How to excite a kiss? Cooking a man properly

The prelude to intimacy begins with a kiss. If the girls are more or less clear, their erogenous zones are known, then with men it is somewhat more complicated. In all, 15% of the stronger sex have the "boiling point" coinciding with the female. Nevertheless, there is one simple thing that winds everyone up - this is a kiss. Passionate, deep and persistent. So, how to excite a kiss and prepare for the proximity of both yourself and your partner?

Cooking a man properly

Only 20% of the male population of the earth has an erogenous zone as the neck. Nevertheless, this part can not be discounted at all. Sometimes even those who are not receptive to touching in this place, are strongly wound up if it is properly prepared. That's just before you start a kiss, think about how far you are ready to go and do not give a "reverse" later. If everything is in order, and you are set for intimacy, then start with the lips. Is it corny? Not that word. But it is on the tips of the lips and tongue are the most erogenous male points. How to excite a kiss in this case? You can not sharply attack with fierce perseverance. No, first a soft and gentle touch, then an ever deeper kiss. You yourself will feel excited.

It is proved that one passionate kiss is enough to make the heartbeat become more frequent, and the rush of blood (where necessary) increases. In addition, be prepared for the fact that your initiative will be intercepted, and in the role of the presenter will be a man, not you. Nevertheless, try to continue as far as possible. How to excite a man with kisses after? You can start whispering romantic or even frank things in your ear, just touching it lightly with your lips and tongue. Watch for the reaction. If a man is suspended, then he is not too pleased, and you need to go to another part of the body. To the neck, for example. But all this is purely individual. And if one is pleased, then another may not like it. Experiment with your young man.

And, of course, to know how to excite a kiss, you need to be ready and to oral caresses. Even light touching of the lips in the most intimate place will have more efficiency than in any other places. But you just need to start all the same not from there. This can be regarded as too frank and vulgar action.

The most exciting kiss is the one that happens with mutual passion. It is worth remembering that not every man day and night is ready for intimacy. Many factors influence this: work, fatigue, time of day. Therefore, before you bring a kiss, at least find out whether the man is in a romantic mood. Otherwise, all your attempts will be reduced to zero.

To 100% guarantee to bring the prelude to sex, ask directly about where the partner would like to be kissed. Arrange for him the night of desires, fulfilling all his whims. Nobody will refuse such an offer, despite the fatigue and lack of sleep. Love each other, try something new, and your intimate life will never be boring. You will be pleasantly surprised, discovering new ways for excitement. Never treat this as an experiment. Just be relaxed and in love.

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