Finishing of the balcony with siding: step by step instruction

On sale today you can find a great many materials that are suitable for facing. As one of the most popular is siding. It is used for interior and exterior decoration of balconies. Products of this type are usually made on vinyl basis.

Their prevalence is due to high performance characteristics and economic indicators, according to which panels are superior to other materials. If you also decided to use the siding for finishing the balcony, you should become more familiar with the features of the installation.

Siding Features

A step-by-step instruction for finishing a balcony with a siding is not the only thing you should know before starting work. It is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the material. Siding is a fairly sturdy PVC panel with a thickness of approximately 1 mm. Products can be different in width and height. Raw material for this material is prepared from a combination of chemicals such as:

  • Polyvinyl chloride;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • calcium carbonate;
  • Modifiers;
  • butadiene;
  • Dyes;
  • Lubricants.

Features of composition

The first component is the basis and is used in the composition in a volume that is equal to 80%. The color stability and stability of the material itself is provided by titanium dioxide, it is added in a volume of 10%. To fill the structure, calcium carbonate is used, its volume from the total mass is equal to 15%. Resistance to mechanical factors manufacturers can achieve through modifiers. As for butadiene, it is added in volume of 1%.

Which siding is best to choose

If you are finishing the balcony with siding, it is better to prefer the most popular version of this material, which is represented by imitation of natural wood. However, on sale you can find panels that are distinguished by a wide range of colors and textures, this allows you to design surfaces in any style direction.

Among other things, siding is not at all afraid of mechanical damage. At any action, the surface of the lining remains flat. The material is characterized by high specific resistance to heat transfer, so PVC-panels perfectly preserve the microclimate inside the room.

Why choose siding?

The decoration of the balcony siding is carried out today quite often for several reasons. First, this material has high strength. Secondly, it is resistant to ultraviolet light. Thirdly, siding looks pretty attractive.

Consumers choose it also for the reason that it does not swell and does not exfoliate with time. It is easy to look after, it is repairable and elastic. The latter feature allows the material to undergo sharp and high temperature changes. From bad weather, siding is protected very well, in addition, it does not need impregnation with protective equipment.

Preparation of tools

Finishing the balcony with a siding with their own hands is also carried out with thermal insulation. The material can be installed quite easily and quickly. For the work, materials and tools should be prepared:

  • level;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Pliers;
  • Magnetic attachment to the drill;
  • Staples made of wire;
  • Internal and external corners;
  • Beams;
  • Fasteners.

Among other things, you will need a drill, a metal hacksaw and a mounting knife. It should take care of the presence of a fishing line, which is 10 m in length. It is also important to have a metal brush. You will need starting slats, window sills and anchor bolts.

Siding inside

Self-tapping screws and dowels serve as additional fasteners. If you are finishing the balcony siding, then you must prepare the material, the amount of which will depend on the area to be trimmed. Over this volume, you need to purchase an additional 15% of the material that will go to pruning. Work can begin only after glazing the balcony. Before installation, the surface must be prepared. The walls are cleaned and covered with a primer. This will eliminate their possible destruction.

Operating Instructions

Use the level to install the frame using the beams. If the base is not flat enough, then you can fix the situation with the help of additional slats. Between the beams you need to provide a distance of 70 cm. In the role of fasteners are liquid nails or dowels.

You can fasten the strips to the ceiling and the wall. When the balcony is finished siding, it is important in the process of work to constantly monitor the level of construction. Once the frame is ready, it can be treated with an antiseptic compound. At the next stage it is recommended to build communications. Siding panels are installed after this. You need to start from the corner. In the process, you will certainly need a drill and screws, they will be needed to fix the panels. At the final stage, the auxiliary parts should be mounted on the window openings, corners and edges.

Sheathing of the balcony with fiber cement covering from the inside

If you will be finishing the balcony with a siding inside, the photo is recommended to be considered before the beginning of the work. For manipulation, you can use fiber cement siding, which is installed on a wooden crate. Elements can be placed horizontally, for this purpose bars are used, the size of which starts from 50 x 30 mm. The final size will depend on the availability of an intermediate layer of insulation.

Fastening should be carried out by means of screws and dowels which are established on distance equal 800 mm or less. Insulation mats can be used as thermal insulation. Vertical bars are placed on the horizontal crate, which should be located at a point intersecting two connecting elements. The most suitable width of bars for this is a parameter equal to 40 mm.

Finishing of the balcony with fiber cement siding from the inside may imply the use of a perforated profile. It will keep the surface from penetrating insects and rodents. Fixation can be carried out with the help of the starting bar, which should be located along the entire length of the balcony. The perforation area can be equal to 50 cm. The starting strip is a profile whose dimensions are equal to 10 x 30 mm. With this part you can specify the angle of the first board. The minimum overlap of the siding is 3 cm.

Elements should be fastened with self-tapping screws, ribbed nails, installed with a screwdriver. The installation starts from the bottom, it is necessary to move upward at the same time. The initial bar will have a width of 3 cm, while its thickness is 11 cm.

Features of the siding installation outside the balcony

When the balconies are finished, the loggias are siding from the outside, on the lower belt, the first strip should be fixed on one level with the upper edge. To do this, you should use the device, supplemented with a fishing line. For the hooks you need to fix the bar, which hangs outward, where it is strengthened with the help of screws. This will fix all the bars. After attaching the details to the belt, you should take care of the aesthetic design of the lower part. Speaking places are painted, for this purpose it is necessary to use a composition, the color of which is suitable for panels.

The outer corner is strengthened at the next stage, it must be inserted into the structure on the lower belt. For a high-quality fixing on the base of the construction, you need to apply a certain amount of glue. The upper part of this angle is strengthened on the upper belt. Now you can proceed to install the panels. Work begins with the side parts. This will allow you to adapt to driving a drill or a screwdriver.

Screws must be fixed in the center of the hole in the panel. This will ensure a reliable position of the finish after seasonal extensions. When the balcony is finished siding outside, the photo is recommended to be considered. Of these, you will be able to understand that at the final stage, the final bars and trim are installed, which should be on the upper belt. These elements are put on the final panel. To make sure that they are fixed correctly, you will be able to hear a characteristic sound. Once the bar is in place, you need to fix it to the upper belt. On this we can assume that the cladding is over.

Shelling the balcony siding outside

If you want to give the balcony a complete view, then you should install the siding also outside. It will act as facing material and protect the structure from the influence of atmospheric precipitation, providing an additional heat-insulating effect. Finishing of the balcony siding outside should be done before glazing.

The fence is initially prepared. It can be represented by iron bars, which are covered with metal or slate plating. This coating is removed, and the surface can remove rust by using a metal brush. The next stage is applied primer, the surface is covered with paint.

The balcony will need to be cleaned of contamination. If he has a railing and ebb, they must be removed. You can see also in how exactly the guardrail is installed. If there are distortions, then the frame will need to be installed separately. It is important to remember that the balcony is emergency if you notice irregularities. In this case, it should be strengthened. Usually for this purpose channels are used, fixed to the plate.

Recommendations for work

Finishing the balcony siding from the outside involves the installation of a frame-frame on top of the fence. Then along the perimeter in the lower and upper parts you need to install a belt, on which the bars of a square section with a side of 50 mm are fixed. To form a belt, you should use wide beams with a height of 8 cm. To the wall they are strengthened with metal corners, dowels or liquid nails.

Bars with each other are connected by metal corners, it needs to be done in the area of corners. Belt in the lower part is laid along the concrete foundation. If the balcony has a lower level, the fastening of the crate is carried out to this level, and the installation of the lower belt will have to be abandoned.

Using the level, you should check how horizontal the structure is. If the belt does not fit tightly against the fence or the wall, the space is filled with a mounting foam or silicone. Further finishing provides fixing additional parts. In the outer corners, the base for the corner bar should be made. To do this, you need a sill bar, the length of which is 25 cm. At the center of this fragment, you need to make an incision, after which the material is bent by 90 °.

If you have to work with a plastic part, then it can break at the same time. In order to avoid such a nuisance, the material is preheated with a soldering iron, this will keep the bar in the desired position. If in your arsenal of such a tool was not found, then the corner can be made using separate fragments.


If you will be finishing the balcony with siding, the photo is recommended to consider. Some of them you can find in the article. It is important not only to properly install the material, but also to prepare a balcony. To do this, remove the old cladding panels, if any, as well as the railing.

The panel holders must be removed using the angle of the encryption machine. All joints need to be inspected, if there are cracked, then they are filled with mortar. When the outer finish of the balcony is carried out by siding, it is necessary to knock down cement, which is located along the lower edge of the grate. With a metal brush, it will be necessary to remove the rust from the grate.

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