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Today many people make purchases on the Internet. In most cases it is really much more profitable than in ordinary stores. The seller does not need to pay for the sales area, and also pay salaries to employees. In addition, here you can view a much larger range and quickly find the right product. Internet shopping is very common abroad, but the post-Soviet countries are just learning this type of shopping. But if you know about all the tricks and intricacies of purchasing goods on the sites of the World Wide Web, you can save a significant amount of money. For example, recently more and more customers in the network pay attention to cashback services.

What is a cacheback and why is it useful to work with such services?

It's easy to guess from the title that "cashback" means a refund. The question arises: "Who will return them to you back and who needs it?"

Cashback service cooperates with a number of online stores. From the purchases of each attracted user, the site receives interest from the store. In turn, the service sends some of the money back to the buyer's account. The more buyers, the more profit the resource gets, and the more it can pay to its customers. The scheme is quite simple. Some services offer a payment of up to 30%, which is a very impressive amount, especially if the purchase was expensive. Many users regard these services as being rather skeptical or do not believe that a part of the amount can be returned.

Distrust of Cash Backers

Strangely enough, people living in the CIS countries, more believe in saving on discounts. However, if you compare stocks and cashback, the latter is much more profitable, because the discounts in most online stores are nothing more than a fiction. Sellers simply increase the value of the goods for a certain period, then to "lower" the price and present it all with a wonderful sale. But those people who used proven and reliable cache return sites already know that using cashback services, you can save well, even without waiting for shares or special offers. You are guaranteed to return the set percentage of any purchase in the partner store of your chosen service. reviews

Foreign users of the "cashback" system are very familiar with such a site as Ebates. According to statistics, about 20 million people visit this site every month. Cooperates the site with approximately 1,800 different shops. What do CIS users think about Ebates? Reviews say that the service is reliable and consistently makes payments. However, the interface to Russian-speaking customers is not entirely convenient. To fully use this cashbacker, you need to be familiar with at least the basics of a foreign language. Of course, the translator or the function of the browser translates the whole page. But some words or whole sentences as a result are far from the original meaning, which deceives many visitors. This was the impetus for the creation of Reviews immediately sprung positive, because now any user just made a cashback with this resource. Despite the fact that this is a Russian version of the giant, it has a completely different interface, design and payment system. But ... In the vastness of the World Wide Web there is an opinion that is a fraud. Is it so? does not pay money to its customers?

This rumor is still on the Internet to this day. With the advent of reviews of skeptics have not given rest to many users. They asked themselves the question: "Is it worth it to trust this service?" Doubts are quite understandable. After all, young and unreliable cashbackers can really deceive the client. This is done according to the following scheme. Cash-offer promises the buyer a certain percentage of the payment (usually large enough to attract as many "victims" as possible), a person makes a purchase, the service receives its interest from the store, and the buyer himself "feeds" the promises of payments, and in fact - does not charge Not a penny. That's the question about and it became an edge.

The suspicion was caused by the fact that did not have any information about this new branch, the account had to be created completely new, and the resource itself was registered for an individual. But over time, information that is owned by Ebates Inc. Yet it was confirmed, and on itself they began to advertise about the newly formed portal. So you can trust cashbacker.

How to use

So, you decided to use the services of The instructions for creating an account is quite simple: you can create an account through social network or simply enter your email address and password. Registration does not take much time. In this regard, the Russian version is not much different from its foreign counterpart. Then you can view the full list of stores and select the desired one. Immediately you will see a link to go to the site of the trading platform. You need to go over it and stay on it to get a refund. If you leave the store and then just go back there - nothing will come of it. It is also important to disable the add-on in the browser so that it does not block the connection between the store and the cashbacker.

How to receive the money?

So, you made a purchase through How to order a payment? The money will arrive to your account after a few days after purchase, but you will not be able to withdraw them immediately. The fact is that the service is trying to protect itself from the return of purchases. That is, you can return the product under the warranty or under another program to protect purchases, which means you do not have commissions, because the cashbacker himself will not receive payments from the store.

We told you about the service Reviews about the resource from users remain mostly positive, and trusting him or not is your personal business. We can advise only to make a minor purchase and check how the system works, on personal experience.

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