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Hunting rifles - the first experience

People choose hunting guns in two versions: generally or for a specific task. Experienced hunters or athletes know what they need, and hardly need advice on choice. Therefore, this article is intended for those who are going to the store for the first time, where hunting guns are sold.

Of course, on the Internet and in other sources of information there are a lot of recommendations on how to choose the right hunting gun. Meanwhile, all such advice is reduced to an attempt to make an ideal choice, which is hardly possible even theoretically. As a result, a person buys a gun, which, as if, meets all the "Internet requirements", but can not get out of it anywhere.

How to make the right choice? First, there are general requirements for weapons, which, so to speak, by themselves are understood - this is a qualitative assembly and the absence of defects. About these requirements a lot and well written, and therefore there is no point here to dwell, they must meet any hunting rifles. The sale of guns is now carried out in special stores, where there is a large selection of new weapons and, accordingly, the risk to purchase a defective product is minimal, and yet everywhere you need to look, everything to shake, personally disassemble and assemble.

Now the main thing. Remember that weapons - a purely personal thing, you can say intimate, and not only in a spiritually-poetic sense. We are all different, we have different arm lengths, different muscle groups are developed, and in general everything is different, but hunting guns are made just the same, and that which suits one hunter can not satisfy the other. If someone thinks that, after throwing a gun a dozen times and checking the match of the butt to the shooter's arm, you can determine whether it fits or not, then he is very mistaken. Almost certainly the first hunting gun will not be ideal, and this must be borne in mind. Do not immediately buy a very expensive or exclusive weapon. The first gun is like the first love, a lot of fuss and little good. On it they learn, and do not hunt, and therefore the trunk should be selected as follows:

- First, the gun should be liked externally, after all, we do not buy a shovel;

- Secondly, best of all, if it is a universal 12-gauge twin-barrel, such a weapon is suitable for almost any kind of hunting, it is easy to learn, it's easy to operate and reliable;

- Thirdly, if you take a gun in your hands, you immediately feel the weight, it should be put back and look for something easier. It must be remembered that it is worn on itself and often for quite some time, besides, it will be necessary to carry far not only weapons. Even on the duck hunt, where there is no need to go anywhere, if the gun does not fit the shooter by weight, then after a dozen vskodok, he can get into the elephant, and even then at point-blank range;

- Fourth, the heel of the butt should fit perfectly on the shoulder, with the index finger on the trigger and the relaxed elbow. And this position should take a gun instantly (offhand) and be natural for the shooter, without further amendments. Here no advice will help, the hunter must choose himself, guided only by personal feelings. Bad "prikladistost" guns can not only lower the accuracy of shooting and bruises on the shoulder, but also to repel the desire to engage in hunting for good. Further, having thrown the gun at a certain point (the conditional goal), you need to close your eyes briefly and, opening them, look where the trunk left. Then move the front leg in the opposite direction to the one where the trunk has moved and repeat the reception. If, as a result of taking the right position of the body, the sight of the attack is accurate and constant-this gun is what you need.

I hope that my advice will be useful, and you can easily buy hunting guns. So my grandfather taught me to shoot, and his lessons were not for me in vain. Break a leg!

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