Automatic washing machine: which is better? Reviews, specifications, sizes, brands

Modern housewives consider an automatic washing machine to be a basic necessity for doing household chores. Such an assembly will not only wash, but also soak, boil, bleach, and then dry the laundry. And to do this, you just need to turn on the appropriate mode.

That is why in each house sooner or later, but it is necessary to buy a washing machine. Which is better? Comments from neighbors and acquaintances in this matter, of course, are important, but the owners themselves must competently approach the solution of this issue. This will allow them in the future not to be disappointed in the purchase.

What are washing machines?

Irreplaceable household appliances are divided into:

  • Front, in which the load of laundry is produced through a round transparent hatch, located on the side;
  • Vertical, the lid of which is located on top.

As for front-view washing machines, they are recognized as unconditional sales leaders. They are in large quantities offered by all outlets that sell household appliances.

Vertical washing machine is less popular with housewives. In addition, the range of such models is not very wide. However, the machines in which the top loading of things is carried out, have a very attractive plus for many owners. In them, you can report the laundry during the washing process, not being afraid that water will flow from the unit.

The choice of the machine at its location

In order that the irreplaceable assistant of the hostess would bring the maximum benefit and be economically advantageous, her choice should be approached with all responsibility. First of all, you will need to determine where the washing machine you are buying will be located. Only after this, you can choose a model of full size or a super-slim device.

The usual dimensions of washing machines are within the following limits:

  • Width - from 40 to 60 cm;
  • In depth - from 32 to 60 cm;
  • Height - 85 cm.

In the event that a front-loading washing machine is purchased, which one is better? Comments of consumers are advised to purchase units, the depth of which is 32 cm. These machines are simply ideal. They easily fit in even the smallest corner of the corridor or bathroom, and also fit freely in the kitchen under the table top. When choosing a place for your future irreplaceable assistant, it is worth remembering that her door-hatch will require additional space, since it should turn 180 degrees. If there is no such area, then it will be necessary to consider the option of buying a machine with vertical filling. However, it should be borne in mind that the upper part of such a machine can not be used as a shelf.

The laundry is loaded into similar super-clean washing machines 3 kg. Automatic machine of this type in this regard is suitable only for small families consisting of several people.

Machine selection by volume of washing

In this parameter, the washing machine is an automaton which is better? Feedback from users suggests that a family of 4-6 people will need a full-fledged model. Such units are capable of washing for one cycle from 4.5 kg to 5 kg of dry things.

For a very large family will need a washing machine, 6 kg of loading for which is a normal performance. Such units are often used by small and medium-sized businesses - small hotels, cafes and restaurants.

However, a full-size automatic washing machine, 5 kg or more of dry laundry in which you can wash in one cycle, is not always located in a city apartment. Then a good outlet for a large family will be a super-thin device. It is used several times a day, giving the car some time to rest between cycles.

Tank material

For this parameter, what is the best washing machine? Comments of experts advise to purchase such units, which would not spoil the clothes washed in them. And this is only possible with a stainless steel drum. Such high quality material can last more than eighty years. However, inexpensive washing machines such details can not have, because its cost is high enough. If the family budget does not allow buying equipment that is in a high price category, then it is necessary to consider a variant of a tank made of plastic. It is a composite polymeric material that is resistant to corrosion, the action of detergents and high temperatures, capable of absorbing vibration and noiseless in operation. Manufacturers argue that the life of such tanks is in the range of 20-25 years.

Selection by technical characteristics

So, the purpose of your purchase is a washing machine. Which is better? The experts' recommendations recommend paying special attention to the technical characteristics of the device. Certain parameters, indicated in the passport of the unit in large Latin letters, allow the models to serve their owners the optimal time. So, pay attention when buying should be on:

  • Class of the washing itself, indicating its quality and moisture of the laundry at the end of the process;
  • The class of pressing, on which the careful attitude to things depends;
  • Class energy consumption, indicating the economy of the device;
  • Spin speed, the optimal value of which should be in the range of 400 to 1000 rpm for a minute (a larger figure will lead to overdrying of the laundry, it will be difficult to pat).

In the home appliance passport, all these indicators are indicated in different letters. But keep in mind that A indicates the highest grade, while G - at the lowest.

List of necessary programs

A good washing machine has an extensive functionality. The number of programs available to her can go up to sixteen. However, among them there are the main ones installed in each model of such aggregates. This washing of flax and cotton, delicate things and wool, white and colored linen.

There are also such brands of washing machines, the programs of which have different names. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the essence of these functions does not differ from the basic ones. Such an expansion of the number of programs is a successful marketing move, capable of attracting as many customers as possible, ready to give money for expensive equipment.

All existing programs in the car can be set either using an electronic display, or using an electromechanical path. Inexpensive washing machines have a second option. These are budget models of aggregates. The presence of an electronic scoreboard significantly increases the cost of the machine.

The need for drying

Complete removal of moisture from the laundry is an optional feature for the home helper. At high spin speeds, all things placed in the washing machine become almost completely ready for ironing.

It is worth bearing in mind that cheap washing machines are not dried underwear. This function makes the unit more expensive by 20-30 percent.

Engine Selection

The quality of the automatic washing machine depends on its reliability. And for this parameter, the engine characteristics are of great importance. After all, it can be attributed to the most important component of the unit.

The most reliable in service specialists recognize asynchronous motors. They are installed in those machines, the speed of which in spin mode is in the range of 600. With a higher speed of the drum, the models are equipped with a collector motor. However, it is less durable because of the wear of the brushes. The average service life of such an engine is only seven years. And this despite the fact that its cost is one third of the price of the entire unit for washing.

Select a brand

Modern consumers often prefer technology produced by the famous and popular brand. However, it should be borne in mind that there are not such widespread brands of washing machines that have really high quality. After all, the companies that produce them have made significant progress in the production of quality instruments.

So, to an elite class it is possible to carry such marks, as AEG and Miele. You can also purchase a machine washing machine, the price of which is optimal for the family budget (within 350-400 USD), but the quality of the unit is very good. This is the technique of the brand Bosch or Candy, Electrolux or Siemens, as well as Whirlpool.

Wonderful option will be a machine washing machine, the price of which is low (250-300 US dollars), but the build quality is at a decent level. These are aggregates of such brands as Ariston and Ardo, Indesit and Beko, as well as Samsung and LG.

Not bad brands of inexpensive cars - "Baby" and "Vyatka", "Atlant" and "Oka".

Acquiring such a necessary technique in everyday life, it is necessary to find out where in your city the repair of washing machines of the selected company is carried out. If there are no such service centers, then any problems with the unit will cause noticeable difficulties.

That the machine served for a long time

Is it possible to operate the machine so as to avoid its breakdown? To increase the life of an indispensable assistant, you should carefully study the instructions. In addition, as often as possible, you need to check the hoses and other parts of the unit.

Repair of washing machines does not take a long time, if you periodically call the wizard for diagnostic and inspection. In this case, household appliances can last a long time and will not cause you problems.

High-end technology from Samsung

The washing machine "Samsung" is an aggregate providing the most careful and delicate care of things, ensuring the elimination of any, even the most complicated contaminants.

As noted in the reviews, the main advantage that this equipment possesses is concluded in the presence of a very convenient control system, which is rendered on the LCD-display. Users appreciate and intuitively understand the interface of machines of this brand.

Samsung manufactures its washing machines using the latest technology. This allows us to talk about this technique as innovative and functional.

For example, the WF 1802 XEY model is called a good option for a large family. In its drum can be placed up to eight kilograms of laundry. It saves time and electricity. This machine has a diamond Drum honeycomb. Its unique surface when in contact with laundry provides gentle washing.

Washing machines from Samsung are highly appreciated in their reviews by those users who expect comfort and high quality from household appliances.

Developers of equipment "Samsung" as much as possible take into account the needs of potential buyers. That is why each of the customers will be able to choose the model that will meet all his wishes. In the market there are standard and supereuzky units, and both those and others perfectly wash any, even heavily soiled laundry.

It should also be noted that Samsung washing machines have an exclusive function called EcoBubble. Its action allows to increase the capacity of the unit up to seventy percent, while reducing the power consumption.

Anyone who decided to buy a Samsung machine will save time and effort necessary for washing clothes. The brand is presented by such wide assortment of models that the buyer can and be lost at a choice of the household appliance necessary for it. These washing machines have different characteristics, a set of programs and functional capabilities. In order to buy a specific model, it is advisable not only to familiarize yourself with the model range produced by the company, but also with user feedback.

Washing machines brand "Vyatka"

The largest manufacturer of household washing devices in Russia is rightly considered to be OAO Vesta. The company received its name from Roman mythology. In her ancient tales, Vesta was the goddess of the hearth.

Washing machine "Vyatka" (automaton) is produced in the production, which is confidently leading among similar enterprises in Russia. And everything began in the distant 1974.

It was then that the Kirov plant "Vesta" acquired a patent and technology for the production of washing machines for the Italian brand "Merloni Projeti". Release of the first sample was carried out six years later. It was a washing machine "Vyatka-automaton 12". The Aregate was equipped with twelve preprogrammed operations and represented an exact copy of Ariston, which at that time cost nearly five hundred rubles, which was a huge sum for a simple Soviet man.

Today JSC "Vesta" creates the most modern washing machines. Moreover, the model line produced by the company is developed with the use of modern technical developments and the wishes of potential customers.

The washing unit "Vyatka" refers to household appliances of economy class. Its price ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 rubles. The automatic washing machine Zanussi also has the same price.

Household domestic appliances "Vyatka" are quite roomy. In their drum is placed up to 5 kg of dry linen. Buyers save their money not only when buying these wonderful domestic machines. Reduce the cost of utility costs, the unit allows and during its operation. This becomes possible because of its belonging to the energy-saving class A.

Almost all currently produced models of washing machines "Vyatka" (automaton) are similar in their functionality. Only certain parameters and the number of available programs can differ.

Buyers highly praise the modern design of machines manufactured by JSC "Vesta", as well as the possibility to purchase universal devices of various dimensions. Thus, the largest model is the Vyatka-Maria model, and the reduced depth is typical for the Vyatka-Katyusha units.

The whole line of household washing equipment of JSC "Vesta" is made from imported components. Moreover, the models are equipped with a function of half load of laundry, as well as convenient additional cycles of rinsing and washing. There are machines of the brand "Vyatka" the ability to "ennoble" things. It brightens them, aromatizes, etc. In addition, this "smart" technique prevents the allergic effect that chemical elements of the detergent powder can have on the human body.

"Vyatka" cars are simple and accessible in management. They are equipped with an adjustable thermostat, and the number of revolutions that the drum makes on pressing (500-1000) allows the unit to easily cope with the task set before it.

All products manufactured by JSC "Vesta" are certified, meeting all the requirements of the RF standards.

Washing machines brand Atlant

Often, buyers in choosing such a necessary in the farm unit prefer the products of the Belarusian brand. The fact that the washing machine "Atlant" attracts customers at its price. However, this characteristic is not the only positive side of the washing machines of the Atlant company. According to experts, the advantages of this technique are a low water consumption. In addition, the units of the Belarusian plant are characterized by low energy consumption (class A).

It is also important that the machines "Atlant" remarkably react to possible power surges in the network. After the power supply is restored, the device continues to wash without any problems. Attracts buyers and the ease of management of such machines. To adjust the desired program, simply turn the ordinary knob.

Before coming on the market, all Atlant washing machines undergo complex tests for functionality and reliability. This allows the Belarusian company with confidence to establish a significant warranty period equal to ten years.
The entire range of these washing machines is divided into units equipped with either a liquid crystal display or LED indicators. The first of these two devices displays the number of revolutions during spinning, the water temperature during washing, and the time of the whole process and the amount of electricity consumed.

Machines with LED indicators work somewhat differently. To start the washing process, you just need to turn the knob to divide, where the selected program is indicated and press the button to turn it on. The water temperature will be set automatically.

It is worth mentioning that Atlant household machines are manufactured using modern technologies and using innovative materials. This allows the aggregates to achieve the best results when washing and wringing the linen placed in them.
Buyers are positive about the large number of functions that these devices possess. This helps to effectively wash the laundry, regardless of the features and type of fabric. Washing machines "Atlant" produce different sizes, and their doors can be both white and silver.

Successful purchase!

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