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How to delete a page in "Classmates" forever

The site "Odnoklassniki" is rather young, in comparison with other social networks. Users of this resource are people of different generations, including the elder. With his help they find their classmates, relatives, who have left and live far away.

People communicate, correspond, share news, photos and videos. Also on the site you can play games, make new acquaintances. But it takes a long time, the Internet is so addictive that in time people become more and more difficult to communicate in person, they live less real life. When a person feels dependent on a social network, he asks himself how to delete the page in "Classmates" forever.

To start, a person should have access to the account. Delete the page in "Classmates" is not difficult. It should be understood that when you delete a page, all information, photos, video will disappear. Return it Back will be impossible. It disappears completely and irretrievably.

Information on how to delete the page in "Classmates" forever, you can get on the site itself. To date, there are two ways to remove. The first method involves adding a specific address. This operation takes quite a bit of time and requires only a couple of actions, but the deletion of the account does not take place immediately. A deleted page may be displayed for a while before it completely disappears. If you chose this method, you must first enter your profile and enter the requested data. Then add the address in the address bar of the browser. After pressing the "Enter" button you will be warned about the loss of all data. After that, you need to confirm the deletion.

To check if your profile does not really exist, you need to enter your details in the registration window of the "Odnoklassniki" site browser, after which a message will appear that the profile has been deleted by the user.

The second option, how to delete a page in "Classmates" forever, provides for the use of regulations. This is a new way in which the page is deleted immediately.

So, go to the site "Classmates". At the very bottom of the page are listed services, among which you need to find the reference "Regulations". There will be an agreement. To continue further, go to the bottom of the page and select the link "Discard services". Next, you will see a dialog box in which you need to specify why you want to delete the page in "Classmates" forever. Then enter the password and click the delete button. To check after a while, you can try to go to your page. It will be impossible.

So, we have considered the question of how to delete the page in "Classmates" forever. You can say that now you are free from this dependence, which is considered the most difficult, in comparison with others. Free time can be used with benefit for yourself: do your favorite thing, read an interesting book or chat with friends in the real world. Although it all depends on the person, because there are other popular social networks.

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