Egist Eau de Toilette: review, description of fragrance and reviews

One of the most famous smells of the French brand Chanel - toilet water "Egoist" - has its own unusual and amazing history. For today it is practically cult in every respect the aroma. And it all started in the late eighties with a very original experiment.

How did the "Egoist" come about?

Men's toilet water Bois Noir limited version was his prototype. The fashion house allowed a blunder in such an important aspect as a marketing move. Rather, it was even an experiment that ended in complete failure. This fragrance was not available anywhere, it was offered to the buyer exclusively in the Chanel branded shops, without using any advertising. The president of the company's board of directors realized that such an unconventional marketing move would not only bring profit but also leave the fragrance in the unknown, that's why in 1990 it was decided to reissue it under a new name, and now it is issued as a toilet water for men "Egoist".

Now not limited

Launching the fragrance for sale is now accompanied by a detailed advertising campaign, for it a television movie is created, provocative, as well as the very name of toilet water. Photographer Jean-Paul Goode treated him without the presence of a man. Only a woman who appears on the stage is indignant, she cries, demands, begs. The trading house Chanel wanted to show that the toilet water "Egoist" was created precisely for such men - egocentric people who value themselves exclusively.

Description of perfume

One of the most famous perfumers Jacques Polje worked on creating this cult in every respect. He tried to make the composition truly masculine and bold, building it on contradictory and vivid accents from amber, sandalwood, vanilla, coriander, rose, lavender and mandarin. Sensual-spicy notes with the addition of flowers and fruits opens to its owner the toilet water "Egoist". The price for it varies between five and six thousand rubles per bottle in 50 ml.

Opinions of men about this

This toilet water in most reviews is positioned as insanely attractive, sexy, exquisite, expensive and truly masculine. They also point out that it is good for men over thirty, it is on them that perfume is revealed as it should. At first the spice of cinnamon and fruit is clearly felt, an exquisite rose and carnation are interwoven into it, which gently flow into sensual vanilla and woody notes. The smell remains on the skin throughout the day, luxurious, very resistant with a touch of sweet chocolate.

The aroma of water does not stun, it is very balanced and harmonious. Love him and the fair sex, who often acquire this perfume for their chosen ones. They are attracted here with sweetness and "goodness", this composition ennobles, clearly indicates the nature and status, there are no negative reviews about it, the conclusion is that the toilet water "Egoist" is absolutely to the liking of all.

Second Life of Scent

The beginning of the nineties was a difficult time for the Chanel trade house, which unsuccessfully fought at the time with such cult male perfumes as Ralph Lauren Polo and Calvin Klein. The efforts were wasted, Egoist did not win much popularity even after its withdrawal to the American market, and soon its sales began to fall. However, this did not discourage the representatives of the company and subsequently they answered that America was simply not ready to understand such an exquisite fragrance.

A symbol of real courage

Given all the mistakes made and not wishing to give up, the trading house is releasing a new, improved version. She became the toilet water "Chanel Platinum Egoist". The premiere took place in 1993. Now the fragrance was pre-tested, and for advertising they chose a more understandable image of the common man - a young strong guy. House Chanel, who did not like the approach to the client "at the expense of familiarity," had to agree that properly selected advertising gave its results, the perfume became one of the most famous to date symbols of masculinity among the scents and deeply loved by the toilet water of most men.

Description of perfume

The perfume portrait of this egoist-extrovert was tried to be embodied in its creation by its creators. And as many claim, it was even too good for them. From this toilet water comes the smell of delicate wine glass, embodying the interlacing of spicy and fresh notes. There is a feeling of true male power. The beginning of the pyramid is revealed by rosemary, lavender, neroli and petitgrane, in the notes of the heart there are truly male chords from sage, geranium, jasmine and galbanum. At the base, accompanying its owner throughout the day, in addition to the already familiar amber, vetiver and sandalwood, there is a thin freshness of oak moss and white cedar.

Customer's opinion

In the opinion of the majority, Egoist's toilet water is very complex, stylish, resistant, incredibly sexy, inviting, light and refreshing. Epithets praising her so much that listing them all will be difficult. The male likes her pleasant unobtrusiveness, and many people say that everything is genius simple and this is the secret to the success of this fragrance. He is really expensive and status, ideally suits self-confident men, pointing to their individuality and interestingly revealing themselves on the skin.

This is emphasized by women who in their reviews claim that this is exactly what should be given to a loved one. This perfume, like a good wine, opens gradually, enveloping its owner with a magic cloud of interweaving fragrances. The ladies say that they have an irresistible desire to embrace so deliciously smelling a man. Many associations with this perfume are closely related to the first acquaintance, a date, a romantic setting. Before buying it is recommended to potestit, vilify for an hour to fully hear the fragrance and understand its sound. The manufacturer recommends toilet water to men who observe the business style in clothing and are serious about their appearance. The price for such a bottle of "Egoist" is slightly less than that of its predecessor, so the volume of 50 mg will cost about five thousand rubles.

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