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Is anguish an emotion or a feeling?

Anguish often tears the souls of many people. A yearning for the homeland, black, green melancholy, love, spring and a huge variety of its most diverse kinds torments people, sometimes persistently. We will try to understand what it is and how to get rid of it.

The meaning of the word "melancholy" according to the dictionary of V. Dal

The word "melancholy" has many meanings, and various states of the soul are associated with it: the constraint of the spirit (from the word "press"), the sadness of pain, the longing of the soul, the anxiety of the soul, boredom, anxiety, fear, grief, sorrow, sadness and feeling, when Just my heart aches.

Anguish is an emotion. Or feeling?

This state sits inside each person, but not for everyone attacks. Usually victims of this are those who are experiencing a certain emotional decline, which is associated with any changes in life and dissatisfaction with the state of things or even by themselves.

This feeling is an emotional state of mind when a bitter regret is felt about what is happening and, in addition, it is still fueled by a sense of insecurity and insolvency. Anguish is an emotion.

A feeling like sadness is sadness. But it should be noted that it does not carry such emotional mood swings. It's just an easy sadness that peacefully neighbors with the acceptance of the changes taking place.

There is a beautiful phrase of Alexander Pushkin on this subject: "I'm sad and easy; My sorrow is light. " The great poet accurately described such an emotional state (feeling).

Sadness and loneliness

Quite closely interconnected are loneliness and longing. This is due to the fact that if a person is deprived of the opportunity to communicate with the closest friend, then willy-nilly begins to overwhelm a terrible feeling of loneliness, uselessness to anyone, bitter regret about the lost opportunity of communication and abandonment.

The so-called green homesickness is also often mixed with a sense of loneliness. In a completely new environment and environment, people often do not find a circle of communication for themselves in connection with the difference of mentality (especially abroad).

What kinds of anguish exist?

Simply put, sadness, bad mood, anxiety in the soul is a longing. In psychology, different types of this state of the soul are distinguished depending on the causes. Below we briefly consider some of the varieties of this state.

Longing for a loved one (love). More often this feeling arises from the cause of unrequited love.

When a person knows and understands that they will never be together with a loved one, he has a terrible grief on his heart. This feeling can degenerate into depression or despair, which is difficult to cure if the person himself does not want to regain the joy of life.

Also, many people suffer pain, oppressive melancholy, disappointment and even despair when a loved one leaves for distant places and for a long time.

Existential anguish. Such longing is a state of a person in the search for the meaning of life. Usually this happens at the time of transition from one age category to another. After all, the old principles of life have become obsolete, and new ones have not yet arisen. Man tries to analyze what he has achieved, what he has managed to do in life. And if dreams diverge from the results or simply there is no sense of satisfaction from all that has been done, there is a crisis accompanied by existential anguish.

Adrenaline melancholy. What's this? If a person is actively engaged in sports, social life, ie, constantly working on themselves, and then was out of work, there is adrenaline grief. In this case, it is necessary to find a new occupation for yourself, but at the same time, it is possible to reduce the bar of requirements.

There is another type of this kind of angst - hangover syndrome. During this period a person has a loss of control over emotions and a certain sense of guilt. As a rule, an alcoholic tries without anybody's help to get rid of depression with the use of another portion of alcohol. So there is drinking.

Longing for the home, at home. Often people have sadness, longing for their home. This is due to the fact that there are no previous friends, that familiar environment. Another way of life, another culture.

This feeling eats away the soul. It killed many talented people who, for various reasons, emigrated from their country. Famous poets, writers, composers, artists, artists abroad lost their talent, gift and inspiration.

Longing for the past (past). This is one of the most common states of the soul. It is very difficult to accept and realize that the past is irrevocable. Sadness, longing for this time and is the cause of the corresponding painful experiences.

Vital melancholy. This state of mind is characterized by depression, apathy, lack of interest in life for almost no reason. In addition, such longing can be accompanied by even pain in the chest and heart. Simply put, in this case it's like a stone on the soul. This is typical of people in deep depression.

Mortal melancholy. This is the most difficult psychological condition. He has thoughts of death or even suicide. This is a rather extreme state of apathy.

Russian longing. It accompanies this feeling, which is a form of depression, sad thoughts about the fate of the people and their homeland, feelings about the approaching bad events.

Winter yearning. Especially in the autumn, when there is little sunlight, the body lacks vitamins, it is difficult for a person to adapt to such changes in the environment. As a result, depression develops. This is called winter depression in another way.

Causes of longing

It is believed that the expression "melancholy green" arose among the landlord landlords. One of the gentlemen, all the time, going out on his porch, saw nothing, except the landscape of green. As a result, he gradually began to yearn for a bright "living" life.

Here are a few reasons for sadness and longing:

  • The decline of spirit after victories and defeats;
  • A person does not know what it takes to go forward - the absence of the meaning of life;
  • Getting into a zone of certain comfort, from which he does not see an exit;
  • The emergence of laziness, boredom, routine, apathy (at least one of these components is enough to provoke a terrible melancholy);
  • The anxiety of the soul (conscience is burdened with something deeply contradictory to its own internal attitudes).

All these reasons are due primarily to the inactivity of mental or physical inactivity. Worse, when both are present.

Ways of getting rid of anguish

  1. It is obligatory to do something (physical work, sport, hobby, intellectual activity).
  2. Strengthen the strength of the spirit (inner core).
  3. Determine the meaning of life. It will be better if there are several goals, because a possible failure in one direction can be compensated by success in another.
  4. Do not let stagnation in the shower. Laziness, boredom, apathy and routine must be swept out.
  5. Find strength to reconcile with yourself. Anyone can make mistakes that have a right to exist. You should never regret about what was done before, and you must try to love yourself.


In any of the above cases, you can return the good mood and joy of life by contacting specialists. But it is important to remember that the results can be more effective at the desire of the person himself to regain that former normal state.

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