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How to congratulate newlyweds at a wedding

If you once managed to attend a wedding, you probably noticed that most, and maybe all the gifts to the newlyweds were not very original, and the words of congratulations were some worn-out phrases that had already been heard many times. You do not want to be a gray mass and want to surprise the newlyweds with an unusual greeting, but do not know how to do it? In fact, there are a lot of options for implementing this idea, you just need to include your imagination. If it does not work very well for you, or if you are too lazy to invent something, this article will tell you how to congratulate the newlyweds on the original, so that this is really a memorable gift.

Why you need to come up with a congratulation in advance

Some guests begin to think what to give and what words to say to the newlyweds, just before their wedding. This is not entirely correct. After all, in the end it will be like this: guests quickly come up with what to say, perhaps already at the wedding itself or read a solemn poem from the postcard bought at the first kiosk. Some people can not do this without a hitch. As a result, few people listen to the congratulations, and if they listen, it is difficult for the others to perceive. Of course, newlyweds will be pleased to hear warm words addressed to them, and they will be grateful if you prepare your speech in advance. After all, it happens that only later you realize that you did not say much to the newlyweds, but the moment, as they say, is already lost.

The prepared congratulation is special if it is original and differs from all the others. People listen with a sinking, and this is a fact. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work a little, to spend your precious time to come up with how interesting it is to congratulate the newlyweds.

What should be a wedding greeting?

The solemn congratulations have their own nuances that some guests do not take into account in their speech, as a result, the other invited and newlyweds begin to get bored. To avoid this, you need to know these points. So, what should be the wedding greeting?

First, sincere. Congratulations coming from the heart, it will be more pleasant to hear thousands of times than fake or memorized words. It's better to say what you feel and think than to read yourself something under your nose on a piece of paper. Of course, you can make yourself a cheat sheet, but only on one condition. For example, if the poem had its own composition. If we talk about this before reading it, the guests and the newlyweds immediately joggle their ears.

Secondly, congratulations should not be delayed. It is not enough to congratulate newlyweds at the wedding, it is necessary to take into account the time that will be required for its implementation. Hardly anyone has enough patience to listen to the end of the speech, which lasts for 10 minutes. Brevity and brightness - these are the two main components of a good oral congratulation.

Thirdly, you need to be delicate, choosing words for congratulations. For example, it's definitely not worth mentioning piquant details from the girl's maiden life or the groom's going on different women. Such details will make it feel awkward not only for the newlyweds, but also for their parents, and the holiday will be spoiled.

What gifts can be original

  • Tourist voucher . This is a very good gift, if the newlyweds like to travel and have not yet decided where to spend the honeymoon. That's just to give last-minute tours, which need to just go on vacation, not worth it, especially if you do not know when the groom and the bride planned to leave. Usually, only close relatives can afford to congratulate newlyweds on the wedding day , because this is quite an expensive gift.
  • The car . It certainly will be the most original and pleasant gift, not everyone will fork out for this. If you do not have enough money to buy a car for one, ask one of the guests to join you. Probably everyone dreams of getting a car as a present, so the newlyweds are likely to be unspeakably happy with such a present. You can drive the car straight to the place of celebration, and give the newlyweds only the keys or invite the groom and the bride to go out into the street, where they will see a brand new car tied with a large bow.
  • Money . Denominations never went out of fashion as a gift for this or that event. But if they are simply handed to the perpetrators of the celebration in an envelope or postcard, it will not be original. Below, the article describes ways how to congratulate a newly-married couple on original, if the gift is money.
  • Gift certificates . If you do not want to give money, you can give the bride and groom a certificate for the purchase of something useful: furniture, household appliances or something else. So you will avoid unnecessary gifts, and young people can buy themselves what they really need in their daily life. This method will suit how to congratulate newlyweds, parents, friends, relatives and distant relatives. This is a universal option.
  • Unusual trivia . Such things must necessarily be functional. Newlyweds will hardly need a statuette personifying any god. This, of course, is a very unusual present, but from a practical point of view, he is not at all. At best, the newlyweds will put the statuette on the shelf, at worst - they will forget about it altogether or even send it to the trash can. How can I congratulate the newlyweds, that it would be unusual and practical at the same time? For example, you can present a picture, an expensive vase for fruit in an unusual performance or silverware, on which an engraving with the initials of a new family will be made. It can be anything, just focus on the usefulness of things. For example, it would be inappropriate to give a picture if all the walls of the apartment of the bride and groom are already hung with them.

What gifts will not be original

  • Useless baubles . They have already been mentioned above, there is nothing to add here. Figures and figurines are not a gift for a wedding.
  • Household appliances . This will be an unoriginal gift, as in the case of money, if you just give it to the young. In addition, in household appliances, the groom and the bride may not arrange any characteristics or even the thing itself. At the wedding, there are such cases that several guests are given irons or multivarques. Then how to congratulate the newlyweds? At the wedding it is better to present a gift certificate, so that the bride and groom are satisfied.

Original money gifts

Money, in principle, is given for any holidays, but that's how they will be presented, the originality of the presentation depends on it.

You can take an ordinary brick and bind a few bills to it using a beautiful ribbon, while saying that it is necessary to start the construction of a new family nest.

The money tree will also be a good surprise. The same is true with a money umbrella. Money can be placed in a bag or jar, on which it will be written: "Family Bank".

If you think how cool it is to congratulate a newly-married couple, then you can make an ATM. The basis is taken by a large box, of course, it will have to be decorated to make it look like a real device. The newlyweds will need to receive a card from the ATM, cut out, for example, from cardboard. To "cash" it, the bride and groom will have to pass several tests or answer questions. Money can be issued in installments for each stage passed or at the end of all competitions.

Household appliances as an original gift

As mentioned above, household appliances will become an unusual present, if somehow special to present it. Here you can and must include your imagination. Ideas how to do this, in fact, you can think of as many as you want.

For example, together with a coffee maker, you can give slippers, in which the bride and groom will have to bring each other coffee to bed. Or give the young spouses oranges, from which you need to make freshly squeezed juice, and to make it easier for them to do this, give the juicer. Another good idea is how to congratulate the newlyweds at the wedding: give a vacuum cleaner, and in addition to it a broom and say something like: "If the vacuum cleaner breaks, then you can always use the old version - a broom, it surely will not let you down."

Original congratulations without financial investments

If you for some reason do not have the means to congratulate young people, or you want to make an attachment to a material gift, then there are always ways how to do it without spending money.

As an option - to come up with a sketch, for example, showing the acquaintance of the bride and groom or what they will be in old age. For a basis it is possible to take songs which will reflect, about what ostensibly think present at wedding. For example, after the words: "What the groom dreams about", include the excerpt of the song "If I was a sultan", the bride - "For the four seas, for the four suns", the guests - "If there was a sea of beer", "Hello from a big bodun ". The funnier the selection of songs, the better. If you think how beautifully to congratulate the newlyweds, then under the songs you can dress up in suitable suits.

How to congratulate without speaking in public

If you do not want to or are afraid to speak before a large number of people, then congratulations can be made in the form of a collage or video, which will capture any moments from the life of the newlyweds. Photos can be accompanied by congratulatory words.

You can do it yourself on video, where you will congratulate the bride and groom. A huge plus will be if you do it with humor, in a comic form. For example, it can be done in the style of Serge Gorely. But such a greeting will be more suitable for friends of spouses.

Congratulations in the form of a drawing

If the bride and groom have a sense of humor, then you can play them a little. Buy some cheap dishes, pack in a box and say that you give a very expensive and beautiful service. When you carry it young, as if inadvertently drop it. The dishes will break, tell me that it's for luck and give money to buy a new service.

How else to congratulate the newlyweds? Disassemble two forks of cabbage on the leaves and reassemble, bind them with beautiful ribbons. Hand out to the young and tell them that there are hidden pufs of different sexes. If a female doll is first found, then they will have a girl, if the male is a boy. When the pups are not found in the cabbage, tell the groom and the bride something like: "Such grown-up people, but still believe that children are in cabbage!" Then give the newlyweds a real gift.

As a comic gift you can make certificates or certificates. For example, certificates for the purchase of a wife and husband, a certificate for eating a delicious dinner or driving a stroller. You can write two comic instructions for caring for spouse and wife. Their content, for example, will be as follows: love to the grave, carry on your hands, feed a lot, do not saw, give fur coats and so on.

Congratulations on the meaning

Give the bride and groom two fish and an aquarium. When they launch them there, it will become a symbol of the birth of a new family. A money parasol can be presented with the words: "Let there always be good weather in your house". Candy or a large chupa-chups will symbolize a sweet life, and soap - pure love. It will be great if you make the soap yourself, but inside it hide the money, pre-wrapped in a transparent bag.

How to congratulate using your talents

If you are a talented person, you can use this as a gift. Maybe you draw portraits well, sing well or you can perform oriental dances. A poem of your own composition will also be a wonderful gift.

As you can see, there are many ways how to congratulate the newlyweds with the birth of their family. The main thing is to include imagination, then the holiday will become more vivid and memorable.

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