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Entertainment complex "Sonkina Laguna": reviews, services and features

The Chelyabinsk region is not only industry, factories and pipes. It is a unique corner of Russia, which conceals a huge number of natural beauties and man-made wonders. But tourism is very poorly developed, which means that entertainment facilities will also have to be looked for. However, we will not torment the reader and tell about the amazing amusement park called "Sonkina Laguna". Reviews say that this is a real "Disneyland". Let's get acquainted with the object now.

general description

It is positioned as an aquapark, although it would be more correct to consider it an entertainment center. Why it was called in such an original way? In fact, everything is simple: the object is dedicated to the granddaughter of the creator. It is necessary to give the architect due: he managed to build the only entertainment center of similar scales in the region. Be sure to select a few hours, or even better a whole day, because quickly you will not let go of "Sonkin Lagoon". Reviews say that the very stylization of the medieval castle is so fascinating that sometimes the excursion wants to continue and the next day.

Fabulous place

The first thing you see is a colorful medieval castle. Amazing, as if descended from the pages of history, he really is real and ready to receive you on a visit. It seems incredible, but in this castle there lives a family, including the creator of the complex "Sonkin's Lagoon". The reviews say that, being here, you see the triumph of goal-setting. Who would dare to dream of living in such a house? However, man has managed to achieve his goal.

Single architectural ensemble

Here there is not only a castle made of natural stone, which is a stylish restaurant and a viewing platform. On the territory of the complex you can see a sample of primordially Russian architecture - a multi-domed church, which is still being filled, and in the future will serve as an exhibition of icons and books.

However, after going further, tourists can be slightly shocked. Here there are sculptures in the nude style, which somewhat does not fit into the concept of an entertainment complex for the whole family. However, be sure: the children will not notice these features, fascinated by the beauty of the complex "Sonkin Lagoon". Parents' comments say that it is enough to send them to water slides, and you can continue the tour.

And there is something to see here. Magnificent stone pillars with steps, a backlit fountain, a suspension bridge and neat English lawns, covered arbors in the form of a bungalow ... If you are here, be sure to visit the windmill and pirate jetty, from which "catamarans and boats" leave for "endless voyage" and Even the wheeled ferry. There is also a bath. However, most of all children like water slides and a sandy beach with attractions.

All you can not only see, but touch

This is not a museum, which is a big plus for tourists. A real stone fortress, streets and squares will take you to the era of dashing pirates and brave knights. This is the uniqueness of the complex "Sonkina Laguna" (Satka). The reviews emphasize that the atmosphere captures not only children, but also adults. Here you can explore the pirate ship and stand at the helm, taking your imaginary corvette away, to the unknown worlds. You can climb onto the captain's bridge, and then continue your journey on a real boat and move to the island.

Communication with smaller brothers

It is difficult to call it even a zoo, because all the animals here freely walk. With them, tourists communicate freely, they are fed bread and vegetables. This opportunity gives you "Sonkin's Lagoon" (Satka). The reviews emphasize that children especially like this. Still, because here lives a bear Yasha, thoughtful ducks, it is important to go white peacocks. On the beach guests are met by beautiful goats, who will gladly take bread from your hands. Funny rabbits run around the island, amusing visitors with their games. Do not forget at home the camera, because you can make a lot of funny pictures with cute little animals.

On the island

This is the most impressive place in the entertainment complex. Reviews about the "Sonka's Lagoon" are not at all unambiguous. At all, the island has a strong impression, but everyone has their own emotions. It is called the Hollow of the Eagle. Surprised? Wait, you have not seen anything yet. Here you will find yourself in a very medieval village. Having got hungry, visit the beautiful tavern "Old Castle".

Here there are real medieval houses that are fully adapted for living. A beautiful Russian bath is located right by the water, which allows you to refresh yourself after a steam bath. If you decide to choose a hike in the bathhouse, it is recommended to finish your day on the beach, under the scent of a shish kebab on the grill.

For adults and children

It is further recommended to separate. Adults can visit the torture chamber with exhibits of guns from the XVII-XVIII centuries. Surprisingly picturesque architects were able to convey the atmosphere of the dark cellars of those times. For particularly impressionable people such an excursion can be a difficult test. Reviews about the "Sonka's Lagoon" in Satka are far from homogeneous. Some admire the opportunity to see so much new, others are indignant at the excessive mundane nature of the overall picture. But if we say that we want to see a real medieval castle, then we just need to accept it - together with the romantic fireplace halls and torture cellars. At this time, it is much better to leave the children in a very gay laughing room with crooked mirrors.

For nonresident tourists

It is not necessary to leave the castle at sunset, if you have visited the settlement for the first time, whose name is Satka. "Sonkina Laguna", which is underscored by the uniqueness and originality of the complex, offers its guests a chance to spend the night in the Middle Ages. Two, three and four bedroom houses are being rented in the village. All the utensils, decorations came precisely from those long ago past epochs. You can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past. For those who want to relax from comfort and get a new experience, this is an excellent option.

Entertainment here is also original. How can you play giant chess? Here it becomes a reality. And such tournaments are held regularly. The restaurant for 30 seats offers daily delicious dishes. If you want romance, then do not deny yourself the pleasure to meet the sunset at the fire, for the preparation of a fragrant shish kebab. Local roosters will help you not to oversleep the sunrise and admire the first rays of the sun over the medieval village. By the way, "Sonkina Laguna" is famous for its hotel service. Houses, reviews about which are exceptionally good, furnished with taste, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Winter fairy tale

Here you can spend not only summer vacation, but also New Year holidays. What is the winter holiday in "Sonka's Lagoon"? The reviews emphasize that the opportunity to visit an ice fairy tale attracts a majority of Russians. Winter in the lagoon is a rich holiday full of bright emotions and impressions. Of course, the Christmas holidays and the Hall of the Inquisition do not work well together. However, there is a huge amount of other entertainment. Father Frost and Snow Maiden meet at the very gates of the castle and conduct their program. Then you will find an ice skating rink and equipment rental, horse-drawn sleigh rides , cheerful tubing and exciting ice slides. There is everything to make your holiday bright and unforgettable.

Cost of rest

It's amazing, but here you can go for a little money. The official admission price is 150 rubles, and you can go for a walk all day without restrictions. At the same time, the cost of the project is about forty million rubles. And the architect managed to clear the dirty bank of the factory pond and turn it into a place of collective rest.

If you plan to visit all the interesting objects on the territory, then pay immediately a full ticket, that is 500 rubles for adults and children from 5 years. Kids can visit the territory for free. The price includes a trip to the island, there and back. You can examine the Hall of the Inquisition and have a good laugh in the room of the crooked mirrors. In addition, the price includes beach rest, sunbeds, water slides. A contact zoo is also a pleasure, for which there is no need to pay extra. Overnight in a stone fortress you will have to pay 700 rubles.

Instead of concluding

In most cases, tourists get strong impressions. Stunning castle, magnificent sculptures, fountains ... I want to stay here longer and soak up the surrounding beauty. However, if you want to get maximum impressions, stay here for a day. Sunsets over a medieval village, bonfires and a fragrant dinner with smoke - all this will be remembered for a very long time. And with the onset of the morning, go to the lake to visit the water park with the first tourists. Here it, by the way, is criticized most of all, because it is not a pool, but a pond with water of dubious purity. The Middle Ages, after all ... Swim here or not - everyone chooses.

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