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Green curtains in the interior of the living room (photo)

Green color in all cultures symbolizes harmony and tranquility. It is often used to decorate the interiors of hospitals, children's institutions and private interiors. The view that the green one visually reduces and darkens the space is erroneous. It's only in choosing the right shades and objects.

Advantages and disadvantages of color

Among the numerous positive properties of green can be identified the following:

  • Color has a wide range of shades, each of which found expression in textiles. A variety of types of fabrics (from organza to plush) allow you to create curtains for any style of interior.
  • Green color has a calming effect, because it associates a person with pleasant things - in summer, young grass, rest. And, depending on the shade, the color can both relax and help focus.

However, this tone has a significant drawback - its excess in the interior can cause despondency, melancholy and phantom chills. That's why green curtains - this is an excellent design solution that will refresh the interior, will give it a special style.

Features of choosing curtains

Curtains (drapes) of green color are suitable for all types of rooms - from the children's bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom. However, when choosing curtains, designers are advised to consider:

  1. For rooms with low ceilings, green curtains of simple models, without lambricks, numerous draperies and large decor (brushes, cords, pendants) are ideal. Accordingly, the higher the ceiling, the more complex the drapes.
  2. The choice of texture depends on the degree of illumination. For rooms on the sunny side, curtains of light or semitransparent fabrics (silk, organza, satin, slit jacquard, etc.) are preferable, and for dusky - dense materials of heavy texture.
  3. The color and ornament of the fabric is the main parameter, which you should pay attention to, placing green curtains in the interior. The smaller the area of the room, the lighter the shade, and for spacious rooms, bright and dark colors, a large figure, are more suitable.

Almost every shade of green has its name (olive, lime, jade, mint, sponge cake, dragon greens, etc.) and purpose. The shade of the fabric of curtains can coincide with any large piece of interior (upholstery of furniture, walls, carpet) or, conversely, focus on yourself with bright color or intricate ornamentation.

Color and ornament curtains in the living room

Not only the area, illumination and ceiling height matter. Owners of interiors quite often neglect these parameters, being guided at a choice of design of windows on style of conditions and type of a premise.

The living room (hall, large room) is, at the same time, a place for family rest and a "showcase" of the apartment, which is shown to the guests. So multi-layered or stylishly decorated green curtains in the interior of the living room can set the tone for the whole setting. When choosing curtains, it is recommended that the color or pattern of the fabric be crossed with similar ones on other furnishings (furniture upholstery, carpet, lamps).

Also it is necessary to avoid a small vegetative pattern on the fabric, which in most cases makes the curtains look untidy. On the contrary, the ornament should be large, precise. It is possible to use a material with a slotted pattern.

The influence of the interior style on the choice of curtains

The style of the living room directly affects the shade of cloth curtains and curtains. For example, for a classical interior, deep saturated colors are suitable - emerald, malachite, dragon greens (dark green), dark mint, aspen. It is important that the fabric does not look cheap, had a good density and texture. The material can be selected gabardine, jacquard, velvet and dense atlas. Green curtains - one of the recognizable details of English (Victorian interior). The material is a rich shade with a large pattern (black, gold, yellow, white) in the form of curls, dropping wide folds. Such curtains can be covered from above with a lambrequin and assembled with picks with large brushes.

In hi-tech, on the contrary, silver hues predominate without indistinct pastels, and therefore curtains in such living rooms can have a shade of first foliage, verdigris, beryl or biscuit green. Minimalism in the living room suggests warm and calm shades - olive, grassy-green, merdua (yellow-green), lime and ocher.

Rustic, country, Provence and cheby-chic styles allow you to use beautiful green curtains of different shades and textures for windows. The main emphasis in this case is not on color, but on ornament and decor. For the curtains, a striped fabric, a large and small cage, peas, with a floral pattern is used. Finish can be lace, embroidery or appliques.

Window decoration in the rustic style is made entirely of natural materials. Green curtains, the photos of which are presented below, combine vegetative motifs, slightly deliberate roughness of finish and simplicity. They can decorate the living rooms both in the country house, and in the city apartment.

Features of decor and ornaments

Just falling down folds of cloth is not enough to decorate the windows in the living room. Often it is necessary to use various decorative elements - podkvaty, lambrequins (with ceilings from 3 m), fringes, beads from the bugle, brushes, festons, lace, shuttlecocks and stuff. If the space and height of the ceiling do not allow the use of the decor, you can stop the choice of curtains with a two-sided design, or composed of several types of fabrics of different colors and textures.

The amount of decorative materials and techniques that can be used to decorate curtains is very large. In many cases, the accessories are made independently of the available materials. Create a unique interior is not difficult.

Cornices and fastenings for curtains

The place of attachment and suspension of curtains should be determined even at the planning stage of the window design. In general, the cornices can be divided into the following types:

  • Hidden - a plastic low trough, which is attached to the ceiling. It can be fully integrated into the ceiling or slightly protruding. In the latter case, a noticeable part is covered with textiles or a decorative bar - baguette.
  • Cornice with lambrequin provides the opportunity to hang it or attach it to a special tape. As a rule, green curtains on such constructions have 3 layers - tulle, the main curtain, lambrequin.
  • Cornice without lambrucken is an open type construction on which the curtains are suspended by means of rings, bands or clamps.

Correctly selected cornice can help to expand the space, in a special way to decorate it and hide the individual shortcomings of the interior or curtains.

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