Decorative plant fittonia mix: home care

The home oasis on the window sill of an amateur horticulturist, as a rule, consists of plants that are transferred to our climate from southern, warm countries and adapted for breeding in small containers and pots. This includes a fittonia mix, the photo of which gives an idea of how wonderful it looks. This herb belongs to the family of Acanthus, has about 10 species. It is perennial, low, ground cover, with creeping shoots and silvery-yellow flowers. Its main decorative element is elliptical leaves, up to 10 cm in length. They can have a variety of colors: olive, dark green, with dark pink veins.

The birthplace of the flower is South America, namely Peru. It is very convenient to plant it in a city apartment. The fittonia mix is growing very fast. Care at home for a flower is to maintain air humidity, watering and feeding. A native of the hot tropics prefers bright light, but still it must be protected from direct sun rays. Even in an easy shadow, on the northern window the plant will develop safely. In the room where it is contained, should be not lower than plus 18 degrees, it is permissible - from 22 to 25 ° C. To successfully develop the fitnonia mix, care for the flower should include avoiding sudden changes in temperature in the room. The leaves may fall from this. To ensure sufficient lighting in the winter, you can use fluorescent lights. With its shortage, the plant will stretch and lose its decorativeness. This flower does not like from the drafts of the tropics. Strongly it is not recommended to take the plant in the garden or on the balcony. It is also contraindicated for dry air, so it should not be placed near heaters.

In the plant, a fittonia mix, a care at home that is the same as for its colleagues from the hot tropics, there are the following varieties: Perseus and Fittonia are silvery. In nature, there is a giant (up to sixty centimeters) and Versharffelt (branching plant). Due to its decorative qualities, it adorns the windows of amateur flower growers.

Like any other plant, it requires feeding a fittonia mix, home care after it involves the introduction of a half dose of complex mineral or organic fertilizers into the soil in the spring and summer months. This operation is carried out every ten days. Since the plant is tropical, it is necessary to monitor the humidity of the air and conduct regular spraying. The soil, especially during the growing season, must always be moist. But one should avoid stagnation of water at the roots. The flower is transplanted every spring.

Previously, this exotic plant could be grown only in special greenhouses. There he was created the necessary microclimate with observance of the temperature regime. Now special sorts are brought out, now the home safely survives the fittonia mix. Care at home for such varieties as "Nana" is not so strict and exacting. Plants are adapted to the conditions of a city apartment.

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