The Snow Queen. Sights of Iceland

Remarkably you can relax not only licking under the hot rays of the sun on the beach. Most tourists are accustomed to go to rest in warm countries, unfairly forgetting about the opportunities that travelers provide to northern states. Even among the ice you can find what to do, for example, the sights of Iceland will not leave anyone indifferent. This wonderful country is open to tourists, it is possible to get acquainted with the culture of the people, learn its history, admire nature.

The main cultural center of the state is Reykjavik. The sights here are mostly of architectural and historical nature. The city is worth visiting the gallery of Iceland, the National Museum, the Arnie Magnusson Institute, which houses a large collection of historical works, the Church of Hatlgrimskirkja. These places will allow you to better know the country, to penetrate its history and traditions. But the sights of Iceland do not end with architectural and historical monuments, and many travelers are attracted not by them, but by the amazing beauty of nature.

Only after leaving megalopolises, you can find out the real face of this ice country. Despite the cold climate and the fact that the land is almost completely covered with ice, there is something to see. Many tourists who came here for the first time can not hide their emotions, Iceland makes such an indelible impression on them. The guide will open all the most beautiful corners of this country. Here you can admire the fjords, waterfalls, geysers and volcanoes. On the territory of the state there are three national parks, each of them occupies a decent territory. Icelanders themselves are in awe of nature, so they try to keep it in its original form.

In Iceland there are 25 volcanoes, and the island itself is of volcanic origin. The most famous is the Ascia volcano; in 1875, as a result of the eruption, it created two remarkable lakes: Viti and Eskevatn. The highest mountain of the northern coast is the Curling volcano, Hekla is active, in olden days locals called it "gateway to hell".

Iceland's most curious places of interest are the fjords. Surrounded by rocky coasts, small winding and narrow sea bays were created due to constant tectonic activity. Not every country can find such a miracle of nature. The largest fjords are located in the western and eastern part of the state.

The sights of Iceland are striking with its beauty and grandeur. It is necessary to visit not only national parks, fjords and volcanoes, but also waterfalls. There are a lot of them here. In the summer, when the snow melts, the mountain rivers are filled with clear water and the waterfalls shine in all their glory. There are several dozen well-known cascades in Iceland, but there are many more that have not been given a name. Be sure to visit Gullfoss, which is called the "golden waterfall". For a walk you should choose sunny weather. Iceland - although a cold country, but very interesting for a tourist, visiting it once, will want to return here again and again.

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