the waist and with sleeves three-quarters;
  • Dress-case;
  • Dress in the floor with a flowing skirt;
  • Free cut, but in no case is it a hoodie.

Do not forget about shoes. Many full girls for unexplained reasons prefer shoes without heels and with a round or blunt square nose. But this does not suit them at all! It is better to stop your choice on the shoes-boats. A narrow nose and refined heels look much more beautiful on the leg, giving slenderness and raising the calf muscle.

In addition, you need to know the measure and when selecting jewelry, let it be better to have an elongated neat chain or pearl thread, earrings of elongated shape or small size. It is not recommended to tighten the neck of the necklace or arm with a bracelet, the entire image should be in harmony.

And, of course, the hairstyle - should be avoided unthinkable naches and volume over the shoulders, it will spoil the whole picture, the woman will simply become square. It is desirable to choose an elegant styling, straightened hair or light vertical curls - the most win-win option.

If you adhere to these simple rules, then the choice of dress for full women for the celebration will not be difficult and will be perfect and magnificent, and none of the surrounding will focus on the shortcomings of the figure, but will only see its merits.

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